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The Wand Position
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Monday, March 31, 2008

Magic To Improve The Lives Of All Beings, Part 4

I've been running a lengthy series here on Mystical Man because of changes I want to encourage you to apply.

I've given a lot of instruction on benevolent magic on my blog with the same name and for those of you who've been following along, reading and applying what you've read on that site, I'm sure if you have not already said living prayers in association with what I've been speaking about here in these past few blog posts then you are waiting for something to be suggested in this series that you may do.

First off let me say that I'm not suggesting that any farms or farmers be blamed. Remember that farming techniques have been long established for certain types of animal raising but there are many farmers and ranchers, perhaps even the majority, who treat their animals with great care and respect.

It is something that we need to do, I believe though, to change the consciousness of what are perceived by peoples - human peoples of course of the world - as to who and what deserves our respect and honoring.

Some of that was suggested in the channeling that you read in part 3 but I also like to suggest things that you can do as spiritual students and teachers here reading this blog.

First of all I'd like to suggest the application of living prayer if you have not already said one and this is what I would recommend you do. First ask that you receive and experience the most benevolent energies that are available for you that you can experience to feel - and then pause until you have some sense of feeling even if it is just a feeling of inner love, compassion and kindness or a genuine feeling that you recognize of energy which may also come with those feelings as well.

Then I recommend you say the following words, "I am asking that all beings of the world receive care, love and respect that is due them on the basis of their simply being on Earth and being here to exist and thrive in the most benevolent way and that this respect come from all peoples - humans and others - and that this result in the most benevolent life for all beings."

Now there is one other thing I recommend you do and I will take that up in the next part. Goodlife.

Friday, March 28, 2008

Magic To Improve The Lives Of All Beings, Part 3

Last time I mentioned that I was going to publish a transcript that I received about the issue I've been discussing for the last couple of posts. This transcript was in response to a question I had asked.

I had seen a news broadcast about how the flu was hitting people so very hard in Hong Kong and I was concerned for them so I asked about that and what follows is the response.

Medical Expert:

"This is partly due to Mother Earth expressing with some co-operation with biologicals the request you might say, the opinion - the action that the human population is devastating other populations.

"There is a tendency by the human being to believe, based on various religious documents in large part, that the human being is intended - you understand - intended to be the primary being on Earth.

"What if I told you that's not true - that all the beings on Earth are intended and granted the same status by Creator.

"Then you can see why Mother Earth might consider the human being to be out of balance in ratio to the other beings you see. This is what's going on from my perspective."


"It is true that Mother Earth is involved in activating and encouraging some thing to occur that would thin the human population a bit. Generally speaking these actions will take place where there is a large quantity of poultry being consumed - chickens, ducks, geese and so on.

"This would suggest again what Speaks of Many Truths said to you - that it is not safe to eat such foods or create a demand for them.

"Generally speaking, now is a good time to have been a vegetarian. I think you will find that peoples who are more susceptible to having more devastating impacts from so-called flu especially in areas where birds are being mistreated and otherwise living cruel lives - birds that are consumed - then you'll find it makes it more likely such suffering may take place.

"This is not done just to be cruel or evil. It is done because Mother Earth, I agree with Medical Expert, does feel that the human population is out of balance - and as long as the human population treats other populations on the planet with respect and kindness even though consuming them then a certain amount of tolerance was there but the mistreatment of domesticated farm animals, as they're called - chickens and cows and other beings has created such a crescendo of protest and suffering amongst those beings that it was almost too much.

"But now with this so-called strip-mining of the seas and these drag nets on the bottom of the seas that just destroy all fish life and this is something that Mother Earth will not tolerate. And so, places especially that are involved - not all the peoples of course - but places where such fishing is taking place and such cruelty to animals is taking place are more likely to have the more extreme version of these biologically caused illnesses.

"It is not a nice thing but that's it, that's the bottom line. Goodlife."

You can see that this is something that caused me to feel that I could not keep this only to myself though I do not feel entirely at ease publishing it here I am going to trust that those of you who are reading this will be reading it with the desire to perform some magic, prayer or blessing to change this situation into something more benevolent for all beings.

In that light in the next post or two I will share some magic with you that I believe may help to alleviate this situation.

Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Magic To Improve The Lives Of All Beings, Part 2

Recently I have spoken here about my no longer eating any kind of poultry. I'm sure because of recent events developed in the world many people are a little shy about eating such things even when you've been assured that chickens for example, have been raised in a humane fashion.

Still - when beings are living in conditions of a complete lack of freedom and a sense of - born to doom, and I think that there's some other types of beings who understand that feeling, then not only does one develop fatalism and even a attraction to self-destruction but also one develops a view of the world on the basis of ones own path that has been visited upon them.

In these now times of increasing populations of our own peoples we have seen some of these things emerge in our own peoples. I feel that it is drawn out - meaning come into our own population - not because of anything individuals have done specifically but because of a need to feel the feelings of others so that we can do something to help them and also to experience the capabilities we have to improve the quality of life either by some physical act that we do to improve somebody's life in a benevolent way or through some spiritual, shamanic or mystical practice that we perform to improve the lives of all beings.

That's really - what I've just stated there - is the purpose of these blogs.

So - I'd like to share with you in part 3 something I received from two beings whom I have grown to trust over the years because of their advice. One of them is a being that most of you don't know about - meaning that being has not been published through my usual outlet, Sedona Journal of Emergence and I have not published that beings words through any of these blogs and that is a being who simply refers to itself as Medical Expert.

The other being many many of you have heard of for various reasons, and that is Isis.

In the following part 3 I would like to put up a transcript of what they said and then I may have a little more to say.


Monday, March 24, 2008

Magic To Improve The Lives Of All Beings, Part 1

Many years ago I was guided by strong inspiration and by beings that I had built up a trust in because of other things they had been saying through me for many years. What they said I have mentioned before on these blogs and that is they said that it would not be a good idea to eat chicken any more as chickens were being mistreated many places in the world - that they were in dire need of improved living conditions and that they often led cruel lives.

The cruelty being imprisonment in a very small space - really hardly room to turn around and then they had no opportunity to live some kind of life.

The problem with considering a creature to be domesticated for the purpose of becoming a food group is that there's a tendency to look at them then as a lesser being, not just a lesser being because they are quote - an animal - unquote but also because they are destined to produce food for human beings and also to be food for human beings and that that destiny prescribed to them is all they're here for and nothing else.

I know a great many farmers treat their chickens with much greater respect, allow them to move about quite a bit and even though they may have that attitude about them do not treat them harshly but many places in the world including on our own shores at times - chickens and other birds are treated very harshly especially when it comes to the time of their death to become part of our food.

In light of that I was guided to stop eating chicken many, many years ago and I did immediately. I was also guided within a short time to let go of turkey at some point - eating that - and while I was guided that it was not as urgent as letting go of chicken that any form of eating poultry I would have to let go of.

I admit I was reluctant to let go of eating turkey but at some point I was guided that I really had to let go of that and I did and that I did do about - oh coming up on 10 years now ago.

So - the issue then is one that I feel is becoming more pressing. In part 2 I'll elaborate a bit more on this but for now I wanted to give you that background.


Thursday, March 20, 2008


Energy is a substance that is constantly available. I'm not talking about what goes into your car or what lights up your house but rather subtle energy that is ever present.

Those of you who are able to feel this or utilize it in your work or for your inspirations know what I'm talking about and most of the rest of you who may not know that feeling very well will know before long because the nature of life is becoming much more energized.

Partly this has to do with how many more people we have on Earth right now but also it has to do with the animals and plants, some of whom are being displaced by our increased population but others who are simply drawing to a close their time of being in existence on this planet.

According to what I've been taught and what I believe on the basis of my experience many species of beings - some in the sea, some on land and some underground are moving home to their own planets through the life cycle process or in some cases just migration. This migration can be done energetically.

I have seen some evidence of this. Some of you know what I'm talking about - a sudden flash of light that is apparent. Sometimes you're not sure if it was there but then it is immediately followed by some energy that you can feel. Usually something very good.

Often this is a form of life moving through a window - or also known as a portal to return to their home environment often in another world somewhere. This is happening, I believe, to remind us that our world is in transition and the veils between forms of life are getting thinner.

In order to be comfortable with this just know that we as human beings are gradually assimilating more of our total being - so what we may have been provided by animal or plant species spiritually, energetically and yes even emotionally we may be able to provide for ourselves now.

So don't assume you can't do it, whatever "it" may be especially if "it" is benevolent. It might be possible to do it benevolently. Just assume that it is always possible and seek for ways to accomplish that project, that idea or that application - it can be done now perhaps. Many things that we felt in the past were impossible to do may be possible. If not on your own then in co-operation with others. Don't rule out solutions. Do rule in possibilities.


Thursday, March 13, 2008

Learning What We Will Teach

You might reasonably ask yourself why are we on this planet to learn something that we know absolutely and live as a fact of life all of the places in other lives on other planets, everywhere - why we on this planet living the lives we are living, to learn patience.

We call it patience on this planet and many other words for it in other languages as well as in English because it is something that is often hard to do. And yet, beyond this planet it is so natural there is no word for it - it is just life.

We accept it, we welcome it, we live it but here because we do not remember our other lives as being a portion of the sequence of our existence then we are forced to learn patience or at least discover if it has value in our lives.

This can only mean one thing and that's that we are being entrusted to learn something because of others we will be working with at some point.

I have been told in the teaching I've received, and I believe on the basis of my experience, that we are all here to learn - and I think that you may agree with that.

Is that learning because we don't know or is it possible that that learning isn't because we don't know. That learning is to be able to have compassion and to identify with what others are going through so we can be good teachers and yes - Guides.

I believe that many of us, possibly all of us, are here because this is guide school. Some day in lives on other planets, in other existences we are going to be guiding beings and as you know the best teachers you've probably ever had didn't teach you something that they had no experience with - they taught you something that may just have soaked in because they had been there, they had done that and they had resolved it in their own way and while one example of resolution from one teacher may not be enough - once you've met many teachers who have all resolved it in similar or completely different ways whatever the problem is it begins to soak in doesn't it. These people know what they're talking about and maybe I could learn something from paying attention to their experience.

I believe this is guide school and I believe that we are learning something in this way on this planet because of those we will work with someday.

If you stand back and look at life here a little bit you might see that that makes sense even though it doesn't make life here any easier. I believe this is also why life here is not that long for many of us.

Oh yes, we've all heard about people who live to be a hundred - a hundred and five and so on and this is always interesting at the very least but most people do not live that long. I believe this is Creator's gift.

This is school and very often it's difficult. Certainly there are joys and many times of happiness to say nothing of humor and fun but there is also difficulty and struggle and yes - pain.

I believe that Creator has set this up as a school for us so that we could learn compassion and patience which we have absolutely in other lifetimes, in other existences and I believe everywhere else. The only possible reason Creator would do that is because Creator is helping us to learn something that we will teach. This is what I believe.

Goodlife to you all.

Saturday, March 08, 2008

Magic For Urgent Situations

Now - I have an assignment for you for those who wish to participate. From time to time now you will suddenly get a vision and it could very well be - you're just sitting, you're doing something, you're walking with a friend but you suddenly get a vision of some kind of disaster.

This is what to do. If you can stop whatever you're doing in that moment that would be best but if you are unable to stop, then the first chance you get then this is what to do. Ask for the most benevolent energy to be available for you.

If you feel it above your head then breathe in, as it were, through the top of your head - alright and if you feel it some other place breathe in through that energy and blow in the direction that feels the best towards that vision.

It may not be in the same direction you were facing when you first noticed it or it may. Just blow once, twice - no more then that. Just breathing in from where you feel the energy - the most benevolent - and blowing in that direction. It doesn't have to be outside, it doesn't have to be towards a window. It doesn't make any difference, just wherever you feel is the best direction to blow and then let it go.

If you're not certain that you're feeling benevolent energies through your body or the top of your head or wherever you feel them to breathe through, then wait until you can get to a place where you're more relaxed and quiet and try it there. This must be done only by breathing in through a place in your body where you recognize benevolent energies that you have felt before in the most benevolent way.

If you can picture that disaster that you had in that vision then blow in that direction but always remember do not blow in any direction if there is a human being anywhere within 25 feet of the direction you are blowing excepting this situation.

If it is an emergency, you feel, then you can blow up over the top of that human being but I always feel it is better to move slightly. Perhaps you can turn around - turn in some direction. It's never good to blow even the most benevolent energy at someone, other than the exception above, unless they have specifically asked you to do some form of treatment on them and I may get to that in another post but there's lots more to learn before that.

I'm not saying there's going to be disasters - for some of those events you're seeing in your visions might be in the considerable future, some of them might be on the other side of the world that you would never hear about, some of them might be something that happens just to a few individuals but if you get those visions that's what to do. You don't have to say any words, just do that thing with the energy - alright.

It'll be alright. It's your chance to have an immediate benevolent effect on the outcome of things that may affect other people. Anytime you have a vision like this that's something you can do that will help.


Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Seeing Beyond What You Can See

Whenever I look up into the sky I am constantly conscious of not only what is there - clouds, blue sky for instance or stars, moonlight - I am also conscious for what may be there that I may see.

I have mentioned this before from time to time on these blogs but this is something you can look for as well. The simple thing that I've suggested before is to focus on the air space between your eyes and whatever you are looking at at long distance - say for instance a cloud in the sky.

Concentrate on the air space between there. Granted you are not actually looking at some thing but look that way towards the cloud as long as the sun is not shining brightly or causing you discomfort. This is a good way to practice to see things that are there.

It's true that someone standing next to you may not see it. On the other hand if they are doing that - looking at the space between things - then they may see it and you may not or you may both see the same thing or you may see something slightly or completely different.

Why does that happen? You will often find people who will see perhaps something unusual - an anomaly in the sky or a light and they will describe it differently.

For one thing, some of this may be having to do with their own biology - and I am no expert in that - but other reasons come into being here. Some of it has to do with the way light waves move from one place to another and this again has to do with science for which I am no expert but I think you can find that if you wish.

From what I do know and what I've been taught and what I believe, I believe it has to do with a preparedness to know. A - yes, an attitude but an allowance in your own mind and body that that which may not be seen by others could be seen by you.

Now I'm not talking about things you might see if you've had too many beers for example. I'm talking about things that you see in a completely rational sober state - and you can train yourself.

Try the little thing I mentioned on studying the air space between your eyes and something else and feel free to make comments if you see something. I'm pretty sure some of you have already tried this. I will say more about this in time.