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The Wand Position
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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Gentle Influence With Mother Earth: Earthquakes

There has been a question sometime ago from Louis. He wanted to know if there was something that could be done about earthquakes. I have done a little bit along those lines. What I'd like to share with you today is something that I have found to be effective.

First of all you must understand that Mother Earth's body while being much more massive than our own is built along similar lines - and that's motion, fluid and so on.

We have those too. We know that if we get uncomfortable in a particular position that we move - so it is with Mother Earth. We must expect that Mother Earth will move and that her fluids will move not unlike our own.

So let's consider. We cannot ask Mother Earth to stop moving - it would be like being told to stop moving ourselves, it's not natural. Even when we're asleep we move around and of course we are always breathing. So what can we do to ask Mother Earth to move in a way that is safer for us?

This is what I have found is helpful. First of all I recommend you ask that all of the energy that is available for you and benevolent to be around and about and perhaps even within you be present in a way that you can feel and be comfortable with - then wait a minute or two. Don't wait more than 3 minutes. If it's going to happen it will happen within that time, usually almost instantaneously.

When you feel the energy just start to say this - keep it handy so you can read it and you don't have to think - I recommend you say, "I am asking now that Mother Earth move as frequently as she wishes and that those movements happen on a scale that is less than 5 on our Richter scale and I ask that Mother Earth do this now." Just like that.

If you like you can add a location. Perhaps you live in a location that earthquakes are frequent, then you can add a specific location. For instance you might say that Mother Earth move, as I said in the Living Prayer, and specify your location but if you specify a location add that location and add "and the environs." Those are words I like to use - alright - because there may be other areas where that fault zone is connected to.

I don't recommend you saying, as a Living Prayer that Mother Earth keep her motions down below 5 every single place on the planet. There are some places on the planet where there is no human habitation - where certain types of earthquakes can happen without harming anyone at all. So we don't want to try to ask her to do something that is inappropriate - meaning that would limit her. This would not be as a good guest to ask a host to do something that is a burden.

I'm recommending that Living Prayer because I feel it works based upon my experience.

I have not applied that Living Prayer as a request to every single place on the Earth but I feel if the energy comes in for you and it feels benevolent and only if it feels benevolent for you and that you can say the Living Prayer - and if the energy comes up strongly for you while you're saying the Living Prayer remember always to pause till the energy fades a bit then go on and complete the Living Prayer - if that energy comes up like that there's a good chance that Mother Earth is supporting this process.

If it doesn't come up and you go all the way through the Living Prayer and get to the end then you can if you like wait a few weeks and say it again but if you still get no response from the energy and the earthquakes continue then Mother Earth simply has to move in that location.

We want life to be safe for us here and that's only natural but this is a living planet. She must move and given that some of her means to balance pressure zones within her body - not unlike a shock absorber might use fluids or a hydraulic cylinder might use fluids to be supporting various inner mechanisms - with some of those fluids gone from within her body she must move and sometimes in ways that we prefer that she doesn't.

We can but ask for her co-operation and her assistance. Like a good host she may offer it at times and at other times we must accept that she, as a living being, must function as best she can.

I wish that you have a most benevolent experience and a most benevolent outcome with this and as always I say to you - goodlife.

Monday, March 26, 2007

Gently Influencing The Weather: Drought Addendum

Louis has asked a good question. Being a compassionate person, as many of you are I'm sure, he has asked whether - even if you are not experiencing drought in your part of the world - if you know of other parts of the world that are experiencing drought can you help them in some way and my answer of course is yes.

For those of you who've been reading my weather posts here and previous ones on this blog and my other one you know that I've spoken quite a bit about bilocation for that's what it takes.

I won't go into that too much on this post though I have provided the links for you to study the subject. First practice bilocation to the best of your ability. Then if you know how to add to that capability you can practice what I mentioned in Drought. Simply apply it to the bilocation.

Be sure when you do it that you make the hand gesture very slowly - a little slower than what I did as you could see in the video on Drought - and feel the ground under your feet in that place that you are concerned about as well as you are able. Then do the other as described in that first drought post.

Thank you for your question Louis. Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Gently Influencing The Weather: Drought Part 2

Now for those of you who want something a little extra beyond my last post on this subject here is what I recommend.

If you are living in an area of extreme drought you could if you wish try this. It works best with standing water - meaning water that is natural or if you have a creek even if it's running very low that's alright but if you cannot get any other kind of water then locally bottled spring water might work but it's better to utilize even a puddle of natural water - you understand what I mean by that - not processed through a bottling plant.

This is what I recommend. Stand or sit near that water and examine it. You can imagine what it might look like if it were in its microscopic level but it's better to just look at it, you don't have to touch it, and experience it to the greatest of your ability.

This is not unlike an actor being a tree as it is in the famous artist workshop lecture series. Imagine it as yourself. Try to feel yourself as you would be as water.

Work on that for a time and see if you can note some feelings in your body, on the surface, anywhere in and around you.

Then while you are in those feelings, and those feelings by the way must be comfortable - if they are uncomfortable immediately stop and let go of this work but if they are comfortable then immediately look up into the sky and release those feelings. That is all with this work.

Now I will comment more on drought before too long but I wanted to add that for those of you who wished to try something that was less complicated or what I would recommend is to try this as a supplemental to the last work.

I realize that my previous post was complicated and even at best was difficult to understand without considerably more video or ideally an in person demonstration but you understand that given the nature of blogging and my level of technological expertise, which is not very great, it is the best I can do for now. I am hopeful it will be helpful to some of you especially those who are in drought areas or areas that are overwhelmed by lack of water resources.

Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Gently Influencing The Weather: Drought

Now it is time to continue your education on gently influencing the weather and you understand that the reason I refer to this as gently influencing the weather is that in order for you to interact with Mother Earth you must get into the state of mind and feelings that you are a portion of Mother Earth for that is the way she feels about us, I believe. After all our bodies are largely made up of Mother Earth besides other that we know about.

So - today I'm going to talk about drought. I have spoken about this once before but I want to speak about it a little more.

As you've noticed, those of you who follow the news or just live in places that are affected by weather changes, there are changes on the planet. I believe that some of this simply has to do with the fact that there are so many people living here now that we require different resources.

I know that one way to look at the melting of the ice caps and the glaciers is to say that there is something terrible going on. I don't look at it that way. I feel that Mother Earth knows that we're going to need more water now for our own purposes and we may need more in the future because of the changes and the evolutions in technology - not the least of which is technology that can break down water into its component parts in order to "burn" it. I feel that this is a very unfortunate development in technology because while we may feel we have vast amounts of water there is really only so much.

Nevertheless, I am not here to condemn anyone. Let's talk a bit about drought. In order to welcome rain one must have a benevolent relationship with the sky. We know that rain comes from the sky and if you've been studying the posts on tornados and hurricanes you've noted many things I've said about the sky. Today let's move your relationship along a bit more with the sky.

I'd like you to learn how to do something and that is to welcome the rain physically. When you have the opportunity I would recommend that - let's say it's raining lightly, not so heavy a downpour that you can't afford to get wet - alright. So you go outside, it's raining lightly and raise your right hand towards the sky so that as your hand goes up that your palm is towards your face or towards the front of your body - you understand.

Then when you raise it you don't have to raise it all the way, just extend it as far up as you can comfortably. Then start moving your fingers as shown in the video. (If you're having trouble seeing the video then try this link:

I would recommend for the sake of this homework that you turn - do that for a moment in whatever direction you're facing - if possible start out facing the north, the west, the south, the east. You can - if it's not raining where you are and you need rain you see - you can do this.

I would recommend one more thing and that is - try to remember rain as it might have felt falling on your body and when you reach up with your hand to make that gesture it's as if you're reaching up and pulling down very slowly. It's important you do this very slowly, that's critical, all the while moving your fingers and say out loud in whatever language you speak, "Welcome rain" but when you say that - you're doing all these things simultaneously you understand - when you say that you must to the best of your ability feel a sense of welcome.

So I would recommend doing this - go outside, stand on the land - I recommend no insulated shoes - you could wear leather soles if you wish - alright or barefoot would be better but it's up to you then fill yourself with a feeling of welcome as you might feel if you were welcoming someone or you felt welcome.

Then raise your arm, make that gesture with your fingers and move in place around in the various directions or if you prefer just revolve slowly in place counterclockwise - alright - and all the while feeling and maintaining a feeling of welcome.
Then saying - moving your hand in that way and pumping your arm, as you might say, very gently - very slowly say, "Welcome rain" - alright.

Now for those of you, as I said, who need rain - okay - and have felt it you can before you start this and you are working towards that motion but you are welcoming - you understand - getting into the feeling of welcoming - you can if you wish - try to recall what is was like having the rain fall on your body but only if it felt good or you can remember it feeling good - then try these gestures.

That's your homework. It's a bit lengthy but that's what I recommend. For those of you who are living in areas where it rains a lot - don't do this - alright.

Now when you have finished your homework outdoors then I recommend that you go back inside or continue on with your life. This is something to be practiced no more then once a week and try to do it slowly and gently. That's my recommendation.

If you wish you can add this at the end. When you are done you can close your eyes if the sun is shining brightly or if not you can have your eyes open - you can look towards the sky and say, "Thank you and goodlife."

This keeps your relationship with the sky, which is part of Mother Earth on a personal basis. It is very important to keep it personal and to understand that you are asking someone to bring the rain and you are welcoming her rain.

Very often in this day and age people like it to be bright and sunny so they can go about and do their activities but you know - without rain where would we all be. All life needs water.

So, okay - that's what we're going to start with. I may do more on this soon. Goodlife.

Monday, March 19, 2007

Future Memories

Do you know about future memories? Have you ever seen someone or even something that looks vaguely familiar or there's something about them that you look at that seems to have a resonance within you. You know you haven't seen them before or perhaps they're even a movie star or on television and yet there's something about their smile or their eyes, the way they move, the way they walk that looks familiar.

Sometimes, granted, this may be because of some past encounter that you've had - perhaps not even recalling with whom but there are other times when this expression, this look, this walk, this appearance is actually a portion of something yet to come.

Maybe for instance, you meet that special person at long last - yes - and you are together even for a time and suddenly that person smiles and ah - there it is! That's the smile that you saw that made you wonder - why do I know that smile?

There it is on that special person or perhaps in the case of an object that struck you as being somehow familiar or somehow there was meaning in it that you didn't remember and then someday you have that special car or piece of furniture or even a home that has some architectural detail that you look at and you realize ah - that's it - that's why it looked familiar.

It is possible to encounter future memories. I'm calling them future memories because you remember in the future that you had had this experience and this feeling in the past.

I've often wondered whether there isn't some connection here with deja vu but I feel that deja vu may have some other touchstones associated with it as well.

Nevertheless, if you see something special, something that causes you to resonate and feel good don't necessarily assume that it is that person or that thing. Perhaps it's something that's yet to be in your life or some special someone who has yet to arrive.

Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

Friday, March 16, 2007

Responses In A World Of Inspiration

In the mystical world of the shamanic person after years of training and practicing one is responsive. Very often one can be responsive to the unknown - meaning something comes up either because of someone or possibly something since you're not sure it's someone and you simply respond.

This is because so much training has gone on that many people of the shamanic cut of cloth do not even remember how much they've learned. Sometimes then they respond to a situation based upon something they have been taught but other times because their pathways of inspiration are so clear they are able to respond without actually having been taught.

It is a action often with energy that is responsive to the cue of the moment.

What do I mean by cue of the moment? It is possible that spirit might contact you or even a specific spirit. It is also possible that a circumstance perhaps near you, perhaps on the other side of the world that you've heard about touches your heart and you desire to do something.

It is possible - many different things and you don't ask yourself - what do I do about that? You just respond.

This is not so different from other walks of life when one responds because of a heart reaction.

I bring this up because it is in the nature of the mystical and shamanic world that response occurs every day many times a day. This is not a job that is anything else but seven days a week and every moment you're awake and a great many moments when you're actually asleep.

I'm not trying to talk any of you out of your attraction to this way of life, this way of being - yes this profession. I am rather suggesting to you that as rewarding as it is based upon the good feelings you get from doing good things for others it is also demanding and even though you be doing this or that - duty yes, the duty that is visited upon you by what you know and what you can do calls very often. It is such a rewarding work to have though.

I'm just bringing it up because I feel that so many of us are responsive aren't we and very often we feel good about that response and I believe those that are responded to also feel good. It is the wheel of life isn't it. It goes around and it goes around and I believe that our travel on it will get better as time and experience goes on.

Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Gently Influencing The Weather: Hurricanes Part 4

The last few posts I have been talking about hurricanes and it is important to note that I have every confidence in your ability and capability.

At least some of you are interested in pursuing this to accomplish some of these things or I would not give you this homework. I do not expect you, given the frequency and the amount of homework I have been suggesting over the past few weeks, to be able to do all this weather work.

I realize you have lives and you have other things to do to say nothing of work and family and friends but I am considering that it is an investment you see and I feel you all are a very good investment with benevolent returns that I am sure of - even if you are unable to do this work it is important for you to know that it is possible. I know it's possible and others know this too.

It is because of this confidence I have in you, and a belief born out by my experience and my interactions with Mother Earth and our physical capabilities as well as my shamanic experience over the years that this is possible and that Mother Earth - and I believe Creator wants us to learn these things, that I am suggesting this kind of homework.

I believe that we are intended to come to this planet with all of its problems and difficulties and built in challenges to say nothing of what occurs because of our societies, our conditioning and our ways of life - I believe that we are to come here to this most challenging place and to use Benevolent Magic and yes Living Prayer as I've discussed on my other blog and also to exercise our shamanic and mystical capabilities to solve the impossible. In my experience I have found that the impossible can be solved which makes it simply the possible if we know how.

It is my intention here to share with you my experience and to help you to be able to move past the impossible and broaden your world of the possible. We can solve impossible things and if we can do this with the weather perhaps we can even solve some of our own challenges with each other.

Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Gently Influencing The Weather: Hurricanes Part 3

Last time I gave you another step in the influencing of the direction and motion of hurricanes.

Lets do more this time and as I said before in part 1 it's possible for 2 people to do this. One who feels the warmth and can tell which way the hurricane might move other then the path it's traveling and two, the other person who can feel the bilocation better but one person can do it as well.

Today I want to talk about the effort to actually move the hurricane.

So now you have been able to figure which way the storm might move by practicing on the weather channels with the satellite pictures. I recommend using satellite rather then radar - it gives you a more complete photograph of the weather pattern - so then you can make your efforts now.

You have perhaps been able to bilocate sufficiently to do this. So this is what I recommend: say you note that the storm might be comfortable in the feedback you get, that warmth you get in your body suggests, that Mother Earth is prepared to move the storm that way and since our bodies are made up of matter from Mother Earth this is possible to note in our physical bodies. Granted there is more to us then that but for the purpose of this homework that is what is important to know.

Now I'd like you to try something. Say the storm is prepared, by the warmth you have felt in your body, to move well out to sea and perhaps further north - this example refers to the general area of the waters off Japan - where it will get caught up in a weather system that will take it well out to sea and perhaps farther north where it will lose its characteristics of a typhoon or a hurricane then this is what to try.

Bilocate yourself so that you can feel - always try to feel the water under your feet even though it won't be as strong as the kind of feeling that you would feel physically in your body, still there would be some sensation of it - so bilocate in such a location as you are out to sea in the direction where you'd like the storm to move.

Then imagine for a moment, imagine that there is a rope tied to your solar plexus and from your solar plexus to the storm itself. Again, you're going to be pulling it in the direction where you felt the warmth and it can go.

Then what I recommend you do is that you pull using the muscles of your solar plexus, which is as you know right below your rib cage, pull using those muscles - alright - pull in - meaning you're pulling using those muscles - you'll be pulling into your body.

So you don't pull with your arms you see, you pull with that part of your body because the solar plexus is the place where creation on a physical level is experienced more strongly in our physical body - either generated for us or noted and reacted to by us.

Pull from there pulling on the storm. You won't see it suddenly move even if it's a live action picture but you pull for about 20 to 30 seconds tops - no longer then that.

That indicates to Mother Earth that that is the effort that you are making and if she is prepared to allow the storm to move in that direction and to move away from land where it might harm and kill then 20 to 30 seconds is sufficient for her to know. She can feel all feelings. So, that's it.

Then you stop - alright. Even if you've had several other directions that the storm is prepared to move out to sea into a safer place - only pull one direction.

Never try to pull the storm towards land where it could harm or cause harm, that is not something I recommend.

Now, thats your homework for today. Again, you can do this with 2 people - one who can feel the warmth and one who can bilocate but one person can do it as well.


Friday, March 09, 2007

Gently Influencing The Weather: Hurricanes Part 2

Now last time I exposed you to a little bit of a refresher course and indicated how you could use posts from the past to prepare yourself for the next installment of hurricanes part 2.

Now I did suggest that it was possible to do this as a team but I'm going to proceed in the instruction as if an individual was doing this.

So, what you can do in order to get a picture of a hurricane is that you can go to any number of good weather sites that you can find easily on the internet that show satellite pictures of a typhoon or a hurricane in its position oriented on the sea or as it approaches land.

This is what I recommend as you see it approaching land - and for this you will need and could benefit most from using the heart warmth. Point with your finger, I'd recommend using your finger from your left hand - your first finger, towards the center of the satellite picture of the hurricane.

Then very gently, not suddenly, very gently move your finger up as if it was moving towards - say 12 o'clock on a clock - then back. When you move your finger back towards the center pull it back away from the screen every time you make these motions. That makes it clear to your physical body, which as I've said in the past is physically made up of Mother Earth's physical body, which - specifically - direction you are requesting that the storm might consider - by Mother Earth's standards - to move.

Then working your way counterclockwise around the dial of the "clock" - that isn't there of course - see, by pointing different ways - meaning moving your finger in a direction then back to the center, where you feel the most warmth.

You may notice several directions. Of course the direction that the storm is actually moving in will feel warm because that's the general direction that Mother Earth feels good about moving the storm but you may notice the warmth in some other directions.

If you do and the storm is nowhere near land - meaning hundreds and hundreds of miles away from land or even thousands of miles away don't do much. Let the storm travel in the direction it needs to travel as Mother Earth knows best but as it approaches land and if you feel warmth for moving it away from that land in some direction and only if you feel that warmth then Mother Earth is giving you an option that she would consider moving her storm in that direction.

If that is true, then consider what direction it might be. Does it move it towards other land - if it does then I don't recommend that but if on the other hand it moves it towards the open sea and most especially if there is a weather front approaching that might pick the storm up as weather fronts often do and carry it out to sea further where it will dissipate or weaken especially if it goes far enough into colder waters then that would be - perhaps - a desirable direction to encourage the storm to move.

It would still be rainy but it wouldn't be a hurricane or a typhoon anymore.

Then consider that you might be able to move the storm or influence its direction gently but for today I just want you to practice on seeing which way the storm might move - okay? Next time we'll do more.


Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Gently Influencing The Weather: Hurricanes Part 1

Now it is time to move on to a discussion and some instruction about hurricanes, also known as typhoons in other parts of the world.

These storms are large of course, imposing and often very threatening and yet it matters not when we are gently influencing the weather how big these storms are - size in this case does not matter insofar as the influence goes but it is important now to give you some basics of how you go about influencing their direction.

First of all, for those of you who have not learned how to do the loving heart - or heart warmth I feel it is very important to make an effort to learn how to do that now.

I will suggest that you review the material that I have suggested in that link and see if you can accomplish that heart warmth. I know I've brought it up before but it will be vital towards your knowing which way Mother Earth would be accepting of you encouraging the storm to move.

Even if you are unable to do it - or if perhaps you have a friend that can feel that you could still go on because conceivably one person could feel the warmth and another person or both of you could attempt the second stage.

I have also done a little bit on the second stage in discussing bilocation here, then here and finally here but now I want to do a little more.

In the second stage of the work it is very helpful if you can function in more than one place at once as I mentioned when I discussed bilocation. So after you've reviewed that then I want you to make the effort to be someplace else. Now I understand that sounds contradictory but you can actually function in a way in more then one place at once.

As I stated in the bilocation posts which you have read over and perhaps practiced a bit you can actually feel yourself in another place. I want you to do that now.

In this case it is important since we know that hurricanes operate primarily and most often over water, though they do go inland of course - that the most important thing is to bilocate to a point where you can feel water under your feet.

Now that feeling will be a odd experience because you won't feel it the way you would actually feel water under your feet - say if you stepped into a puddle for instance but in this case it would be good if you could make the effort to imagine it.

I'd like you to - for this post - to feel yourself standing on the water which you can do since you are of course sitting in your chair or wherever you actually are physically but in the bilocation, feel the water under your feet - and that's all.

This is a refresher to bring parts together. In the next post I will say much more about the actual motion that you can apply to hurricanes but for this one it is primarily a refresher course for you.

So feel the water under your feet in the bilocation and see if you can turn - you don't even have to see anything in that other place but just turn, feel the water under your feet and then refocus on your position in the room or wherever you were when you started this. More next time.


Sunday, March 04, 2007

Gentle Influence With The Weather: Tornados Part 4

I have given you a primer on the purpose and the intention of the homework you can begin with on tornados.

Again as I said before it is not my intention to arm you with something that you might use to harm yourself or others nor is it even possible as built in to this homework I'm giving you is benevolent magic that keeps that from happening. However I have a strong belief in our capabilities as human beings and I have an equally strong belief in the value of you who are reading this and it will make a more benevolent world in times to come. I believe that you can contribute to that world by working with Mother Earth.

Understand that Mother Earth has portions of her being not unlike our own anatomy and the functions of our body. We have our immune system. It functions for the most part within our bodies. Mother Earth has an immune system as well but what we see of it functions on the outside of her body with storms and winds of all types.

Mother Earth does not discourage any and all types of energy from being upon her from any and all types of beings but if the energies become concentrated in a way that is destructive she will use her winds in different forms, her rains and her lightening and loud sound to disperse that energy into a wide area and by doing so create a thinner concentration that can be dissolved in more easily done manners not unlike we might do to clean a stain.

When you start cleaning the stain in the carpet or clothing it tends to spread around a bit and then dissipate. This is what Mother Earth does as well.

I believe that you could learn the fundamentals of working with Mother Earth's energy. It is not your job to make tornados go away nor any strong storms but if you can encourage them to move around that which it does not have to strike and allow it to pass near it but not right through it where it can cause great harm then it is my intention to encourage that.

If we can have a tornado move around something and not harm life and property so much the better but there will be many times when you will make requests like this that Mother Earth will have to move that tornado where she sees fit.

It doesn't mean that anyone or anything that is harmed is the source of energy that is harmful to her body. Very often we as human beings do not understand when we build things, when we gather, when we have our animals someplace that it is a place that Mother Earth has plans to redistribute the energy and Mother Earth's plans considering her life span might not happen in a year from now or two years from now. It might happen fifty or a hundred, a hundred and fifty years from now and her plan is to move her tornado through there a hundred and fifty years from now whenever that now is.

We can but ask using these methods I have begun to share with you that that tornado go around that place and I will in times to come give you more information on these things but I've given you enough for now to practice.

I will do more soon on the weather. If you feel you wish more of this let me know. If you do not wish more also let me know. I believe and I trust in your value, your capability, your honor and your integrity and I believe in Mother Earth.


Friday, March 02, 2007

Gentle Influence With The Weather: Tornados, Part 3

Now in part 1 of Tornados we suggested how to practice moving clouds. The whole point was not so much for you to be able to move the clouds but to get used to the technique of using the back of your fingers.

We're trained from childhood that the palm of our hand is the working part of our hand. We don't think about using the back of our hand very much or the back of our fingers but in the palm of the hand what you have is something that does, that acts, that even does on its own.

With the back of the hand, not only symbolically but also to a degree in physical reality it is about requesting. Think about it, when you show the back of your hand or even offer the back of your hand it has to do with receiving and it has to do with receiving by request or in a fashion of being gentle.

So, it's time to add a little more to that particular homework. For those of you who've been reading this blog as well as Benevolent Magic, in various posts I have discussed energy a great deal and I've even mentioned on how to invite the energy in and in order to combine these now I'd like you to review various places where I've discussed inviting the energy in or welcoming energy in or inviting benevolent energy.

You could also search Mystical Man and Benevolent Magic using those terms as well if you wish for further examples.

Then after that I'm going to recommend that you employ the following. I'm going to suggest that you aim your left arm down towards the ground when you are out on the land and that you invite Earth's most benevolent energy and you invite it in the following way. I recommend you say, "I am asking that Earth energy most benevolent and most benevolent for me pass through me or around me and either pass through my right hand or around my right hand and move beyond my hand up into the sky where I am gently moving the clouds with the backs of my fingers." And you see, that's all you say.

Now I put in an either/or there for those of you who would prefer having the energy moving around you. It will work either way whether the energy goes through you or around you but by around you it will mean just around the perimeters of your body not far away from you.

Remember that when you are doing this you are requesting something because you feel that it is of value. Don't do this homework at all ever if you do not feel it is of value.

Remember these are steps along the path to help you to attempt, in an emergency situation, a request. I'm never going to suggest that you go out and stand firmly in front of a tornado - I'll never do that. It is my intention to help you to learn how to do this at a distance and request, using energy and the proper motions, to deflect a tornado into a more benevolent path.

I have put safeguards into place and have requested that they be firmly and totally and completely locked in to keep any mistakes from being made so that tornados are not mistakenly or otherwise moved onto a destructive path that they would not have gone on otherwise. I have also requested that if there is any doubt by Mother Earth that your request will simply have no effect.

Remember I will never ask you nor suggest that you do this in a way where you are close to the tornado. You will probably be at a great distance - possibly even viewing a live event on television.

It is just a matter of time now before the weather capabilities of television stations or even weather stations - broadcast stations will be in a situation where they can broadcast tornados as they are happening.

It would be a very good thing if some of you operating at a distance can look at that picture and move the tornado using this form of blessing prayer - which is what I'm teaching you here - move it so that it doesn't go right through the houses, so that it doesn't go through the herd of animals, so that it doesn't approach the cars and the people but rather it takes a more benevolent course. That is the intention of this teaching. Always know that.

Goodlife to you all and goodnight.