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The Wand Position
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Sunday, October 25, 2009

Changes In How I Post

For a long time now I've been sharing the wisdom I have with you in print here on these blogs and even stories on the stories blog but now I find as I get older I'm going to have to do this in a way that's easier for me and doesn't tire me out quite so much eh :-) so I'm going to shift over completely to video which I've been planing for a long time.

You'll still see video on Explorer Race as you have been so that won't change very much and you'll still see that also on my You Tube BenevolentMagic site so that won't change either but as far as all the transcribed material, that which I have written and posted through the usual process but instead of thinking and typing I've recorded it and transcribed it and posted just in case you're interested, that's all got to stop now because it's too much for one person to do.

Anyway I'm just letting you know. Feel free to consult with these blogs. I may still post, from time to time a video on these blogs here or there so you can watch for that but I'm afraid you're going to have to say goodbye to the print version. Maybe you won't miss it that much.

When I put up video these days it will mostly be Grandfather channeling through me but who knows...maybe there will be other things too.

I just wanted to say how much I've enjoyed interacting with all of you and it's not totally goodbye but it will be different. So, just to let you know. I love you all. Goodnight and goodlife.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

What To Do About People That Drain Your Energy

Anonymous L has asked a question that comes up for many of us no matter who we are or where we are from. It comes up in our lives sometimes in unexpected moments, at other times we know it's coming and we're not sure what we're to do about it.

Here is Anonymous L's question and after that will follow the answer I have to offer.

Anonymous L's Question:

...I have consciously, yet sadly, left behind some people in my life whom I had allowed to sap my energy. This left fewer resources for my own development and led to depression for me. After a number of months (about 18-20) without these Souls, I must say, I feel more balanced and lighter.

However, I have pangs of regret, sadness, and guilt at times.

In accordance with your (Grandfather) message today: Is it time to move these folks back into my circle?

My Answer:

As a general answer, I would say you'd have to weigh who these people are to you in your life. Are they family? Blood relatives? Are they friends? You have to consider all these aspects.

Then after that consideration you would then have to ask yourself, "Is the likelihood that I will be repeating the energy drain worth it to me or is there another possibility?" If you feel there's another possibility then it will take some considerable work on your part.

If you have people in your lives that drain your energy for one reason or another perhaps they are reaching out to you for your energy or perhaps because of compassion you are reaching to them with your energy - giving it unconsciously, granted.

Then I recommend if you know you're going to be around them to practice for several days before, in advance if you can, focusing and connecting to the sun or to the moon or both. I'd say, in many cases both would be useful but in some cases you might just try one or the other.

My recommendation however though is that the sun has an inexhaustible supply of energy whereas the moon's light is not always as available. You can see that by simply glancing at how much of the moon is showing. If it's 5 or 6 days before the New Moon, the New Moon and 5 or 6 days after then it would be better to pick the sun.

Connect with the sun then and practice that every day for 15 to 20 minutes before you see those people and all the while you're around them try to stay connected with the sun. This will tend to keep your energy up and if they're pulling on any energy they will pull on the sun which can only be good for them.

That's what I recommend as general advice. Goodlife.

Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Doubts And Stumbling Blocks When Doing This Good Work

I'd like to talk to you about something today that comes up for all practitioners that work with magic and benevolent magic and sometimes even living prayer but it particularly comes up when you have asked for something for yourself and it involved the changing of Mother Earth's elements on a temporal basis or it shifted things that were going to happen into a more distinctly benevolent state but still - what lingers sometimes?

In the beginning when you do this kind of work there are often regrets. You wonder whether you ought to have - so-called messed with things even though the outcome is decidedly more benevolent for all beings or at least for the beings that you were working for, in that sense for their betterment, in this case referring to human beings. Later on you incorporate very often the desire for all beings to be benefited but I'm talking about the early stages of this work - it's not unusual to have regrets.

What I'm going to suggest here is that over time while that might modify itself into being doubts for instance, then what occurs is a process that follows. Frequently thought and an attempt to question ones - even motives.

Here's the situation: Very often if you're working with something that could be a crisis - say a strong potential for a catastrophic earthquake or say tornadoes or typhoons or other major phenomena of Mother Earth that often wreaks great damage to life and limb and to all beings even though Mother Earth herself may not be harmed - what occurs with this kind of transformation, co-operation from Mother Earth and other beings, is this analysis.

My feeling is that it's good to have these thoughts because in the ultimate you realize that all beings are better off and at least human beings and animals are better off as a result of the catastrophe or tragedy that did not happen.

On the other hand you wonder, "Have I gone too far?" But remember when you do living prayer, benevolent magic, true magic and like that - sometimes a combination of those - you are asking for the co-operation of all beings to bring this about. Mother Earth herself would not co-operate if there wasn't some at least implied acquiescence on her part.

So always remember that when something results that's a good thing, even though you might have doubts you must keep in the forefront that all beings are better off. No suffering, no broken lives or limbs, no drowning, no catastrophe.

I believe it is a challenge for us now to adapt in our physical world abilities we have or have come across in our natural state as light beings. The physical world has polarity and therefore one has actions and activities that one is often involved in as a child or a young person and beyond where there is pluses and minuses yes? Good stuff and not so good stuff. It was fun but then you had to pay later and all that stuff.

So it's not unusual when you get involved in this kind of work to have such a similar experience at times. Most of the time you will not have this experience but it may come up at times. Do not let it derail you entirely from doing the work. Just know that it has to do with your life experience, with the conditioning of your culture and with the framework in which your personality resides.

This is just a reminder and an acknowledgment of the complexity of the human personality. Goodlife to you all and goodnight.