The Wand Position

The Wand Position
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Sunday, July 29, 2007

It's Happening Now, Part 2

Last time I said that something was happening sequentially. I want to say just a little more about that.

The sequential orientation of our spiritual selves is not about a religious experience though some people might feel that you've had one as a result of some of these moments. It is rather about a orientation that is focused very strongly in our actual feeling self. Hence the acknowledgment that I've made towards the feeling that you will have that something is different.

This is vitally important so that you will have a sense of physical change and you cannot be easily talked out of it by well meaning friends as something that was simply a mental aberration. It won't feel mental at all even though you will be able to think about it so your mind is not excluded from the process.

Consider for a moment, if it was your job to help the people of Earth to be reconstituted in their natural, spiritual and heartfelt beings for which total and complete beingness begins to be felt as it is felt when we are not incarnated on this planet then what would you do?

Would you do it suddenly - snap your fingers and say, "Okay - everybody's alright now" or because people are going through training - this being a school as I've said many times - wouldn't you do it slowly to allow people to adapt and have the greatest experience of interest and benevolence to wake up with one's friends, family and even others whom one doesn't know. To begin to recognize old friends and companions in the eyes of complete strangers. In short, to help people to wake up gradually and to remember the family universal between us all.

I believe that is what would be done and I believe that you will all be experiencing that in the most benevolent way. I have had some experience with this and I believe some of you can identify.

Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

It's Happening Now, Part 1

When there is a gap in space and time one often experiences this as a disorientation. I'm bringing this up now because many of you will have experiences, if you haven't already had this, where you will feel perfectly grounded one moment with alertness and awareness of your surroundings and people that you know, places and things that are familiar and the very next moment you will feel a sense of foreignness.

You will still be in your body of course, you will still be in recognizable surroundings and logically in your mind you will say - really what has changed - but you will feel different.

There are now going on a series of sequences leading up over the next few years to a reconnection to much greater portions of our spiritual selves. I know many of you have been reading about things like this for years and one, after a time of reading things like this, begins to feel that this is all very vague and nonspecific but it's happening now. Pay attention.

It's not going to happen when you're operating machinery or cutting food with a knife or driving or anything like that that requires your absolute attention but it will most often happen when you are just sitting doing something - perhaps watching television, perhaps in a casual conversation or more likely just having a quiet moment.

Some of you might notice something - a light or a change, a sense of something happening nearby. I don't want to say too much because I feel it will be a benevolent experience for you but it will be something that will have that affect - you will feel different. You will feel that something has changed and I will say more about that very soon.


Thursday, July 19, 2007

More On Our Awakening

Do you know about the fabric of existence. It is matter that is between things.

It is a unmeasurable existence but it is literally a strata - not what I would call a substrata as in geologic terms but more along the lines of a energy strata.

It might be possible to measure it someday using the tools of magnetic measurement but it is something that allows us, who are literally in our souls immortal beings, to exist in a world where there is physical life in measured doses.

Have you not wondered sometimes when you are waking up from a dream that at times, not always but at times you will come through a space of remembrance that exists between the dream state and the dream world and your physical state and your physical world - it doesn't last long but it isn't in sequence with your dream nor is it in sequence with your physical life but it is a space nevertheless.

Normally this space is quiet, a moment of transition from one world to another but in recent times this space has become very active because we are relearning how to use our natural abilities. Our natural abilities are that we are capable of helping others in the human family and sometimes beyond our own family of existence.

In this way this is how you will often experience it in this example: You are coming out of the dream and you hear something with possibly even a vision of it - of something urgent going on - people attempting to get the attention of another or something happening that leaves you with a physical feeling when you wake up of urgency even though you may not remember what stimulated it.

Sometimes we naturally think - oh we forgot to do something and look around. We don't notice anything, in fact it might be quieter than usual.

This is actually a sign of our awakening to our natural selves, I have spoken about that before on these blogs and it has come up in my books as well. The circumstances of our lives have changed so much in these last few years that the doors to our natural capacities are literally opening up.

It's important that you know this because you will continue to have experiences that seem otherworldly. Generally they will happen between the dream state and the waking state to let you know that something different is going on. Please don't be frightened - this is what to do.

When that occurs, pause for a moment because the quiet moment will be there and if you can remember it just say the following living prayer. It will comfort you and it may do a world of good in places that you don't know and may never be - for those stimulations are real events happening in our world someplace somewhere with people that you don't know and will probably never meet but this is what to say right then.

Say it slowly and as always ask for the most benevolent energy, spirit and beings to be present with you so that your statement is energized by their capacities and so that it utilizes your natural capacities beyond this life and becoming part of your life. And I recommend you say, "I am asking that all those people and beings who need help receive all the help they need now benevolently from all those people and beings who can help them." Say it slowly. It will comfort you.

The energy will be present as well to serve your comforting, it is alright to need that, and it can do a world of good for others. This is a way we can now serve each other and I'll have more to say about this as time goes on.

Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

Saturday, July 14, 2007


Someone asked me the other day how I know I am speaking with inspiration as compared to just speaking my opinion? What a wonderful question, I remember saying.

There is a way to know. Over the years, through my learning of channeling with the deepest possible connection so as to make sure it's accurate, I have felt a great many energies. Mostly benevolent - and of course if I feel an energy when I'm going to channel that doesn't feel good to me, I don't channel from that source. Of course - I do not say, "Well, this is bad." I don't put a judgement on it, I just know it's for someone else - someone else to channel you understand but in the course of that education I've learned discernment with the feeling of energies.

So when I'm able to speak with inspiration at gatherings or talks or other situations which I do very often I can tell by the energy I am feeling that this is inspiration in the most benevolent way.

I want to compliment the person who asked me the question because they have a strong sense of perception. Perception is not just how we see others or how others see us. Perception is how we feel what it is we are experiencing and that's what I want to talk about today.

How do we feel what we are experiencing and what do we make of those feelings? In order to know this you must feel and agree mentally that it is alright to feel in your body and most importantly - it is alright to interpret what those physical feelings mean - but not just mentally. That is absolutely vital to understand since our minds do not understand, on the basis of their own experience, physical feelings. One must practice with oneself to know what your own physical feelings mean.

So - homework. I want to give you some homework you might like. For those of you who watch television this will be easier. For those of you who observe life this may also be easier because it is important to have those feelings stimulated in you so that you can identify a range of possibilities.

If you are watching a sad show on television or even at the theatre seeing a tragedy portrayed or an opera perhaps in the tragique being performed then you may have feelings that come up within you. You know that the feelings within you will not be of humor. You know that they will be along the range of some compassion at the very least and perhaps identification if you've had such pressures or even full on experiences of this in your life.

I want you to pay attention when your feelings come up and see if you can identify them - not just mentally but be aware of what the feeling is felt like in your body so that when you have those moments of masses of feelings you will get a pretty good idea through your identification, or what I will call identification patterning, in your body specifically what your body feels like when this or that happens.

It's important to know this because there are times coming, to say nothing of being here now, where such perceptions will be invaluable because the mental stimulation may very well be something that is confusing or at the very least filled with innuendo that could be this or that - but if your physical feelings are telling you things then that's important.

Don't assume that the way other people feel something physically will be identical in the identification pattern for you. It might be completely different, it might be similar. You have to practice and find out. That's what I recommend. Practice your perception physically.

Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Understanding Mother Earth: Water, Part 2

Now water also has the capacity to deliver messages. It can provide you with inspiration and you don't necessarily have to be swimming in it - and by swimming in it I mean in that which is untreated - untreated with the chemicals that are used to make it safe to swim in a swimming pool for example - or for that matter in water that is polluted excessively by being near an outfall or something. But I'm talking about swimming in say a lake or even in places in the ocean.

You don't have to necessarily be doing that only. You could also be drinking fresh clear water and be inspired. Inspiration and water go together. This is not an accident.

As science will tell you, our bodies are made up in vast majority of water and of course this is all intended. This is another reason scientists have speculated that we might have originally come from the water since our bodies are so much a living sponge, so to speak.

How is it that we are so saturated and why? So much of this has to do with living on Mother Earth - obviously a water planet.

As you may know from your studies of astronomy or your interest in it the rest of our solar system is not apparently water oriented. One may find with studies done by this or that satellite that there's something that appears to be ice here or there but generally speaking we don't see lakes, rivers and seas though it might be possible that on some planets they were there at one time.

No, in our solar system we're it when it comes to water and here we are - here's where we find ourselves. I believe it is safe to say that we are here to experience the water as much as possible while still being creatures of the land.

It is as if a compromise has been made that - perhaps we did once live in the sea as one of the sea people - this is possible and perhaps we decided we wished to try life on the land and believed we could have a good time and maybe make life better for all.

On the other hand history has not borne that fact out but that's the history we know, the history that is written about. There have been many wonderful things that human beings have done on the land and for that matter in the water.

Let us never forget that that being of which we are all a portion - that unites all life in the name of love is a being with heart - just like us and all other beings on this planet also have heart even if we do not identify that organ in their body. We are united by that heart, we are united by our living on Earth the water planet and we are united by our being here together. Let us remember that hope and that dream and let us apply our inspiration to improving life here as much as possible.

Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Understanding Mother Earth: Water

Have you ever wondered why your path in life is so circuitous? Why you're not able to simply go from point A to point B simple, straight with a path of ease.

As I've said before, our bodies are made of Mother Earth's body - sparked by Creator and inhabited by our souls. Because we are made of Mother Earth's body we follow her general demeanor of personality.

Not necessarily because we are required to for Mother Earth will often do things from point A to point B quickly. A look at her weather patterns suggest this but there are other aspects of her life too that seem to wander.

Whens the last time you saw a river that traveled in a perfectly straight line from point A to point B, other than a short distance perhaps. Water goes where it is most welcome on the land and we, like water, also must travel in the same way.

It is natural for us to travel this way. Sometimes of course we turn back on our path in order to make sure that we have done everything we possibly can when we're exploring something - our souls have a certain amount of eagerness to do this since that's why they came here in the first place in order to explore and to be.

However, after we live our lives here and we have our Earth personality working for us we have the opportunity to experience ourselves with the abilities of water. Water goes where it's most welcome. Consider that.

How often we go where we are most welcome and how often we react uncomfortably when we are not welcome and we know this not only because of our physical feelings in our body but because of the means by which we experience physical feelings. Have you not wondered what that means is?

It is surely the water in our bodies. The water in our bodies has everything to do with the mechanics of how we feel physically. Not how we feel because we are ill - no - but how we feel, how we know beyond thought what is, what could be and what might be better.

Consider for a moment that water - when we are well saturated with water we might even be more sensitive. Did you know - if you wish to be more sensitive in terms of your perceptions, if you wish to know how something feels, if you do not wish to touch something at a distance but you need to know how it feels - that if you drink some extra water and you're more saturated in your body you can actually put your left or right hand out - palm down - and aim it towards the area on the land where you need to go to find the safest path for you.

I will speak more about water in the times to come but I wanted to bring it up to you now so that you would know that water is your means to feel, to know and it is the way you find your path in life. So, if you see that glass of water sitting there and you don't want to stop what you're doing but you do want to be successful and happy - take a sip. It will help to keep your capacity to know alert.

Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

Monday, July 02, 2007

Creation Lessons

Creation is not that difficult - we all create all the time.

Consider for a moment that our physical bodies are us and that we are our physical bodies.

Do you know that the means by which Creator has created this universe is simply to allow all the mass of energy to pair up with all the other masses of energy that each portion is the most compatible with. When you consider it that way, that is how material masses come together and stay together happily.

One might reasonably wonder - simply as a child perhaps - why don't planets wear down, why don't they gradually disappear over time, why don't they simply go away as people do? An innocent question and not an unreasonable one.

It is because of that energy communing with happiness and a desire to be together. When energy desires to be together and is happy to do so and does so of its own accord it is then most easily, almost totally immortal.

It goes on forever because it's happy connecting to other portions of itself. Now, what about us? Why don't we go on forever? Look at our lives.

How do we use the materials that we consume or that we use to build our homes, houses and offices and factories?

Do those materials all volunteer to be used in the way they are used? No, of course not but then we are here to learn how creation comes together most benevolently.

It is in the true nature of this type of creation that we are learning that it naturally takes time and because every portion of our body that we experience now is not completely volunteering to be connected to every other portion due to the nature of the way we grow our food and so on, then our bodies are not immortal but we are learning.

We will learn over time how to grow, how to reap, how to consume in ways that are benevolent for us and benevolent for that which we grow. We will learn that when food is grown benevolently and lovingly - harming nothing and encouraging it to experience its most abundant and loving life that when we consume that food it will take very little to satisfy us, to enrich and nourish us and to support a more permanent and welcome physical structure in our bodies.

I know it may seem like a huge task but it can begin on a small level. Consider your garden. Consider talking to the plants encouraging them to live their life to the fullest and to - when you bring in the crops - to do so as gently as possible and as in an honoring way as possible.

Be thankful to the plants as well as to Creator in your prayers and in your acknowledgment physically with the plants. It is a good way to start and I recommend it.

Goodlife to you all and goodnight.