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The Wand Position
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Saturday, July 29, 2006

The Eagle And The Visions

I don't recall if I've shared this with you before - perhaps not.

Many years ago, shortly after my mother passed away, one of my former students called me up. I hadn't heard from him in a very long time. We chatted briefly and he said that he had had a vision and he asked me tentatively - not knowing about my experience of late - had I had a loss in the family and I told him that my mother had recently passed.

He said, "Do you remember the last place we went out for the teaching?" I said, "Yes, I do." He said, "I had a vision that you had had a loss in your family and that it would be good for you to go out to that place" and I said, "That's good to know."

He said, "My feeling is that it would be good for you to go out right this minute if you can." So I said, "I will. Thank you my friend" and we said farewell.

I hung up, went out, got in my car and drove right out to that place. It took a little while to get there as it was in a remote area and I had to go down a dirt road for a ways to an exact spot where some people who are familiar with that particular area used to refer to as the cattle guard - simply meaning - you go down the road till you get to the cattle guard eh.

I stopped and pulled over in a space by the side of the road. It is a space between two mesas.

I wasn't exactly sure what I was looking for but because my friend had felt it strongly I knew it was worthwhile.

I got out of the car and just stood there. Something caught my eye. It - on the distant mesa - I could see what looked like two birds flying together and they flew generally towards me - at a slight angle though and as they got closer I realized they were eagles. And as they got closer still, one of the eagles broke away from the other.

The other kept going and flew on but the one that broke away flew over my head and landed on a tree at the base of the other mesa. I turned around and looked at that eagle.

The eagle sat on a branch and looked right at me for quite a while and I looked at the eagle.

I felt then a sense of message coming through for me. I closed my eyes and I heard my mother speaking to me in her voice saying that she was on the other side now, that she loved me and to pass on her love to the rest of the family. She also said that there was good work for her to do there and that she was surprised and happy to know how welcome, loved and appreciated she was there.

That was the end of my vision. I opened my eyes, looked towards the tree and the eagle was gone. This really happened and I wanted to share it with you today.


Friday, July 21, 2006

Helping Out

Here's a little something I may not have told you. I recall once when I was living in Arizona - I had a favorite spot I'd go to from time to time just to get away from it all.

It was a quiet spot - had a building that was only used on special occasions and therefore not many people went there. They had a quiet place to park and the building owners were tolerant of my parking there - occasionally others would park there as well.

On this one day, a small plane took off from the airport that was adjacent to this area. It didn't really catch my eye at first but after a short time I noticed that the plane was making all these aerobatic maneuvers - doing rolls and - I'm not sure what all of the maneuvers are called and it was gradually edging, with all of these maneuvers, it was gradually edging towards the area I was parked in.

I recall getting out of the car because the plane started diving towards my exact area where I was parked. I couldn't tell whether the pilot was having trouble with the plane or not.

It was a one engine plane - a small craft. I could see the pilot. He was getting closer and closer. He appeared to be talking on the radio and I don't know to whom but his eyes were wide open and the fact that I can report that tells you how low the plane was.

The plane was literally headed in such a way as I thought for a moment - he's going to crash right into the car and at that moment I felt a surge of energy come into me and having had the opportunity to be of service this way once before I lifted - is the only way I can describe it - a degree of energy just lifted - it's hard to describe it in words - and the plane did this amazing thing.

The plane passed over my car and - if I hadn't seen it with my own eyes I'd find it hard to believe - the plane going very fast almost crashed into the parking lot behind me. It seemed to turn almost in an impossible way.

Coming in at a steep angle it suddenly banked - if that's the term - it suddenly shot upward. I didn't think a plane could do that.

I'd like to think that what I did with co-operation and with great appreciation on my part of the energy - I didn't think it was capable of doing that - but the plane literally came in at the most unbelievable angle and then suddenly shot straight up in the air.

After it did that it did a long slow turn around over the airfield and the last time I saw it, it was landing on the landing strip. I don't know what the pilot had to say after that but it certainly gave me something to think about.

Well, that's the story of my adventure. Goodlife.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Do You Know How To Be Big, Part 2

Now I'd like to give you a suggestion here. Now this is what I want to say, you can practice being big.

Big is not something that you do for entertainment. It is something that you can do when called upon or you can familiarize yourself with it.

I had learned you see - before my experience with the cars I had been trained to be big and I honestly did not know at that time what it was for but I found out later - and I was trained this way - to sit in the middle of a room and to look at the walls and the ceiling and to reach out with my hands and to feel - follow the contours of the walls, to follow the contours of the ceiling even if there is a ceiling fan there for example, or if there were door frames in the walls - to feel with my hands those things at a distance.

Imagining yes but to imagine so much that I could almost feel it and then to put my hands down and to expand to the best of my ability to feel those things with my arms and legs.

Now granted, one has to use your imagination but you can try it you see and it's the important step towards something that I've been teaching in part on this site and in part on Benevolent Magic. In a very short time I'm going to give you more on that but I'd like you to practice being big.

Now I'll close with this one last thing. There was a time when I learned - as a result of my practice of learning how to be big - I learned that I could see at a distance. I've spoken about that before on this site and my other one.

Sometimes you can see through the eyes of bird in the sky, sometimes you can see by closing your eyes and imagining but what if you could be tall for a moment and see around the tree or over the top of it or over the cliff or just see something beyond your capacity to see.

Practice if you want to, part 2 of this. Once you've practiced in the room with the walls then go outside if you can. Look for something tall - not a building but something natural - part of the natural world - a tree would be good and practice being big.

You see, if you're next to the tree that will help. See if you can look at the top of the tree not just by looking up but by focusing on being tall - big that way.

Give it a try. I'll say more about this and build on it another time. Goodlife.

Saturday, July 15, 2006

Do You Know How To Be Big

I remember a time when I learned how to be big - do you know that one? I'll tell you how it came about.

I remember I was driving down a street and there wasn't too much traffic but there was a car up in front about maybe fifty feet ahead of me and all of a sudden I just knew it was going to pull out right in front of me.

I looked to the left hoping to be able to pull over but sure enough there was a car there and I couldn't and by that time I was on top of the car practically - but not quite - maybe about twenty feet from it.

I'm going for the brake and all of a sudden I feel myself becoming big and I feel the car becoming big and I can see suddenly the person behind the wheel of the car that had just begun to inch out, stop and I was able to get by.

Now you might reasonably say - well, they simply noticed. Here's another time.

Some friends were visiting from another country and they weren't used to the American traffic, they were used to their own driving style as one might expect being from another place.

One of my friends was driving and I was in the passenger seat in the front. Sure enough the same thing happened. The driver was having a significant, not exactly heated but strong conversation with my other friend in the back seat and I saw up ahead somebody getting out of their car and not seeing us.

We were a ways off but they got out, they left their car door open and they were doing something inside their car - you know - kind of half way in and half way out.

So this time I consciously caused myself to be big and the car to be big and while I was at it I asked that the car be bright - very bright.

Now by bright I don't necessarily mean any specific color - just bright and big and all of a sudden - we were about half a block away at that point - and all of a sudden the person who was standing really in the roadway quickly looks at our car, hops back in their car, slams the door shut and we whiz by.

Now this is not something that I think of as a coincidence because I've had other experiences of being big - one of which I'll share with you here because it impacted the lives of others. I'll say more about how another time.

There was a friend when I used to live in the trailer park - someone that I liked and would see all the time - a neighbor. One day he said something that shocked me.

I'd always thought of him as being quite broad minded but he made a remark that was prejudicial - meaning an offhand remark and I was shocked the way you're shocked at someone that you thought you knew and for whom you had a great deal of respect.

On the one hand I was angry that he didn't come up to my image of him - as a friend and as a neighbor yes - and on the other hand I knew he was more than his prejudices and he could be more.

Again, I felt myself get big and this time instead of being in a car you see, I was just standing across from him and we were near the creek which ran by the trailer park.

I felt myself get big vertically and I literally found myself looking down at the top of his head and suddenly he looked up. Now this friend was not a short man - he was the same height as me - and yet there was an absolute sense of looking down at the top of his head and he looking straight up at me.

Well, after I said what I had to say which was simply, "How can you speak that way. How can you judge people that you don't know" etc and I calmed down shortly thereafter, then I saw him face to face as we would normally be - I asked him a little later what he had seen.

I told him that I had this odd experience of looking down at him and he said that he didn't see me any other height then my normal height but that there was a huge bright shaft of light above me - this was broad daylight by the way - and that's what he looked up at.

Well I'm not going to try to explain that. I'm just going to say that's another experience of being big. I'll say more about this next time. Goodlife.

Thursday, July 06, 2006

What About Beetles In Your Home

A question has been asked by someone who is concerned about having beetles in their house. I decided to share my advice to a reader on this site with you in case you are concerned along the same lines.

A worthy question. This is what I recommend. First, you know how to feel energies - so this will help.

Walk around your home and speak slowly as you walk - it's alright to have your eyes open - and say the following Living Prayer. You might have to repeat it once or twice, possibly even three times. If you do have to repeat it I recommend that you say it differently.

This is how to say it the first time. "I am asking that all beetles, flying beings that are like beetles, stinging beings that fly and might be harmful to us be outside our home and allow us to live inside."

As a follow-up, because you will probably find that as you walk around the home that you may need to say something else again, this is what you can say - "I am asking that all those creatures that pass through our home - that if they be of any harm to us or could be that they be outside our home while we live inside." You'll have to bring the paper that that is written on with you.

You understand that you could simply stand some one place in your home and say the first thing, that's alright too.

Give them about three days and most of them will leave. Also be aware that sometimes there may be a migration path through your house in which case it might be useful if there is a way for them to get under the house to migrate that way. Have you by any chance blocked off passage under your house? If you have that might be why they're migrating in. If not then try the Living Prayers.


Tuesday, July 04, 2006

What Works For Me

Consider for a moment - what are your options? You can go forward in life expecting the worst and preparing yourself for it so that life will not disappoint you.

It is a way you see, when you expect the worst, it is a way to reassure yourself that you are right. It is also a way to reassure yourself that you cannot be disappointed as you have in the past.

I am not here to lecture you, for I was raised by people who were loving but also frightened because of having to scrimp to get by. Unconsciously, though with the best of intentions, they passed on some of that fear and anxiety to me - not so much by what they said because they tried their utmost to be good parents and for the most part they were but by what they did and felt.

I have found that my life has improved significantly not by expecting and counting on only benevolent things to happen but rather by being open to benevolent things happening. In short - things could get better.

This is a simple and perhaps even seems simplistic statement. I do have it taped somewhere near where I work not because I experience life as such a drudge but rather to remind me for those moments when I feel - oh life, such a struggle - we all know that one eh. I have found such a great comfort when my eyes happen to glance in the direction of - things could get better.

I have found then just being open to being optimistic is helpful. It even changes the way I feel and I grant that being optimistic does not mean that I am always right but then being pessimistic does not mean that anyone is always right either. I'd rather be open to optimism included in my life and pass it on wherever possible in a practical, down to Earth and realistic way.

I'm not trying to say what you should do. I'm just passing on what works for me in the best way I know how.


Saturday, July 01, 2006

How To Know

Have you ever noticed a sign that something is coming - something's going to happen. It's a feeling, isn't it - not usually punctuated by a vision - though some of you I know, can do that.

It's a feeling. Because of our conditioning and our life experience here in our challenging world, that often has good things too yes, we react to that feeling.

It is good to use our instinct but often we do not understand what it means. A little homework, a refresher for some of you if you like.

Go out someplace - if you can, go to the woods or perhaps a park or someplace that feels calm and safe. If you don't have a place like that then go to someplace in your house that feels that way.

Here's what I'd like you to do: Approach some object - be it a tree or a wall, not a human being eh, and walk slowly towards it. When you get near it, be it tree or wall, take your hands and put them in front of you with your palms forward and your arms pulled back towards your body and push about - you're standing maybe about three or four feet away from the object - push slowly out with both your arms and then stop.

The purpose here is not to keep the wall away from you or keep the tree away from you - I want you to notice your feelings in your physical body. How does it feel?

Then go back to the position you started. If you wish to make a few notes of how it feels, that's fine. If you feel you can remember the feeling that is also fine.

Wait about five or ten minutes. Try not to think. Don't have the radio on if you can help it and don't have the TV on - so minimize the sound if possible. You can plug your ears if you like, if you're in your home you can use earplugs - whatever it takes.

Then begin your walk again towards the tree or towards the wall. This time continue all the way until you get to the point where you can either bump into the tree or the wall or if you like, you can put your right or left hand out - whatever is the hand you use the most - and instead of putting your hand with your palm facing forward put your hand in the way you would shake hands or contact someone benevolently and instead of using the palm of your hand use the back of your hand and gently touch the tree or the wall, very gently, very softly. Notice how you feel.

This is training you see, to help you to recognize when a feeling in your body is that of a warning or when a feeling that takes place in your body is that of perhaps something good. It is all done safely and I recommend that's why you find someplace safe you see.

I will give more on Instinctual Training as time goes on as it is my intention to help you and support you to achieve a deeper knowing of your instinct - how to apply it, what to do, how to know and how to understand your feelings.

There is a place for us all in the physical world of instinct - as in the animals, so in us. We can learn. I have had some success with this and I recommend you experiment as well.