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The Wand Position
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Friday, May 19, 2006

Blessing The Land

I recall once after a flood - it was when I was living in the canyon in Arizona. The place I was living had a creek right there and as creeks do - it flooded.

This was a particularly strong flood and it was so strong it rolled rocks and boulders along the creek. If you stood near it during the flood in a safe place but near it, you could hear the clicking sound of the big boulders being moved by the surge of water.

I recall when the flood receded that the trees all looked badly damaged. I was concerned that some of them would not survive.

I recall that I stood out on the bridge - it was a low water bridge which allows the water to flow over it during a flood so even though the bridge was beat up a bit it was still possible to stand on it. I remember standing in the middle of the bridge and inviting benevolent energy to be present to heal the trees and to bring healing energy to the creek bed and to the places where the animals lived and to support the people who lived along the creek.

Within just a few seconds I was surrounded by gold light. There was a twinkling in the light as well and I could see when I looked at the trees a sort of glistening effect.

I feel that it helped the trees because within a few weeks the trees looked so much better and they were already showing new branches with new leaves. I'd like to think that the animals and the people may have benefited as well.

I'd like to suggest to you who live in and around flood areas that you try that as well. Make sure you are standing someplace safe or if you need to, sit someplace safe and ask that benevolent energies come in to support that area.

If you like you could say a Living Prayer which is similar to the one I said. You might say, "I am asking that the most benevolent energy come in now to support and sustain this area and all its life be it plants, animals or people to bring about the most benevolent healing and comfort to recover from this recent flood and may this all occur in the most benevolent way."

You could if you like say that Living Prayer and then if you notice something thats fine. If you don't try to be quiet for a few minutes afterwards because you are the one that is requesting this and so the energy when it comes through will ground itself through you.

You are not necessarily the only source of this energy but as a human being living on Earth you act very much like a lens through which this energy focuses and that is why before, during and after you say this it's good to be quiet and allow the energy to pass through you.

If there is sound around you there's not much you can do about that but see if you can avoid reacting to the sound. It might then be necessary to say this at a time and place when it is less likely that you will have to react to the sound. Thats what I recommend.


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