The Wand Position

The Wand Position
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Friday, September 29, 2006

The Value Of A Wrinkle

When we approach life we often see ourselves in everything else. We may see many things but it is our own wisdom, our own image of life and very often - our own value system that has been impressed upon us.

It is not so unusual that the impression of our value system is so deep within us that we do not really see even the footprints of it or the furrows of it. Sometimes wrinkles in the face of someone who is moving on in life are to me the valleys of wisdom.

Things are learned, things are put away - sometimes we don't actually know where we put them but I have found that there is a way to put your finger, literally, on them. I have been taught a method and I'd like you to consider trying it.

I know some of you are too young to have this method but for others who are even getting a few little wrinkles - you can try it - and for those of you who are getting quite a few, please do try it.

Find the deepest wrinkle you can - even in some cases it might be a dimple for some of you. In other cases it might be a well worn furrow and take your left hand and make like the pinch between your thumb and forefinger and reach up and place them on the skin - not firmly - just put one finger tip on one side of the wrinkle and one finger tip on the other side you see - then open the wrinkle.

Once you get it open put your finger in the middle of the wrinkle and move down its full length one way, then the other way. Then ask that you be inspired to have the most benevolent insight that this wisdom that has been gathered during your life can release for you.

This wisdom gathering technique does not only glean that which is distant, that which is far away or that which you might perceive has been caused by some suffering or struggle. Very often it contains and even protects some valuable insights that are not always readily available in our minds.

If you wish to prime the process you could say the following Living Prayer which I have found works quite well. You might say, "I am asking that I experience a reconstituted wisdom that I can access consciously for my great benefit and for the benefit of others in the most benevolent way."

I will remind you, for I feel that many of you may have in your soul's past gained some of this wisdom, of these wisdom techniques more in the future but for right now that's what I want to share.


Saturday, September 23, 2006

Providing Relief Where You Can

I recall a time once when a friend and I went to a UFO conference at a US university.

We got there early and were able to socialize with some people who had had contact with extraterrestrials. I remember that some of the stories were really special and unique and the one thing I noticed about all of the contactees was that they all were completely normal, rational everyday people who had had strange and unusual experiences.

Having had some of these experiences myself, I felt that I fit right in and my friend - though she didn't remember experiences like that had had unusual spiritual experiences her whole life.

I was supposed to speak there the next day, as I recall but that night my friend had an accident and broke her foot.

I recall at the time she was in terrible pain and I felt a great urge to do something to help her and just then I felt a surge of energy in my forehead and top of my head.

I thought I ought to touch her with my hands but I knew, I can't explain how, I just knew I was supposed to touch her foot with my head and I did so and as benevolence would have it the pain went away for her immediately and the pain did not return for three days.

This was a great blessing since - because of her delicate constitution she was unable to take much in the way of medical relief.

So for three days, during which time she, of course immediately had a Doctor look at it and set her foot - for that time of the setting and the visit to the Doctor and a couple of days afterwards there was no pain but then she had the discomfort which returned.

I don't know what to say about this experience except that I was glad I was able to help her over the hump, so to speak, and I am hopeful that this may be something I can share with you.

I can't tell you exactly how I did it because it just happened but I would recommend this as I have done similar things from time to time in the past and that is that if you find yourself near a traffic accident - going past somebody who has been injured or just around someone who's sick and not feeling well - ask for the most benevolent and nurturing energies to be present for you and if you feel something benevolent - a gentle energy at the top of your head but only if you feel that then if you like you can breathe gently in and ask that only that gentle energy be present when you breathe in - and very gently blow in the direction of the scene of the accident or of your friend or companion who may be injured or not feeling well.

Remember, only blow in that direction if you feel that gentle energy at the top of your head. If you don't feel that energy then say this, "I am asking that all those injured, hurt, suffering or in pain feel now a great sense of relief and experience all the benevolence that is available for them from all those who can give them relief and comfort them."


Tuesday, September 19, 2006


Years ago when I lived in Santa Fe, New Mexico with my friend - we had a cat that was really special.

His name was oofa. We didn't name him that - he just, in a quiet moment, told me what his name was. He felt it and I heard it and that's what we called him but my impression was that it was okay for us to share the name, so we told other people.

Sometimes cats, according to my experience with them, might if they feel close to you or feel a sense of connection let on what their name is.

I have been trained gradually over time interacting with cats and dogs how to inquire what their name is. I just ask them, usually out loud - would you tell me your name - and I pause and shortly thereafter, if they are comfortable with telling me that name, I will hear the name - not exactly in a voice - it's almost like a whisper or sometimes I see it printed in the air - not physically but with my subtle vision.

I follow that up by asking them - would they like to keep that quiet, just a name between us or would they feel comfortable with other people knowing their name - perhaps the people they live with or something like that and I abide by their answer.

It's a funny thing isn't it - we're all conscious of having our names but we don't really think about the fact that other beings, non-humans, would have names. When you consider it, of course it makes complete sense - why wouldn't they have names.

Anyway, I want to tell a little story about oofa - it's my favorite story.

He had the most wonderful personality. He would always do this special thing if he was going to show me something or teach me something - I've never known a cat with a greater sense of humor.

One day he wanted to go outside and the home we were living in had sliding glass windows. He looked at me which meant to open the window, which I did but before he went out he paused and turned and looked over his shoulder and looked at me for a moment. I knew that was his sign to me to stay there and watch.

He went outside and he went to the end of the property where there was a dog in the next yard. The dog would sometimes have his friends come over and that day that was the case.

Oofa caught their attention on purpose and then ran. He ran down towards a pine tree on our property. I would have been concerned about him but he had caught my attention and he had obviously gone over to catch the attention of the dogs so I knew he was up to something.

Well, he ran around the pine tree in such a way as the dogs were fairly close behind him. He could run fast. I didn't know whether he could run that fast and you know, he ran around that pine tree with the dogs nipping at his heels and then he put on an extra burst of speed and suddenly the next thing I knew was that the dogs were tearing around the pine tree but there was no oofa.

I didn't know where he was. Then the dogs stopped and they looked at each other and they looked for oofa and they couldn't find him. They lingered for a while and then they wandered off to continue on their lives because I'm sure they had something more important to do.

About that time I was beginning to be concerned about oofa - I looked about half way up the pine tree when I saw something rustle.

Sure enough, he poked his head out just a little bit. Apparently he figured out how fast he could go, how fast the dogs could go and how much ahead of them he needed to be in order to make the jump into the pine tree and remain totally hidden.

Well, he stayed in the pine tree for a little while and then after about twenty minutes when the dogs were long gone, he hopped down, walked into the house, sat down and looked at me and I could have sworn he winked at me.

If you've lived with cats long enough you can tell when they're kind of smiling at you and that day, oofa smiled at me.

Saturday, September 16, 2006

Dreams That Inform Us

Do you feel the current. The age of individuality as we have known it is over now.

Now whoever is suffering or agitated - we will know about it even though we may not know their names, we may not know where they are - it is enough to know that they are on Earth. For now we will know only that they are a human being and that they need help. In most cases we will not be able to help them directly though we will help others when we have the opportunity.

We will however have moments when we are aware of their pain. This does not mean that we will directly feel their pain but we will have these times when the upset they feel will be imparted to us in some fleeting way meant for us to do what we can to help them.

I have been trained to say things and experience energies of benevolence to be of assistance. I have done what I can to help train you to do that as well given our distance from each other but now I would like to suggest that if you wake up from a dream that is troubling don't always assume these days that it is about your life.

Dreams in the past have frequently been about our own lives or the events around or near us. It will be just as often these days that dreams will be associated with other peoples pain, suffering and other anxieties.

I believe that one of the things that will help the most - especially since we won't always know where they are and what they are doing - will be to as soon as we are able - ask that all the benevolent energies, loving spirits, Deities if you wish and benevolent beings be present in energy and in the most benevolent way for you and wait a moment.

If you feel something, that's good. If you don't feel something then wait about thirty seconds and I recommend you say, "I am asking that all those beings who feel discomfort now receive all the help they need in the most benevolent way now from all those beings who can help them."

If you feel energy at all during this time simply wait until it passes even if you have to wait to finish speaking these words as written.

I know I have said this before in various forms but because of the changing tide of circumstances and the gradual unifying elements that we are all experiencing on Earth I feel the need to say it again as a reminder.

I wish you well in all your endeavors. Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

Saturday, September 09, 2006

Feeling The Ground As One's Self

There was a time once when I fell lightly upon the ground and in the course of the fall I could, as in slow motion, just as much see the ground coming towards me as I could feel the ground being ready to receive me.

There was something about feeling the ground being ready to receive me that broke my fall and made it less injurious than it might have otherwise been.

I know that this all would have happened in a second - not much more than that, maybe two but it felt like a slow motion experience because on my way down I realized there was no way to avoid falling.

I relaxed and literally felt myself as myself and felt the ground also as myself. Now this wasn't a thought - it was just something that I did that I felt that was an experience and I really feel that even though that ground was hard packed - very solid with a few stones - that it somehow softened the ground because when I hit it while it felt firm I should have been hurt considering how I fell but I didn't and I got right up, dusted myself off and thanked the earth.

What can you learn from this? This is what I recommend and I also want to say don't assume that I'm suggesting this because I think you may fall - it's not that. What this is about today is feeling the earth as one's self.

Find a place. It might be in your own backyard or front yard. It might be in a park that's near your home that you feel good about. It might be out in the country someplace if you can get there or if you live there.

Find a place where you feel safe, comfortable and at ease. This is most important.

You can touch the ground with your hands if you wish or you can simply take off your shoes and socks and feel the ground with your feet. Your feet are just as sensitive and perhaps even more so then your hands.

Stand there for a moment or if you're crouched down sit there for a moment and feel the ground. Look at it - don't close your eyes - look at it and see if you can experience moving, not out of your body but extending from your body into the land itself right there - so that you feel at least that part of the land as a part of yourself.

That's your training. It's a good way to begin to identify with earth and it also has a side benefit.

We know that our bodies come from the earth and that after we as souls move on our bodies return to the earth but did you know that your body sometimes misses the earth since that is its point of origin.

This also gives your body a chance to feel safe and comfortable and connected to the Earth and sometimes this can recharge your body. It reminds your body who it is and where it is from and this can be a great comfort to your physical self.

That's a little side benefit. It doesn't speed your way towards the end of your life - just the opposite. It might when done from time to time actually bring enough comfort to your body that your body might feel reassured that it is guaranteed to return from whence it came and there is no rush to get there.

Goodlife to you all.

Saturday, September 02, 2006

A Different Kind Of Windows

I find that wherever I am - if I'm there for at least a few hours and longer even more so, that certain phenomena takes place.

Of course to me it is no longer phenomena but a part of my life. I experienced one of those forms of phenomena today.

One thing that occurs is what I call a window - meaning I will get a quick impression - a visual you understand of something that is there. Usually it is in a form - sometimes it does look like a window albeit small. Other times it is a flash of light.

Occasionally it is something that lingers in different colors of light. One of my favorite forms is that the flash of light, when that takes place literally illuminates a whole portion of the room.

I have on occasion been somewhat drowsy and awakened by such a flash of light. I must admit when it first happened I looked outside to see if there was something going on - a vehicle passing by or something like that but every time I did that there was nothing and then I gradually realized that this was another version of the phenomena I see.

I'm calling it phenomena for lack of a better word. My true feeling about it is that this is life all around us.

I feel, as a result of my experience as well as my general sense of awareness, that we are surrounded by all forms of life - some of which are readily apparent to our eye or to our senses but others which are only subtle or perhaps are giving off a form of physical evidence only briefly such as things I've alluded to here.

I'm sharing this with you today because I feel that it is likely that more and more of you will have these experiences and I want to encourage you not to discount them.

Consider first and foremost - how do you feel after the experience. In my case I almost always feel a very benevolent energy - something relaxing, comforting and sometimes even with a heart warmth which is a very loving feeling.

So I ask you, when such things happen to you first take note - how do you feel. Granted, if it starts to happen and you're new to it you might have a sense of excitement but that will pass in time.

Always take note - how do you feel. If it doesn't feel good for any reason - meaning you get a genuinely uncomfortable feeling then this is what to do - this is what I recommend.

Take a breath as if you were able to breathe in through the top of your head which is almost always a space, for most of us, where the energy is at its most clear - even though you're breathing in through your mouth and into your lungs of course.

Imagine yourself pulling in energy through the top of your head. Then in the area where you saw the apparition, light or whatever it was - phenomena - gently blow - not firmly - gently blow out of your mouth in that direction.

If there is a human being there, blow someplace above the human being. I do not generally urge you to blow towards a human being.

If however there are a great many human beings at a distance, you can blow very gently in that direction. Blow so gently that you can hardly tell, meaning that if you put your fingers in front of your mouth you'd barely feel anything, and that will shove anything away that is harmful to you or that is simply uncomfortable or feels uncomfortable.

It will shove it away gently in a way that protects you and harms nothing.

Well, let me know how you're doing with this. It might be an interesting experience.