The Wand Position

The Wand Position
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Friday, November 30, 2007

Filling In For What Has Been Lost

For many years now there have been many people in what is referred to as the ecological movement attempting to stop others from eliminating rain forests in the world. Of course people who lived in the areas where those rain forests were had very good arguments why they needed the land for other purposes and also that there were dangers in the rain forests that made for great problems with their local population.

I am not here to blame people for their actions. Rather I am suggesting that we must, as human beings practicing benevolent magic, be able to fill in for the loss of the plants and animals in these places.

So I'm going to give you a short assignment today for those of you who are engaged in the study and practices on these blogs.

This is the assignment. If you can find a picture of or if you have been to a rain forest - try to remember if you've been there what it felt like at its best feeling to you. If you can see pictures try to imagine yourself in that place and imagine it to the point where you can feel the ground under your feet in a totally safe situation.

It is important that you do this because we, as magical people, will have to fill in for the energy of these lost grandfather and grandmother trees as well as special plants that had the capacity to cure all the ills of all the beings on the planet - but it doesn't have to be lost forever.

When you visualize yourself in those places - feel yourself in those places and assimilate with benevolence those feelings. When you come out of that meditation simply and gently take breaths, 3 only, and blow them gently in a 360 degree circle. Meaning - sit down in a swivel chair or if you can stand then stand up and blow very gently in a 360 degree circle. If the feeling from the meditation passes before you get to the second or third breath then stop.

You can do this meditation three times only and then that is all. In this way we can spread the energies of what was into the populations of humans and other beings where we live in the places we live on Earth.

That's your assignment if you wish to participate. Goodlife.

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