The Wand Position

The Wand Position
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Tuesday, December 09, 2008

More On Why We Are Here

What is at issue these days in the world of alignment between the spiritual self and the practical self is that the awakening of ones true spiritual self which is a benevolent being in total and ones physical self are not always in synchronicity. After all physically we have to live in the moment - we have an itch we scratch it eh. It's in the moment. Whereas our spiritual self has to do with vast amounts of time and space - our overall being of which we may have many lives here and there, all over through time and distance but our physical self is immediate - focused in the present and though we might remember how something felt in the past or imagine with attendant feelings how something might feel in the future our physical self is in the moment.

Sometimes we are confused. We believe that what we think has to do with our spiritual being and of course we can have thoughts that are spiritual or about our spirituality but generally speaking thought, in my experience, is not in and of its own self - as in a demonstrated personality - spiritual though it may mimic or reflect spirituality and even reflect upon it but the actual physical feeling, and I experience it that way, of spirituality is a shift in energy that is physical - I can feel it and I'm sure a great many of you do too. So when I feel that shift in energy it's happening in the moment.

The key words are, "feel" and "in the moment." Our physical self has the capacity to do something that our spiritual self cannot do and that is why I believe we are here on this planet.

In order to ground in the immediate moment our spiritual capabilities and demonstrate them we must have a vehicle by which to do that and what better vehicle than our own body designed by Creator and reproduced through the coming together with love of mother and father and held, nurtured and if you would - gestated through time and delivered by mother.

In order to co-ordinate then the grounding - meaning the physical expression of our spirits - we must have a physical body. In this sense I believe that the physical body is not just a vehicle but is a teacher showing spirit, yes our spirits, that this is how to be spiritual in the physical moment while enjoying - demonstrating our spirits to the rest of the physical world in that same moment.

I believe and I have been taught that our physicality has great capacities beyond which that we have demonstrated so far. Last time I spoke about the awakening of certain healing capacities that have to do with our hands but this time I am just reminding you that the nature of spirit is not only never far from the physical but does not want to go far since our spirits, I believe, are here to be taught by our physical selves in our physical world.

There is no better method of teaching in that sense than immersion. Immersion is often used as a way to learn a foreign language but it is the best teacher as well for learning the language of physicality. I believe our spirits are here to learn that language.

Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

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