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Friday, November 26, 2010

2011 Predictions: A Lot More UFOs

There will be many more UFOs seen both in the sky and in and around bodies of water in 2011 and even now. Some of them will be here for beings other then human beings.


jmmicko9 said...

Thank you for your video Robert. I enjoy listening to Grandfather and am applying much of what you suggest to my life. I really love connecting to the plants, sun and planets that you taught us to do.

My comment is about the fish farms you recommended in this video. I have been reading alot of negative about them---they are overcrowded which causes them to put antibiotics in the water, the fish are genetically modified, there is mercury and other chemicals in the fish, etc. making them unsafe to eat. Is this really something we should be concerned about? Thank you, Janet

Robert Shapiro said...

Greetings Jmmicko9,

Thank you for your comments. I appreciate.

I also appreciate you mentioning about circumstances with fish farms. I have heard about some of this but not all.

It's good that this is getting exposure. I feel the more exposure it gets the more likely that such farms will become cleaner and clearer.

I hope you continue to encourage such exposures but ultimately I feel that considering the condition of the worlds oceans at this time and lakes and rivers that there needs to be a means to feed the peoples - to make these things available. Victory gardens as they used to say, are not available to everyone but I am grateful for your reminder that fish farms need to be clean and pure.


admin said...

Back in the 60's from the Philippines my grandfather has a strange picture on our family album. In the picture, theres a fish with human legs but its dead. Heres a picture that looks the same with the fish with human legs i saw on my grandfather photo album. maybe, not all people will believe but I saw it with my own eyes and i dont think so that photoshop exist on year 1960. lol. my question is has does it something to do with aliens or ufo living on the deep of the sea doing DNA manipulation? As you know, 'marianas trench' is the deepest sea in the world and its near the Philippines. Whats make things interesting is that I saw a video 'dragon's triangle' that features planes and vessel dissapearing on that area of the sea just like the bermuda triangle.

It makes me think that this aliens are living with us for a very long time and we just dont know when they gonna reveal themselves.. or are they demons pretending to be aliens? ofcourse that a different topic. :)