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The Wand Position
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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Beauties Of Life In My World

I was reminded today that life has its beauties.

I haven't spoken this before but it has been my great blessing in recent times to have a wonderful person in my life.

I am reminded that such beauty and such a fit in life is possible by some things that she has placed upon her blog.

First a song from her heart about her knowledge, wisdom and philosophy and then a poem, also from her heart and mind about her understanding of life - hard won through a lifetime of struggle and difficulty requiring an evolutionary philosophy which she alone has developed.

I am particularly appreciative of this fact not only because of her wisdom but because of the beauty of life that she reminds me of.

I know for me it is important to be optimistic. Optimism is not something I was raised with given the experience of my life and yet it is something that I have come to understand is so helpful not only because it causes me to feel better but because it opens the doors and allows me to receive beauties of life - such as beautiful Eileen.

I know I do not speak personally on this site very often in such a personal way but I feel it is important for you to know that I am a man, I have feelings and because I have discovered and made a study over time of the value of feelings and how they can open life's opportunities and how they can also keep opportunities at bay, that my optimism is largely supported - not by persuasion from anyone or by other beauties of life but it is supported by my self-discovery that when I am optimistic that doors are open to me, that opportunities come my way and that those opportunities allow me to speak in fashions as I have on this blog and on my other and share with you feelings, thoughts, prayers and yes - beauties of life.

Goodlife to you all.


Ilias- said...

Thank you for your sharing Robert. It has made a difference in my life. And Eileen's posts as well have enriched and enlightened me. I appreciate both of your heartful blogs. Steve

Eileen Meyer said...

Thank you Mystical Man. Unconditional Love is the soil, sun, wind, and water for the blossoming of beauty in this world. Thank you for providing such rich conditions for me to radiate. You have enormous beauty in just being who you are. And we are all so fortunate to receive the outpouring of this in your words, wisdom, and healing presence here.

Robert Shapiro said...

Steve, thank you for your kind words and your thoughtful ways. I appreciate your consideration.
It is my pleasure to provide whatever I am able for you and others on this site.
Goodlife my friend.

Robert Shapiro said...

Thank you Eileen for those words of beauty that touch my soul.
The nature of reflection is considerable here for the beauties of the world do indeed reflect upon you.

samuru999 said...
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samuru999 said...

Eileen's posts have added so much to my days!
She is incredible!
And you too share so much wisdom an love in your words!
Thank you!

Robert Shapiro said...

Thank you for your kind words and acknowledgment Margie. yes, I agree with you. She is very special.