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The Wand Position
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Friday, June 29, 2007

Understanding Mother Earth: Time, Part 2

Now last time I began talking about time. To continue briefly; experiential time is a focus of the present moment - so whatever you are doing, you are doing it right then and if you are no longer doing it you are in another point of experience.

This may seem to be a thought - and of course printed in these words it is expressed as exactly that but here is more on it.

When you join together the pieces of Earth experience: who we are, where we're from, why we're here, what we're doing and why, you come to certain conclusions. One of which is that we have not remembered who we are in a conscious manner but there are those who are remembering and there are those who are reminding.

Here is a reminder. When you wake up from any moment of sleep or even a state that has felt like sleep here's what you can notice now in your lives.

You will notice a sense of no time, that means a physical feeling that does not in any way feel associated with a time of day. It doesn't matter whether it's dark outside or light outside. It will feel like a moment that does not bear on our physical frame of reference to time.

To give you another physical experience you will note with this - is that when you open your eyes what is around you will have a watery countenance. This means that it will be as if your eyes were watering but they're not or as if you were under water wearing goggles and looking out at things but you're not under water. This effect of the water is like seeing through the droplets of moisture that are ever present in the air. This is an experience of absolute in the moment.

Absolute in the moment captures a physical feeling where everything is noted. You are actually seeing through the liquid in your eyes and that liquid moment is so much of a measurable countenance that you experience life in that brief moment through that water world effect.

I bring this to your attention because many of you have begun to have this experience and I want you to know that there is nothing wrong with you. It will pass but it is something that happens to you a few times and then - not again.

However, what happens after that is a sense of relaxation about what you must do. What you must do becomes something that establishes for you what is of value in your life and what you can set aside.

We are all experiencing many things in our lives that we really do not have to do. Sometimes they are pleasures, sometimes they are excesses at work or other activities.

These will fall away. You don't have to shove anything away, you will simply notice that the time you spent doing these things is no longer a investment of your moments and that that time spent that way will suddenly free up a great deal of moments that you can do other things. You will notice this because there is suddenly room in your life to do things that you've always wanted to do or needed to do.

You will not lose anything that is important to you, though at one time you may have felt it was. You will instead come into a state in your life where every moment is a gift that is experienced in a new way. It is possible to live more benevolently on Earth, and I am talking around the subject a little bit so you do not have a predisposed mind set as to what the experience will be. Let it develop on its own and look for the clues as I have stated.

Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Understanding Mother Earth: Time, Part 1

There is a time on Earth that is changing now - why do I say on Earth. Time has begun to shift into a function that no longer measures experience.

In the past we have identified - well we did this at this time or we did that at that time and we have used linear time as we understand it to identify our lives but time as we have known it has begun to shift.

Many of you have noticed this in the circumstances of your lives not only because there has been seemingly less time to do things but also because there is a sense that the means to do what we need to do requires more of that which we seem to have less of - which is time.

How can we be able to conduct our lives when the clock seems to be working against us. Using time as we have it is not possible - however time is altering.

There is something called experiential time. Experiential time is something that measures what we do while we are doing it in the moment we are doing it but does not measure it by the clock as we have known it. You might say - well I did that in the day time or I did that in the night time. Experiential time is something that appears to be complicated but really isn't.

The moments of our lives are beginning to shift. I will tell you the exact place where time has been noted by those who live there as something that is shifting and that is in the Himalayas. In the region of the Himalaya Mountains there has been a very profound shift and the effect is such that people who live there or visit there often note that there are gaps in their memories of what they did when.

This is not something that is strictly a magnetic effect of the mountains or some mineral deposit in the mountains - that is not the case though there are those who have looked into that. It is that Mother Earth herself is co-operating in what we need.

We need to have a profound occurrence that will show us that what we believe to be immovable and unchangeable can be altered. In short, we need physical evidence to prove to us that our needs can be served beyond the possible.

If you inquire, you won't have to look to far to find people who have had experiences there of this shift in their experience of time.

Mother Earth's mountains are connected as you all know because mountain chains travel, so to speak, geographically. Be there water or be there land there are mountains present even if they are not identifiable.

Often they are underground. That may sound strange but for those who understand geography they understand what I mean. Mountains may not have thrust up yet, speaking in terms of geologic time, or they may have been there once but have worn down or they might simply be covered by something else for the moment - speaking again in geological time.

To put it simply, time is changing and it will spread. It will serve us very well. I'll say more about this - as time goes on.

Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Understanding Mother Earth: Wind

Do you know that there is an element of Mother Earth's body that is in contact with almost everyone almost all the time, and depending upon how you define it you could say, at least most of the time all the time - and that is her wind.

Mother Earth's wind is her communication system not only with herself but all those living on her surface. She distributes material from one place to another and she connects all of her forms of life with all the other forms of life with her wind.

The air - the atmosphere, you know, on Mother Earth - is not the same as her wind. I will talk about the air another time but for now I'll say just a little more.

Her wind is in contact with our imaginations - did you know that? How often we have been inspired when we see a breeze ruffle the leaves of a tree perhaps after a dew or a light rain and there is a brief rainbow brought about as a result.

It is truly that Mother Earth in her personality is eden, the garden we've heard about even though we don't always see that side of her. Mother Earth is after all a multileveled person not unlike we are. She has her days of being strident and she has her days or evenings of being mellow, calm and friendly.

Generally speaking, considering how vital she is as a planet, she's pretty welcoming most of the time though not everywhere. There are parts of her body that she prefers we do not go to that much any more. I have spoken about that here or on my other blog from time to time and you can search that topic anytime you wish.

I'd say though in general that her wind makes contact with our imaginations and our hearts to inspire us to achieve and to inspire others, to provide enlightenment through the use of our own facilities and to generally provide a way to bring about a benevolent life.

I know that sometimes she uses her wind in powerful ways as in hurricanes and tornados which I've spoken about here but generally speaking it is a means to communicate and to connect.

Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

A Personal Note

As you've noticed, I don't put many things up on this blog that are personal in the sense of it being a narrative about my day to day life.

On the other hand it is my intention to pass on as much as I can to you from my accumulated wisdom, knowledge and abilities that can be passed on in print and that's my whole point with this blog and my other.

It is not that I do not wish to speak of my personal life so much as it is that as a result of learning, studying and applying this wisdom it has improved the quality of my life but there's more to it than that. It has allowed me to improve the lives of others and that is a very good feeling.

I know that many of you would like to do that as well and that is why I have dedicated myself to applying my energy towards posting on these blogs. I will do so as long as I am able - as often as I am able.

Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Why Do I Talk About These Things

Now just something brief today. Many of you have wondered why I keep talking to you about feelings and instinct.

It is simply this - there is a time coming - not immediately but sometime within the next 3 to 4 years when your mental processes are, not going to be harmed you understand but that you'll be so overwhelmed with things to think about that are contradictory that you will have a difficult time using only your mind to make decisions.

That is why I've been urging you to learn how to use your physical feelings in your body to tap into the instinct you were born with and to essentially remember how things feel. Are they right for you, are they wrong for you, are they simply for somebody else and not right or wrong - or is the time not right for you.

That's why I've been talking about this. I grant that it is in the nature of being the mystical man - as others are and mystical women, yes of course - I grant that it is my nature and my work to have some knowledge in general about what the future might bring but I am saying that in order to function - to have the life that functions as smoothly as possible it is oh so important to be able to have more then one means to make a decision.

That's why I've been talking about these things and I will continue to refine what I'm saying. If you are not interested then...there will be other posts that are on other subjects but I just want you to know that the reason I'm doing this is because I care about your well-being and I know that you do too.

Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

Friday, June 15, 2007

Understanding Mother Earth: Stone

There is a portion of Mother Earth's body that is available to us all. It is her stone.

We do not think of Mother Earth's body as living tissue but of course our bodies are made of her body and therefore the analogy is ever present.

We know that Creator sparks life in us all through our immortal personalities, also known as our spirits or our souls. We also know that Mother Earth is the source through the food we eat of our bodies, our fluids, our selves physically.

When you think about it - it is a beautiful system and yet when you look at the stone - while we do not think that we consume stone we do really, and I'm not talking about supplements here as one might take in mineral supplements, for while that may be so we consume stone in other ways.

Plants that grow in the earth are enriched and nurtured by the stone in its form as soil. For when stone breaks down and combines with vegetative and other matter it becomes soil does it not (See Understanding Mother Earth: Soil here, here, and here.) and we consume it through our consumption of the plants.

If you talk to astronauts and have that possibility to do that you would find that they gradually lose some strength when they are not on the Earth - though I do not wish that upon them it is a fact. It is assumed that this is largely because of the lack of the effect of Mother Earth's gravity upon their bodies and of course that is a portion of it but it is also because they are not in touch with the planet that they are made of even though the materials of the vehicles they ride in are made of that. It's not the same though is it.

The actual soil and the rock of Mother Earth is something our bodies crave to touch. If you possibly can, even if you are not able to walk on the planet anymore as some individuals are that way, do try to get out even if one has to go in a wheel chair - do try to get out and make it a point to touch stone or soil wherever it is safe to do so especially if you feel attracted to that. If you can walk about then do that and remember to touch with your hands, wherever it is safe, the stone and the soil.

This stone that we call Mother Earth is a part of our hearts, our bodies and even our minds for I believe that we draw our strength not only metaphorically from Mother Earth but physically as well and it is this very strength that allows us to continue on in the face of all the difficulties and challenges we come across in our lives.

Stone, strength, continuity, Mother Earth. Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Visions That You Can Act Upon

There is a time coming very soon where you will get quick visions. It will be like a picture, in a way, for most of you that literally pops into your head. It won't be words directing this or that, it won't be thought, it will be visual.

It represents something that has to do with an opportunity for you to say a prayer, make a blessing or emanate benevolent energy towards that vision. You are all now capable of doing something that you can do when you're not embodied on Earth. It is just that you need to remember what to do so that you are not confused and also so that you can live more benevolently and help each other even if you don't know the people you are helping.

Let me explain. These visions might suddenly happen and they'll be so brief in many cases that you will become conscious of them just after they have passed. I'm not talking about something that happens in a dream, I will speak to that soon, this is something that will happen in your waking life.

You may be walking with a friend or a loved one, you may be with other friends, you may be in other circumstances, you may be at work but it will not happen when you are doing something that requires your absolute attention such as operating machinery, driving a car, a truck, something like that. It will happen however when you are conducting your life in some way.

Now the vision, and this is why it's so important for you to know about this, will often be something that is violent or frightening. This is not meant to scare you. Rather it is meant very specifically for you to apply what you have learned here on this blog and on my other and other things that you have learned in other places that are of a spiritual or prayerful means to bring about aid and comfort to others.

Now - should you have such a vision, and this is where the hazard comes in, your mind will function very much as when you are waking from a dream.

You may have noticed when you are waking from a dream, even an intense dream when you wake up suddenly or in the case of a dream that is just troubling and you wake up at your normal time either with an alarm clock or by some other person or simply because your body clock is telling you to wake up, that there is a tendency to put that dream into the context of your life.

However I have been taught and I have discovered that there is so much truth in this teaching - that most of us at the deep dream level are learning how to help others - being put through our paces by our teachers and guides and even though we think of ourselves when we are waking up as having been doing that - if you can see the person you identify with in that dream they don't usually look like you.

If you are an older person they will look younger, if you are a younger person they will just look not like you - if you have a recollection of that. Some of you don't see the person you identify with in that dream but some of you do.

Now when you are waking up your mind attempts to make sense out of the dream by putting it into some context of your life - meaning if it is something frightening but possible in a physical life on Earth your mind will attempt to warn you so that you feel like - oh dear, this is going to happen. If on the other hand it is something benevolent your mind will also say - this could happen.

Now I'm not trying to oversimplify those who help with understanding dreams but I have been taught and I believe through my experience that this is the function of such moments of your mind attempting to create a construct in your day to day life of the meaning of the dream.

I bring that forward because in these moments of vision your mind will function almost identically. The vision - if it is something frightening and it most often will be or something that requires instantaneous attention as in something frightening eh - then your mind will immediately attempt to superimpose it into your life just like those waking moments of a dream. However it will not have to do with your life.

This is what is required of you. First of all, know that there are other human beings someplace on the planet - possibly not even within the time in which you are living but they are crying out for help because they are in a frightening or dangerous or yes - violent situation where they are in need of help and when they cry out for help they won't be just asking God, they won't be just asking their angels and deities to help them. They are crying out for help on a broad scale. Sometimes out loud, sometimes just within and because we are all so united now - yes we are - you may get this vision.

Immediately upon getting that vision what you can do is to say a prayer. If you don't have a prayer that you say because of your religion or philosophy you can always say, "I am asking that all those beings who need help now receive all the help they need benevolently from all those beings who can help them" as a living prayer or if you have the capacity or have trained and can feel the energies as you've been instructed on this blog - for example here or as you may find here and my other and in many other places then simply breathe in for a moment those benevolent energies or let yourself be saturated with those benevolent energies and blow very gently - not towards any human beings - blow very gently towards the recollection - meaning you'll still have the picture of that violent or frightening situation - blow towards it.

Try to think of it as benevolent energy that you are blowing towards it - alright - and if you can feel that energy that's wonderful, if you cannot then blow gold light towards it. Gold light is a transformative benevolent energy on this planet associated with the planet herself and with Creators transforming capabilities and then just let it go.

It does not in most cases have to do with your life. Remember, if it has to do with your life there will be no visualization for most of you. There will simply be a moment of feeling in which case you can respond according to the way you feel best in your physical body using your instinct - alright. I have spoken about that here recently.

Now I wanted to let you know that that was happening because it is a chance for you to be of immediate help to some other individuals or groups of people and then just let it go afterwards.

I'm not saying you will all have this experience but most of us will have the experience one or more times and this is something you can do right now when that happens to help out fellow humans.

Keep in mind that if we ever have to call for help that help will be available because of what our fellow humans do for us. Help each other and learn to receive help in the most benevolent way. Giving and receiving - the cycle of life for us all.

Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

Saturday, June 09, 2007

Continuing Your Instinct Education, Part 3

Now that you have done the homework I'm going to suggest a little more so that you can sharpen up your instincts.

See if you can find a friend who has also done this homework or who you can expose the homework to and that they go out and do it. Preferably this is not to be your mate but it can be if there is no one else.

Then this is what I recommend. Again go out on the land if you possibly can or if not, someone's big back yard with as little distraction as possible.

Then stand as far away from each other as you possibly can even if you have to stand on a diagonal but I would prefer that you have nothing between you - no yard play equipment or anything like that - so you want to have clear space between the two of you, you understand. Just like the tree - clear space so that you can feel.

Now this is what to do. Again be conscious of your feet as you're walking towards each other. Walk towards each other very slowly.

The moment either one of you feels any discomfort walking towards each other - stop and make some little noise. Don't say a word, just make some little tone loud enough so the other person can hear you - alright. You could even clear your throat if you like. Just so the other person can hear you because there's no guarantee they will be looking at you. They might be looking down at their feet. They might be glancing at something else.

Then if you relax, alright, and feel better you can begin walking towards each other again but if you don't relax - if you don't feel better - stop and try the homework on another day but before you do the homework either do something physical if you can like running or walking quickly or whatever your exercise program is and then try this.

If it still is such that you feel uncomfortable as you approach each other even from a great distance or from a short distance - stop. Say, "Goodlife" to each other and that is the end of the homework - but if you feel comfortable, remember walking very slowly towards each other, walk up to each other and if one of you - either one - is uncomfortable make the tone and then say, "Goodlife" and the homework is over - but if you both feel comfortable walk up so that you are within 3 feet of each other but no closer than 2 feet of each other then if you wish and you still feel comfortable each of you reach out with your left hand or your right hand - but if you use your left hand then the other person also use their left hand so it's left to left or right to right you understand.

Then reach out with your palm down and your fingers curled but not made into a fist just curled in a natural relaxed way - reach very slowly towards each other as if you were going to touch each other with your curled fingers.

At any moment either one of you feels uncomfortable make the tone and stop. You can if you like relax for a moment and see if that helps and then continue very slowly. If you feel comfortable then reach forward and touch each other very briefly - no more than 3 seconds with your curled fingers.

Then pull your arm back and relax and move back a few paces. Then you may look at each other and thank each other - out loud, "Thank you, goodlife" something like that and that's it - the homework is over.

Now this homework is designed to help you to become clearer on who is safe and comfortable for you to approach. You understand, this is all about building up your physical discernment and if you do not feel comfortable at any point with the other person it does not mean this person is not good for you. Keep in mind that this homework might have to be done, tried you understand, with several different people until you find the right person who's fingers you can touch briefly - alright.

This is important to understand - if at any time you find that it is uncomfortable, alright, it does not mean that the person is not good for you or they're not safe for you though that is always a possibility. More likely it is because you are nervous or you are starting this without enough practice with the trees.

Always remember that the practice with the trees is the best way to develop your primary discernment to know what is safe for you to approach and then you can try it with a person.

It is absolutely essential that both people want to do this.

I do not recommend that an adult do this with a child. It is alright if youngsters wish to do it with each other but there ought to be some adult supervision nearby so that it is done with honor and gentleness. I would recommend that and if the child or the youngsters don't have any interest in doing it don't try to talk them into it parents or brothers or sisters. This is something to be tried only if you have interest. Only if both parties are willing and wanting to engage this process - alright - I make myself clear? Alright, I'll say more about this in time.


Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Continuing Your Instinct Education, Part 2

Let us consider instinct further. A little homework for you now - nothing too complex.

I'd like you to go out on the land if you possibly can, out in the countryside or if you have a big back yard or a friend has one, preferably a place that's quiet and safe.

When you are there pick out a place in that yard or on that landscape - possibly a tree - lets say a tree alright. Preferably an older bigger tree but if it is a younger tree - alright - not a sapling though.

Go up to the tree. Simply say, "Goodlife" out loud - you can whisper it if you like and see how you feel physically in your body. Oh you might feel a little nervous at first, maybe even a little silly but goodlife is something that trees say - not out loud but it is a blessing that they give to each other and others.

After you say goodlife notice how you feel physically. If you feel relaxed and calm then that's the tree. If you feel uncomfortable then look for another tree until you find one where you can stand 6 or 8 or 10 feet in front of it, whatever feels best, and say goodlife and feel relaxed and comfortable.

When that happens then step back. If you are in a yard step back as far as you can get away from the tree - alright. If you are in the countryside then step back at least 20 or 25 feet from the tree.

Then walk slowly with your eyes open, glancing regularly towards the tree, paying attention to where you are walking but also making an effort to feel the bottoms of your feet when you are walking towards the tree. Notice with as complete concentration as you possibly can muster how you physically feel the closer you come to the tree.

When you are within 6, 8 or 10 feet of the tree, approximately - you don't have to measure it, then particularly pay attention to how you feel.

You can walk right up to the tree if you don't feel any different - that means the tree is going to allow you to touch it perhaps. When you get close enough to the tree to touch it reach out with your right or left hand, which ever one you wish, and move your hand slowly towards the tree all the while paying attention to how you feel in your body.

If at any point you feel uncomfortable - stop. Say, "Goodlife" and move back a ways and simply say, "Goodlife" again and that's the end of the homework.

If on the other hand you feel relaxed and comfortable then touch the tree with the back of your fingers or the back of your hand - alright - if it's safe to touch - alright - and that's all. After you touch the tree you can remove your hand and say, "Goodlife." This is instinctual training.

There will be more to come at some point. It's important to get you started on it however so that you will learn discernment. Discernment on the physical level is different than it is on the mental level because it has everything to do with your personal physical safety which may be different from person to person. It also has to do with your awareness of your own physical body.

You don't have to learn instinct but you do need to learn the signals your body gives you so that you will understand the instinct you now have.

More another time. Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

Friday, June 01, 2007

Continuing Your Instinct Education, Part 1

There is a time coming soon I feel it's good for you to know about.

You may notice the new buds on the trees or even flowers as we experience springtime all over and summertime as well in some places here in the northern hemisphere. Other places on our planet is wintertime - the change of seasons.

There is a change of seasons coming for us too, the human race. For a long time we've been in a season of conflict both within ourselves and with each other. Not all the time, not everywhere but at times - some places. This season is drawing to a close.

This is why so many of us have a heightened state of physical awareness about us, not because we're going to experience something horrible physically but rather because it is safe now to feel. Safe to sense, safe to use our instincts which is why the books I've written in the Shamanic Secrets series as seen here, here and here are so very important now and in times to come I will on my other blog Explorer Race put a few quotes there from those books but for now I feel it's important for you to know that all this talk, all this homework and all this refresher information I've been providing for you on this blog and on my other are entirely about this season coming.

It is the season of physical awareness having to do with our personal instinct that allows us to know who, what and where is safe for us or is benevolent for us and who, what and where is for others.

It is not that something is so much good or bad - oh of course there is what is obviously good or bad eh - but what I'm referring to is that there will be things, people, places that are meant for you and there will be things, people and places that are meant for others. It's important to know the difference.

The difference is very simple. You will feel it physically, usually in your gut that something doesn't feel quite right and if you just turn away from that person, place or thing - turn a little bit to the left - if your gut relaxes than you will know that in that moment that person, place or thing is not right for you. It may not be permanent, it might only be fleeting but in that moment something else is for you.

I have said a lot about instinct here - for example and also here and on my other blog. I will be saying more about that in times to come.