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The Wand Position
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Sunday, October 28, 2007

Why I Am Not A Guru

Some people have asked - do I want to be a leader? Is that what all this teaching is about? No, this teaching is about helping you all in the best way I am able to begin to look up to yourself.

I know that there's a desire in us all - trained I believe in the best of intentions by those who raised us whether family, friends or in scholastic endeavors - to look up to someone, to emulate someone and to try to make our lives a tribute to someone. Sometimes it's a religious figure and that's understandable, other times it is a human being and that is often a matter of public image if not always private truth.

It is my intention here to the best of my ability to provide for you the opportunity to look up to yourself on the basis of the physical evidence of the things that you try here on this site to see if you can do it, if you might do it or if it even appeals.

It is not my intention to get you to follow me. It is not my intention to lead you somewhere or to be a authority or a hero. Rather it is my intention for you to find that in the mirror and to practice to the best of your ability that which works for you.

I'm bringing this up today because I feel that in a time now where we are surrounded by those who have images whether professionally created for them or not or whether they are politically or otherwise promoted - it is important to remember that the best we can make out of ourselves is and needs to be one of our goals to not only provide for ourselves, our capacities and our fulfillment but perhaps most importantly to set an example based upon the best we can be at any given moment for our friends, family and community.

And lets remember that we are not going to be perfect. As a matter of fact we're going to be imperfect. This example must also be set so that people do not try to live up to some impossible myth of what any human being can be.

We don't have to work at being imperfect, it will come naturally and I feel that this is what I need to say today. Now - you won't have to look to far to find imperfection in me and I won't try to hide it. I won't look to far to find it in you either.

So - that's all I have to say today. Just to remind you that the myth of perfection is not necessarily an ideal we ought to strive for. Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

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