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The Wand Position
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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Do You Know How To Be Big, Part 2

Now I'd like to give you a suggestion here. Now this is what I want to say, you can practice being big.

Big is not something that you do for entertainment. It is something that you can do when called upon or you can familiarize yourself with it.

I had learned you see - before my experience with the cars I had been trained to be big and I honestly did not know at that time what it was for but I found out later - and I was trained this way - to sit in the middle of a room and to look at the walls and the ceiling and to reach out with my hands and to feel - follow the contours of the walls, to follow the contours of the ceiling even if there is a ceiling fan there for example, or if there were door frames in the walls - to feel with my hands those things at a distance.

Imagining yes but to imagine so much that I could almost feel it and then to put my hands down and to expand to the best of my ability to feel those things with my arms and legs.

Now granted, one has to use your imagination but you can try it you see and it's the important step towards something that I've been teaching in part on this site and in part on Benevolent Magic. In a very short time I'm going to give you more on that but I'd like you to practice being big.

Now I'll close with this one last thing. There was a time when I learned - as a result of my practice of learning how to be big - I learned that I could see at a distance. I've spoken about that before on this site and my other one.

Sometimes you can see through the eyes of bird in the sky, sometimes you can see by closing your eyes and imagining but what if you could be tall for a moment and see around the tree or over the top of it or over the cliff or just see something beyond your capacity to see.

Practice if you want to, part 2 of this. Once you've practiced in the room with the walls then go outside if you can. Look for something tall - not a building but something natural - part of the natural world - a tree would be good and practice being big.

You see, if you're next to the tree that will help. See if you can look at the top of the tree not just by looking up but by focusing on being tall - big that way.

Give it a try. I'll say more about this and build on it another time. Goodlife.

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