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The Wand Position
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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Hand Motions In Autism - Can There Be Another Meaning

Alright, something brief but that which I feel is important. Many of you have heard of the challenges parents face with the many and varied symptoms of what is called autistic in youngsters. This has come to be more of a variety of symptoms then very narrow specific symptoms as they may have been more so in the past. Certain new unusual behaviors are seen but I wish to mention one of them today not because I want to interfere with doctors and other health practitioners in helping these youngsters and their families but rather because I feel that it is important to let you know that there is more going on here then meets the eye.

Sometimes it is possible to communicate in hand language. We all are familiar with or have heard of sign language that people use and have used down through the ages and that people even use today whether they can speak or understand another persons language to say nothing of speaking with passion and strong feelings where one tends to naturally use their hands but what you may not know is that there are other forms of communion that take place associated with hand motions.

Let me explain. Some time ago when I was living with one of my favorite spiritual cats I had the opportunity to communicate with a different life form based upon the interaction of my cat, that life form and me and the upshot of that was that I discovered that sometimes it is possible to receive a form of communication that involves hand motions even though you as a person may not understand what that hand motion means.

It is possible to sleep and dream deeply during sleep and to wake up and have a sense of what that motion means. In my case since I've had so much training I was able to interpret what the motion means and because my spiritual cat was present, by her behavior in my speaking out loud what those hand motions meant I was able to ascertain that I got it right or that I didn't get it right.

And the way that works for those of you who have spiritual cats you're living with is that if you speak something out loud whether it has to do with the cat or not - if they are working with you and co-operating with you in your spiritual ventures the cat will either turn their head away or walk away if you're getting it wrong but if you speak the thing that it is about the cat will look right at you or come over to you or acknowledge in some way like that that you've got it right.

So I'm bringing this up because there are youngsters now who fall under the general heading of autistic but one of the things about autistic youngsters is that they are very in touch spiritually and may pass on communion from spirit beings who are present.

You may know this, you may not. Spirit has been attempting to reach out to us human beings here on Earth for a long time in a lot of ways and now as is not unusual the most receptive of us human beings are able to interpret, if not communicate well, those messages - and by interpret I mean demonstrate those messages.

So do not assume that your youngsters making those hand signs and waving their arms around - that it is some problem with their autism, if they have that - whether they are high functioning or not. It may very well be a form of communion from loving spirit beings.

In my experience before with that communion with those spirit beings and with the assistance of my spiritual cat I found that they were profoundly loving, had wonderful advice to offer and I benefited from the experience.

Again, I'm not trying to tell you how to conduct your therapies with your children or with your patients but I do feel it's important to pass on this experience I've had and I believe may be - possibly - occurring with at least some of these youngsters.

Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

A Shift Into A New Phase

Now, right now is a time when our sequence in time as we have known it is shifting to another phase. This shift will be completed in exactly 30 days after this blog is posted. It's important that you know this because you will have moments when you will see, not out of the corner of your eye but in front of you or just slightly to the left or right - most likely to the left, a impression of the space - what you are seeing, what's there - it will become mottled for a moment and then reform in exactly what was there before.

It would look almost as if a drop of water was put on a water color painting that hadn't set yet except that the colors won't run together. So it will become somewhat blurry you see and then it will reform exactly the way you were seeing it before.

I'm letting you know about this now so that you won't be frightened when it happens. It's important to understand that this is not a bad thing. It's not going to happen when you're driving or when you're operating heavy equipment. It's not going to happen when you're working in the kitchen where you need to be alert around the tools and foods that you are working with.

It will only happen in those moments when you can pause, relax and just happen to have your eyes open. It will always happen when your eyes are open though there will be moments when you are asleep - deeply when it will happen. You might even wake up in those moments and for a moment you will feel completely disoriented even if you are in the place where you normally sleep with the people, places and things in place as usual but then after a moment you will realize where you are and go back to sleep.

This is no longer a precursor. This is an actual connection that is taking place in a solid way - not just for those who have the capacity to view the future - meaning the sensitives, not just for those who have woken up as some people might call it but for everyday people no matter where you are, no matter who you are, no matter what you do. Man, woman, child - it makes no difference. So if you'll know this is going to happen it won't frighten you, you see.

Please spread the word around a bit if you would. It doesn't have to have a name - it simply has to do with connecting to a more benevolent future version of Earth.

Now - what are some of the results going to be during and after this connection takes place. You will experience within you on the feeling level a sense of familiarity with people that you don't know and have never met and that people that you do know - there will be a sense of complete forgiveness of any trials and tribulations you have had between each other even in the case of extremities - violence - there will be a sense of forgiveness there. You will find a common ground where you never thought you could.

I want you to understand that this is something that is going on because Creator, angels, guides, our immortal spirits and souls have chosen this moment for this to happen. It is my privilege to be able to pass on this knowledge to you and I do so humbly.

I simply want you to know that it's happening now and I am hopeful that you will be able to enjoy the experience, appreciate its value and enjoy in the increasing benevolent benefits of it. I will say more about this in time.

Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

Thursday, September 20, 2007


I know there has been much speculation about signs that suggest that our civilization is coming to an end and I feel it's important to comment on that.

There are other signs that simply show that our civilization is going to change. I can support that. I do not feel that we are coming to an end in terms of western or eastern civilization.

More to the point I feel that what we are going to do, and you've seen the signs of it, is to create a civilization global. There has been some previews of that with the sharing of cuisines - very popular now. There is hardly a city or town in the country or even in the world where you cannot get food from another countries cuisine.

This is a precursor and an important sign showing that people actually want to know more about other people and find out not only what we have in common but also what differences might literally spice up our lives.

I feel and have seen signs that our global civilization is getting closer. I do have to say however that we need to have patience and allow some of the changes to occur that might look tumultuous and be uncomfortable.

I do want to encourage governments of the world, representatives of those governments and ordinary everyday people like you and me to speak out here on the internet and other places declaring that you feel the value of yourselves, the value of your culture, the value of the peoples you know and the value of the planet we're on.

I know a great many of you are doing that now, I support you.

I also want to say that there is a time that is coming so soon it will startle you and that time will bring about a very specific tangible change - and here is that change right now.

You will notice now that there will be people amongst you that you don't know and have never met and yet these people seem to know who you are, where you're from and why you're here. They're not spies, they're not overhearing your telephone conversations - they are people that will come to be known as sensitives and many of them have been born in the last 15 to 20 years but surprisingly quite a few of them will be in the age group of 5, 6, 7 years old and in the past they might have been considered precocious children but I'm here to tell you that they are a wave of the future and a benevolent wave at that.

So if your youngster or your nephew or niece seems to know more than you would expect them to know just take that as a sure sign that our global civilization based on benevolence is coming sooner than we think. Look for it, it'll be here before you know it.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Clearing Lenses

Did you know that lenses, yes all lenses, acquire even when we are not using them. Of course we understand that the lenses in our eyes acquire. We see things and thus they are acquired. Not only are they acquired in terms of our perception but also in our consciousness for visuals are stored aren't they - often brought back up again. Not always necessarily viewed the same from person to person but present and occasionally omnipresent - but what about man-made lenses - binoculars, glasses and other types of lenses.

Do you know that even when you are not using them that they also acquire. They may not acquire with the same consciousness of a human being nor do they have memory retention so there's no need to worry about that but they can acquire to the degree where they might need to be cleansed.

Here's how to do that. For those of you who are already working with energies as many of you are then this is what I recommend. That place where you feel that benevolent energy the most breathe in through that part of your physical body and then with your right hand - whether you are right or left handed matters not - with your right hand and arm hold the lens or the device holding the lens such as binoculars or glasses in such a way as the lenses are pointing away from you - meaning not directly at you or the best way you are able and exhale with as much force as you feel comfortable doing - not very hard but blow out with some gentle force while exhaling out through your right hand and arm that is holding the object with the lenses.

Remember always when you are doing this to aim your right hand and arm holding the object out through a window - meaning towards a window if you would that goes out and up away from all human beings and all human activity.

If you are outdoors and you are in a big city then you can simply aim it up, not down. If on the other hand you can aim it in some direction away from human activity or places where human beings might gather then that is what to do.

It will be dissolving in space quickly enough but there is no point in unintentionally throwing energies that may be uncomfortable towards anyone though most likely, and I will build that in later on in this post, that will not occur.

Do you know, doing that clearing once with that benevolent energy will clear the object completely. Now after you do that hold the object to you and notice how different it feels. It feels better doesn't it.

Now for those of you who do not know how to work with energies or have not begun doing that, though I've given instructions over time on my Benevolent Magic blog and this one and also as you may or may not know or recall one thing builds on another with these two blogs of mine, then this is what you can do if you like. I recommend you say the following living prayer.

You could say, "I am asking that all my lenses including the lenses of my eyes and retention of my mind be cleared and allowed to come to the point of complete comfort for me when I use them and that this comfort allows me to experience, view and perceive in the most benevolent way."

Now - you understand that living prayer is attuned for you as a person because this is something you might do for yourself but you understand it is in the nature of living prayers that light beings will co-ordinate and support them and that also all souls on Earth of all beings will co-operate insofar as they are able and comfortable to do so. I have spoken about this before and thus you will find that it will improve, most likely, your experience of these lenses and I might add because of the way this living prayer is worded will probably improve the experience of those lenses should others use them in the case of binoculars or telescopes for example.

Well I thought I'd pass that on to you today because it is not something that is largely or widely known, though some of you perhaps are aware of it. Still, it's good to share these things isn't it.

Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Light As Life

All around us is life including that which we do not see but there are moments...

The other day, while working with my publisher on a book project we're both enjoying, at the end of our talk together I happened to glance at a wall to my left and briefly flickering on the wall was a red light - red being the color of Mother Earth's mountains, energy and vital life force - in varying patterns.

I've recognized such light patterns before because they are accompanied by benevolent energies - and by benevolent energies I mean that the energies feel good and compatible with me. Normally when I see these light beings they are not red or orange in color, normally they are lighter colors. Usually white or gold, sometimes blue or purple but on this one occasion it was red.

The energy was very enjoyable, soft and gentle and I felt a sense of persona with the energy. I'm bringing this up because I've had several encounters with such beings since I've gotten into this work and it brings to my attention and I hope to share with you that these beings are around all the time. They don't, granted, always make contact like this but they are around.

A few weeks ago looking out towards the sea I saw a green light emanating from the sea and according to the actions of someone in a boat that was near it I could tell that they could see it also. I do not know whether this was caused by an action of human beings or whether more likely considering the brilliance of the green it was caused by something other than human.

I can't rule out animal life but considering how bright it was, and it was broad daylight, I'd have to say that it was not something caused by human beings. I believe that it may have been some other form of life as well.

In my experience I often see these beings of light and over the years having seen so many different shapes and forms it has gradually come to me that this is a natural form of life.

I believe that when we depart our physical bodies that we are also these forms of light. I have seen or also witnessed through the eyes of others, in this case referring to animals memories, such lights leaving humans when they were in dire troubles.

I mentioned this before when I spoke about the loss of my neighbor but what I didn't say when I told about that was that when I was part of the search party looking for my neighbor and her truck in order to try and find her or to at least aid in the recovery I was searching along the flooded creek and I happened to see a duck that was a visitor that had been coming annually for a while just to visit - I believe along the lines of flight, migrating from one point to another because duck would only stay a few days and then be gone.

When seeing duck I asked, as I am prone to do with animals - have you seen my neighbor. And duck looked at me for a moment and then I saw what duck had seen - duck sharing their memory with me.

I saw the neighbor in the water and suddenly there was a light leaving her body - a white light and it moved up and I knew that that was ducks way of telling me that she had moved on even though her body continued to struggle and make the attempt to survive as our physical forms will do even though our soul personalities have moved on.

Light Beings, as I'm calling them, are sometimes very advanced and spiritual beings. Other times they are just like you and me, in fact maybe they are you and me. I believe that the structure of our soul when it can be seen leaving the Earth is light. We have been told many times and many ways that everything is light and perhaps it's so. According to my experience, a great deal of life is light.

Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Many Kinds Of Inspiration

Many of you may have wondered - what is the relationship between what I put here on the blogs and what you find in the books.

It all has to do with speaking with inspiration. Granted, what you find in the books has me speaking with inspiration at a very deep level and what you find on the blogs has me speaking with inspiration at a level that is not quite as deep but is intended to integrate my life experience as well as the teaching I've received from spirit.

It is a wonderful thing sometimes you know - life. I know we all struggle, we have pains and discomforts - I'm like that too but life can also be a wonderful teacher and I have been fortunate to have wonderful teachers that I choose to share with you in these books that you can acquire if you're so inclined.

This teaching has allowed me to integrate that which fits into my life at different times - we all do that don't we. We read something and if it feels like it fits in our life we integrate it when the time is right and other times we integrate something else. It is the flow of life isn't it and we all choose to pick the path of balance if at all possible. I want to share something with you along those lines.

I just had the most wonderful experience. I had observed rain from a cloud going into the sea and was inspired to write something for Mystical Man. Then what I experienced was a gift that followed.

The energy before, during and after my inspiration was particularly wonderful and a beautiful bird I had seen from a distance I felt might have supported that inspiration. I saw that bird before the inspired material came to me.

After that inspiration I was making a few personal notes and I happened to get a sense of motion outside the window. I looked up and there was that beautiful bird so close I could almost touch her with her huge wingspread and bright white breast - such a beautiful being. I felt a great sense of balance with her.

And she circled around close staying near for a time helping me to feel in complete balance with her and I'd like to think that because of that beautiful energy I felt that she was attracted to that - feeling in balance with it and the two of us shared our balance together.