The Wand Position

The Wand Position
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Friday, February 29, 2008

A Little Bit About Predictions

How do we know that predictions will come true? Of course we don't. Predictions are based not on probabilities but on felt realities. Are they felt realities of the future from what you read on these blogs or what you may hear on Explorer Race? No, they are felt realities of the present.

Do you know that the future is completely mappable from the present. I'm not talking about potential futures, I'm talking about real futures and this is all based in feelings.

This is how a sensitive or perceptive person, a person sometimes referred to as a psychic or a sensitive yes, or others could be talking to you and tell you what may happen for you soon or in the long run. This is because of the feelings they respond to in reaction to who they're talking to.

I'm not trying to say that this will rigidly happen, whatever is predicted, and can be counted on but I am saying that it's a probability that goes beyond possibility.

I'm also not trying to ballyhoo and say - oh look how wonderful I am or promote others for their service. Rather I am suggesting that this is something you can all do.

Why do you think I go on and on on these blogs about feelings. Feelings are your means to know not only how you feel but what it means in those feelings and how you can feel your own potential futures.

I'll be saying more about that as time goes on but I felt it was important to mention it now since I'm sharing so much with you these days especially on Explorer Race blog about the future in the form of predictions.

Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

A Time To Learn And A Time To Practice

How can we actually accomplish many of these spiritual goals that we are aiming for that I write about on these blogs? It's not easy because life goes on, we have many things we must do, there are a myriad of distractions as well. How do we find time to do the homework to learn, to grow and to accomplish possibilities.

It's not easy. I realize that for many of you, you have to make time to do these things and that's why - as I have been doing - I will pause from time to time on these blogs so that you can go back, look at things I've posted here before and see if you can accomplish some of the suggestions I've made.

In the past I've said that the time is coming soon when you will be able to apply these things. I'm not saying that any more because the time is now when you can apply these things.

You will find that many people this year - especially this year in 08 and a little bit into 09 as well will be interested in the things you're interested in, will provide questions that will be deep not just surface - not just, "Why do you like this stuff" but more like, "How can I do that. How can I feel more confidant in life. How can I be safe in a world that feels very unsafe to me." Significant questions.

Feel free to share the material that I've posted here on this blog and on my others. It is not my job to hold these things and keep them away from you. I feel it is my job to share what I have to teach and to allow you to invest this wisdom in others.

I will do what I can to keep that up but just know that when I pause for a time as I have here on Mystical Man I'm allowing you time to review, to practice and to live.


Sunday, February 17, 2008

True Magic For Support And Help

How many of us have wanted and needed support when it was not there. How often this comes up. Sometimes it's just a friendly face - maybe a hand on the shoulder - nothing major. Other times it's in a relationship where one simply needs a hug or a kind word.

How often do we bump up against our own reluctance to ask for help. We're not born with this reluctance, it's trained into us. I'm sure you know what I'm talking about. Either you have bumped up against it yourself or had it bump up against you.

There are times when you need support and times when others need it. I want to give you something you can do now whereby you can help yourself to find that support.

First I recommend you sit down someplace or you can lay down on your back if you like. Try to have it as quiet as possible. If you are living in a noisy area you can use earplugs but don't plug your fingers into your ears.

Try to do it when it's as quiet as it can be then simply say this living prayer, "I am asking for the next 24 hours to have all the benevolent energies that are available for me to be with me when I say and do to bring about magic that will support benevolence, communication and heart to heart." Some of you may feel energy right then, some of you a little while later. If you happen to fall asleep for a few minutes that's okay - even an hour - don't worry about it.

Then sometime within that time framework of 24 hours go outside, or if you happen to have a porch where you can be under the sky - in the open you see - that might do in a pinch. Look up into the sky where you see the moon and placing your feet on the ground, ideally with your feet in contact with the ground unless it's cold where you are then wherever you put your feet outdoors or if you have to on the porch, look up at the moon.

If it's very bright you can just open and close your eyes or have your eyelids down a ways but glance regularly at the moon off and on for about a minute - not much more than that. After you have looked at the moon look down at the earth in front of your feet for about 30 seconds. Don't time it just make your best guess. Then look back up at the moon again.

Then reach with your right hand with palm down and fingers relaxed and thumb as well towards the moon. Then with your left hand down by your left leg but not touching it - also fingers relaxed aimed towards the earth with your palm in the direction of your left leg say these words, "I am asking that all those to whom I speak can hear me and understand my words and my meaning now in the most benevolent way and those whom I wish to hear I will be able to hear and understand in the most benevolent way."

Continue to hold your arms in that position for about 10 to 15 seconds after completing the saying of those words. Then relax, look down at the ground. Turn around once - meaning rotate on the land where you have been standing - to your left so that you are having made a complete circle - just one.

Then you may turn to your left and go back to where you wish to be or on to where you wish to go. Don't turn to your right. Just leave it there - and what you are leaving there is the energy of what you have planted there to do the most good for you and others. Don't be concerned if others walk there - human being or animal within a short time after you have done this, they will just spread the energy and that may help.

If you need to go to someplace that is to your right after doing this then turn to your left a few times until you are going in the direction of your right, if you understand my meaning.

If you can help it, though you may not be able to, try not to turn to your right until you are at least 25 feet away from the place you have done this work. There's a reason. It has to do with the creation of what you are asking for to come about in the way you have requested it. This is a form of true magic.

Make an effort that the person to whom you wish to speak and understand you or to whom you wish to hear and understand them, that you approach them for this talk or this support sometime within the next 24 to 48 hours after you have said this and done this. It will be most effective for 72 hours. After that it will gradually fade.

You can do this 3 times in your life - so make it count. Use it only at those times when you are having a misunderstanding with someone perhaps or when something is not going well and you need to have somebody understand you - not to do your bidding, not to follow your orders - simply to understand what it is you are saying and what it is you may be unable to say but what you are feeling and trying to express.

There is no guarantee that it will work but it may help and it is always my intention to offer you as much help as I am able here. Remember, no more than 3 times in your lifetime. It will help, I believe.

Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Your Natural Abilities Awaken

Awakening within each and everyone of us now are natural abilities - some of which may startle you. I've spoken of these things from time to time but it's a moment to speak of it again.

Beginning this year for some of you and accelerating at an accelerating rate over the next 5 to 7 years - here are some of the skills that you naturally have that you will find are available for you.

Some of you will be able to see through things slightly. I'm not talking about seeing through steel doors or something like that but you might notice around the edges of something that you can see slightly beyond the edge. It will be as if a portion of the edge of something will become transparent for a moment and you'll become aware of that usually after the fact but sometimes you will actually catch it as it's happening.

You'll notice that what's beyond the apparently transparent part, you know - what's beyond will seem a little watery - not exactly out of focus but as if you're looking through something that's a bit watery. It is as if you are looking through a veil that's very sheer and it's slightly in motion.

There are other things that you're going to be able to do - some of you this year and more soon after.

One of those things is to be able to suddenly see something that's far away - see it clearly and afterwards you'll have a strange feeling. It will be as if you were suddenly drawn to that thing, could see it crystal clear and then found yourself back in the position you were in before. You won't know, much as you think about it, whether that object was in a sense drawn towards you or you were drawn towards it but you will realize later how clear that object is.

This will usually be some object that does not have meaning to you. A distant car or truck or train for example. A tree off in the distance. In other words it won't be something that has an immediate urgent impact on your life.

And there is one more thing I want to share with you. Some of you will be able to detect whether what you're looking at is associated with the present, past or future. And by that I mean you'll get a sense - and for some of you it will be almost like a slightly dizzy feeling - it won't be deja vu - it will be something just slightly different - and you'll get a sense that you're seeing or sensing something around you that's not of the time that you are in. So it will be associated either with the past or with the future.

For some of you this might cause you to be for a brief moment - one, two, three seconds - something like that - just slightly nauseous but it will pass very quickly and it won't cause any harm but it will have, as I say those potential physical impacts.

You understand I'm not wishing this on you, I'm just informing you that it may happen for some of you this year and for many more in the future. If it happens to you often enough you'll be able to discern whether it was past oriented or future oriented. Most likely it will be like a quick scenario - almost like a picture superimposed over what you're seeing normally in that place where you are.

Don't be alarmed. Remember these side effects which I've mentioned are only a potential of what you see and for the most part what you're seeing will be innocuous but if you see something that is alarming or upsetting - probably it will not have anything to do with you or any member of your family or friends - but if it is alarming or upsetting in any way then quickly say to yourself, "I am asking that all those associated with what I saw receive all the help, love and support they need now..." (say, "now") "...from all those people and beings who can help them."

You want to put it into effect by saying, "now" you understand - because you won't know when it's going to happen if it does. As I say, it may have already happened.

I may tell you more of these things as time goes on but I want to alert you to this because it's coming and some of you may have had the experience already but you just don't recall it. For some of you it will also seem like a dream and it'll be hard for you to be sure whether it really happened or whether you dreamt it but in case it happens again you will know by the second time.

Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

Saturday, February 09, 2008

Believe What You See

There was a time once, I recall, when driving across the desert in Southern California in a remote location with a friend I happened to look up in the sky and saw two ships. They were kind of silvery looking. They weren't together. One seemed to be slightly higher in altitude than the other one but they were definitely disc shaped.

They were there for a moment and then they were gone. By the time I had a chance to say, "Hey! Did you see that..." they were gone.

I know a lot of you out there have probably seen things, have had similar experiences.

It makes me chuckle now thinking about it - the desire to have someone say, "Yeah, I saw it..." but I know I saw it and an interesting thing happened years later as this happened many years ago. Years later I happened upon a book about someone's experience with UFOs and ET's and he had taken photographs.

There are photographs, good ones of ships, floating around out there. I grant that there's a lot of information and disinformation and all of that but regardless of what any of us might think about it I know what I saw and I'm comfortable with that.

The vehicles I saw while not identical to what I saw in the photographs in that book resembled them. I know what I saw and I'm saying this now for you all because when you see things - and you will even if you don't get a chance to say, "Hey! Look at that..." and someone else says, "Yeah..." or even if someone else is looking at the exact same spot you are and they don't see it - have confidence in what you see.

Sometimes people sitting or standing right next to you won't see it. I've had the experience where I was sitting right next to a friend of mine who was seeing something, on another visit out to the desert. He was seeing something and he said very quietly to me, "Do you see that..." and I said, "No." So I've been on the other side of the fence.

Later on he told me that he had seen a cloud on the floor of the desert and out of that cloud seemed to be walking someone but then he wasn't sure - and you know to this day I believe that the reason he wasn't sure is that I said, "No, I didn't see anything..." but he's passed over and now I'm pretty sure he knows what he saw. He was a good man and a good friend and I miss him.

So I'm just saying for you - if you see something just know what you saw. You may not be able to identify it or say where it's from but it's alright if you see something and someone next to you doesn't see it. And on the other side of the fence, if someone next to you sees something and you don't see it - that's okay too. Your time will come.


Saturday, February 02, 2008

Sensing The Energy Of A Spiritual Object For You

For those of you who are uncertain as to whether you have any object that is a spiritual object for you then the following would be a good example of how to check on its energy. The question was asked by a reader on the Shamanic African Art, Part 3:

"Grandfather - is a rainstick an object that requires handling with care?"

Your question about a rainstick is a good one. One sees these things often as a tourist attraction but there are others. It depends almost entirely on how it was made and also who made it.

This is how you can tell whether it requires special care. If you can feel energies yourself then move towards the object if you have one. Hold your left arm out and your palm down. It's especially important to aim your 2 first fingers and thumb towards the object but have your hand in a loose configuration. I refer to this as the wand.

Make certain that the rainstick is not leaning against any other objects. Try to have it in as neutral territory as possible. If you are not sure whether it is in neutral territory then move it outside of your line of sight.

It would be best to move it with your right hand and move it so that it is at least 6 to 10 feet behind you on your right - if you understand my meaning.

Then aim your hand at that area where you're going to put the rainstick. If you feel energy there in that area then you will have to put the rainstick someplace where you do not feel energy - not something where you feel uncomfortable but rather where there is strictly a neutral feeling.

When you find such a place then put the rainstick there. Stand it up, don't lay it down. If you're not sure which way to stand it up just use your physical feelings - meaning just move it around in different positions until your body reacts in the most comfortable way - possibly feeling warmth or in the most relaxed way.

Then walk back a ways and again hold your left arm out palm down in the wand position. Aim your left hand towards the rainstick. How does it feel? Do you get a good feeling? Do you get a warm feeling? Do you feel a benevolent energy?

If you get any of those feelings then you ought to treat it with respect. Respect in this case would mean be careful how it touches other objects. You may have to move it carefully when you set it down someplace so that the good feeling you get from it remains.

Don't lean it against metal and as with any special spiritual object for you it may need to be put someplace special not unlike what I described in the Shamanic African Art - as in such a cabinet or perhaps you may have a special sack you put it in. It might be a good thing to put it inside a bag of some sort but it would have to be something soft and comfortable.

Then again there are others who might believe that it would be good to have it out of a bag but standing freely where it can be near the elements. It is up to you.

Use your feelings and your ability to detect energy to make your best decision. If you do not have that ability at this time then find someone who does that you feel good about and who's advice you trust. That's what I recommend.