The Wand Position

The Wand Position
Often Used for Magic

Friday, August 26, 2011

Profound Spiritual Attunement (Spiritual Attunement for the Advanced Student and Practitioner)

A fundamental change in the way energies are processed through the bodies of Mystical Men and Women, Shamans and other spiritual peoples who work with energies to support all beings is taking place now. It has to do with balance and a equal distribution of energies in the most benevolent way.

Grandfather will speak of these things on this video and provide a True Magic as well to support these changes and the attunement that's going on now.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Washington Monument Damage

The damage to the obelisk we know as The Washington Monument, I feel has portents to have a broader impact.

The original designers of the Washington Mall had ideas in mind when they placed that monument there. I feel it would be a good time now to ask or pray for solidarity in the union of the United States and all her people.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Requesting Well Being

Requesting well being as a circumstance in life for you with a hand position and words to say that draw energies that will support your potential improvement in life.

Monday, August 08, 2011

A Question About Welcoming Rain for Africa

A question has been asked anonymously:

Robert I was interesting in doing the gentle rain exercise for the Cape of Africa. I am in Central California so if there is a way to do it from here for there I would very much appreciate knowing it. Would you like to join me? Could we do a group sky hug and send the hug to Africa? Just a thought thank you sincerely.

And I thought perhaps you might be interested in my answer:

If you've been to the Cape and have walked around there in the area and know the soil and the terrain then picture it in your minds eye and try to remember it as much as you can - maybe with other senses that you have.

Then review the Long Touch, as you would find here as well as here, material to get as much knowledge and wisdom there or if you're not familiar with it then study it and practice the homework. When you get good at it you can be where you are now and also feel the ground under your feet there and you will be able to do things there gently and benevolently.

I have built in factors to keep you from making mistakes* and causing harm to yourself or others so there is no need to worry excessively about that. Still I recommend a thorough review of the Long Touch because you'll be trying to touch it with your feet. This of course involves Bilocation, found here as well as here, but for the advanced students who often frequent this A Mystical Man's World blog I expect that you have already read and studied these things so this is just a reminder.

However if that is not the case, I realize that sounds complicated so there is one other way to do that if you're new to this blog and the practices that are taught here or have recently begun to study these things, even though it is not as direct a method indicated in your question that may have been desired - and that is simply to do this.

I recommend you say, "I am asking that all the most benevolent energies that are available for me be all around and about me now." Then wait. You may feel an energy come up. Wait until it passes slightly and if you have done this work for a while you'll know when to start speaking and if you have not then wait about 10 to 15 seconds (try not to count or look at your watch, just make your best guess) or until you feel the energy fade a bit but not be completely gone.

Then say, "I am asking that a gentle feminine rain fall as needed in the Cape of Africa region and that this occur in the most benevolent way for all beings there."

We say the words like that because we need to take into account all beings. So ideally the rain would start slowly and allow beings who may be on various places a chance to move or that the rain come so gently and so slowly that it percolate in and that streams do not run into torrents and torrents turn into rivers and cause harm to some beings - you see? That's what I recommend.


*Remember always and only to follow the directions and the suggestions and if words are involved to say them exactly as they are stated to get the best results for you and all beings.