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The Wand Position
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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Gentle Influence With Mother Earth: Earthquakes

There has been a question sometime ago from Louis. He wanted to know if there was something that could be done about earthquakes. I have done a little bit along those lines. What I'd like to share with you today is something that I have found to be effective.

First of all you must understand that Mother Earth's body while being much more massive than our own is built along similar lines - and that's motion, fluid and so on.

We have those too. We know that if we get uncomfortable in a particular position that we move - so it is with Mother Earth. We must expect that Mother Earth will move and that her fluids will move not unlike our own.

So let's consider. We cannot ask Mother Earth to stop moving - it would be like being told to stop moving ourselves, it's not natural. Even when we're asleep we move around and of course we are always breathing. So what can we do to ask Mother Earth to move in a way that is safer for us?

This is what I have found is helpful. First of all I recommend you ask that all of the energy that is available for you and benevolent to be around and about and perhaps even within you be present in a way that you can feel and be comfortable with - then wait a minute or two. Don't wait more than 3 minutes. If it's going to happen it will happen within that time, usually almost instantaneously.

When you feel the energy just start to say this - keep it handy so you can read it and you don't have to think - I recommend you say, "I am asking now that Mother Earth move as frequently as she wishes and that those movements happen on a scale that is less than 5 on our Richter scale and I ask that Mother Earth do this now." Just like that.

If you like you can add a location. Perhaps you live in a location that earthquakes are frequent, then you can add a specific location. For instance you might say that Mother Earth move, as I said in the Living Prayer, and specify your location but if you specify a location add that location and add "and the environs." Those are words I like to use - alright - because there may be other areas where that fault zone is connected to.

I don't recommend you saying, as a Living Prayer that Mother Earth keep her motions down below 5 every single place on the planet. There are some places on the planet where there is no human habitation - where certain types of earthquakes can happen without harming anyone at all. So we don't want to try to ask her to do something that is inappropriate - meaning that would limit her. This would not be as a good guest to ask a host to do something that is a burden.

I'm recommending that Living Prayer because I feel it works based upon my experience.

I have not applied that Living Prayer as a request to every single place on the Earth but I feel if the energy comes in for you and it feels benevolent and only if it feels benevolent for you and that you can say the Living Prayer - and if the energy comes up strongly for you while you're saying the Living Prayer remember always to pause till the energy fades a bit then go on and complete the Living Prayer - if that energy comes up like that there's a good chance that Mother Earth is supporting this process.

If it doesn't come up and you go all the way through the Living Prayer and get to the end then you can if you like wait a few weeks and say it again but if you still get no response from the energy and the earthquakes continue then Mother Earth simply has to move in that location.

We want life to be safe for us here and that's only natural but this is a living planet. She must move and given that some of her means to balance pressure zones within her body - not unlike a shock absorber might use fluids or a hydraulic cylinder might use fluids to be supporting various inner mechanisms - with some of those fluids gone from within her body she must move and sometimes in ways that we prefer that she doesn't.

We can but ask for her co-operation and her assistance. Like a good host she may offer it at times and at other times we must accept that she, as a living being, must function as best she can.

I wish that you have a most benevolent experience and a most benevolent outcome with this and as always I say to you - goodlife.


Louis said...


I truly appreciate these posts. The clarity of what you are teaching is really helpful for those of us who want to try and ease the pain of Mother Earth and all of the beings who exist in her domain.


Robert Shapiro said...

Louis my friend, thank you for your comment. I can tell by what you are saying that your heart is for all those whom you serve, have served and will serve. Thank you for being.


Alchemille said...

Thank you for this helpful post Robert!
The ring of fire has been pretty active lately and I feel & fear that the San Andreas fault is reawakening...I don't love near it nor the Northridge one but there are minor faults connected to these under my feet so we can feel something happening there and even get some serious damages.
I always wondered if there was a way to alleviate Earth's stress besides positive thinking & prayers...

Robert Shapiro said...

Greetings Alchemille, I'm glad you found the other post to be helpful as well.