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The Wand Position
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Friday, September 29, 2006

The Value Of A Wrinkle

When we approach life we often see ourselves in everything else. We may see many things but it is our own wisdom, our own image of life and very often - our own value system that has been impressed upon us.

It is not so unusual that the impression of our value system is so deep within us that we do not really see even the footprints of it or the furrows of it. Sometimes wrinkles in the face of someone who is moving on in life are to me the valleys of wisdom.

Things are learned, things are put away - sometimes we don't actually know where we put them but I have found that there is a way to put your finger, literally, on them. I have been taught a method and I'd like you to consider trying it.

I know some of you are too young to have this method but for others who are even getting a few little wrinkles - you can try it - and for those of you who are getting quite a few, please do try it.

Find the deepest wrinkle you can - even in some cases it might be a dimple for some of you. In other cases it might be a well worn furrow and take your left hand and make like the pinch between your thumb and forefinger and reach up and place them on the skin - not firmly - just put one finger tip on one side of the wrinkle and one finger tip on the other side you see - then open the wrinkle.

Once you get it open put your finger in the middle of the wrinkle and move down its full length one way, then the other way. Then ask that you be inspired to have the most benevolent insight that this wisdom that has been gathered during your life can release for you.

This wisdom gathering technique does not only glean that which is distant, that which is far away or that which you might perceive has been caused by some suffering or struggle. Very often it contains and even protects some valuable insights that are not always readily available in our minds.

If you wish to prime the process you could say the following Living Prayer which I have found works quite well. You might say, "I am asking that I experience a reconstituted wisdom that I can access consciously for my great benefit and for the benefit of others in the most benevolent way."

I will remind you, for I feel that many of you may have in your soul's past gained some of this wisdom, of these wisdom techniques more in the future but for right now that's what I want to share.



Anonymous said...

Gosh Robert,

With my face I can probably access the history of the universe.

Goodlife to you.

Robert Shapiro said...

Thank you Louis for your comment - I will know then where to go for the reservoirs of wisdom eh :-)

Anonymous said...


Years ago I attended a seminar in Sacramento and on the first morning I was alone in a restaurant for breakfast when these two ladies came in. They said something to the waitress and she came over and told me the ladies had asked if they could share my table. I looked around and all the other tables were unoccupied. I then noticed that one of the ladies was unsighted. I said sure, it was ok with me. It turned out they were attending the same seminar and the one lady had recognized me.

They were delightful company and while we were waiting on our food to arrive, the unsighted lady whispered something to her friend. The lady turned to me and said her companion wanted to know if I would let her read my face. I said I didn't understand so the lady explained that she could tell what I looked like by feeling the contours of my face. She said if it made me uncomfortable just let her know and she would stop.

Robert, this was an incredible experience. I was in my 20s at the time and although I had dealt with the mystic beginning early in my childhood I had never heard of this sort of thing. The lady was probably 60 or more years of age and in a wheelchair and she had the lightest touch as she slowly moved the fingers of her left hand around my face. At times I wasn't sure she was actually touching me...more like she was sampling the energy layer just above my skin. When she finished she described what she sensed I looked like and she was right on the mark. Even got my hair and eye colors right. And I felt charged-up, slmost as if she had transferred some energy to me.

Robert Shapiro said...

Louis, thank you for this detailed account of contact touch. This type of contact, as you know better than most, allows the person touching to truly sample the personality of the other being as grounded in their physical body.

Also if there is compatibility then the energy between the person touching and the person being touched energizes most benevolently both parties.

I thank you very much for sharing this with everyone here and I know you feel blessed for having had that experience and that of course is as it would naturally be.

Thank you again. Goodlife my friend.