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The Wand Position
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Tuesday, June 06, 2006

The Eagle In The Canyon

There was a time I remember, living in the canyon in Arizona that we had a eagle's nest up high on the mesa. Eagles like to build their nests high so they can see. They have very good vision I'm told.

The nesting cycle was coming towards the end and everyone that lived around there was watching and waiting to see if the young ones would come flying out and enjoy the spectacle of it. They are magnificent looking creatures.

I remember one day I felt a sense of urgency for no particular reason which often happens in the life of a mystical person - to walk somewhere - to just be somewhere.

I walked across the bridge and up to the highway, something I almost never did because there was no shoulder on the roadway therefore it was risky to stand there. Oh perhaps there was maybe a foot or two if one payed attention to where you were standing behind a barrier of the highway but since behind the barrier it was almost an immediate drop to the creek you had to be careful otherwise you could go for a tumble.

I wasn't sure why I was there but when you have a feeling and there is a strong energy, it's important to honor it. So I figured I would just stand there for a time.

I noticed all of a sudden an unexpected sound above my head and even a little breeze. I also noticed almost at the same time a car coming up the road and the people in the car were pointing. It looked like they were pointing in my direction though it could have been something past me is what I thought at the time.

I glanced up for a moment though - even with the car coming, and it made me kind of nervous since where I was standing was so close to the road - and right above my head and I mean directly above - no more than a couple of feet - maybe two, two and a half, three feet tops was one of the young eagles. It was doing something that his mother must have taught him how to do - and he was soaring.

There is always a good steady breeze that comes up the canyon and he was able to just have his wings spread out - not flapping - just steadying himself in the breeze and occasionally moving his wings just a little bit or sometimes just a few feathers. Did you know they could do that - just move a few feathers on their wings and not their wings completely.

I looked up - just glancing and there he was floating as it were, above my head. What a wondrous feeling and after a time he soared away on the breezes. It was a wonderful experience.

I have heard good things about people having such experiences and I just thought I'd pass it on to you because it was a marvelous experience and something worth sharing. Goodlife to you all.


samuru999 said...

Thank you for sharing that.

Robert Shapiro said...

And thank you as always Margie for your comment.