The Wand Position

The Wand Position
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Friday, February 27, 2009

A Precursor To Healing, Part 2

Now last time we did our initial homework in detecting the possibilities for a need for healing. Today we're going to take that a little bit farther and this is why it has to be a friend, a very good friend or a mate. Today I want you to do the same exact thing you did last time only instead of smelling the back of each others hands I want you to see if you can smell the shoulder - it has to be the bare shoulder. It can be, I recommend, approached from the back so that you are either smelling the left shoulder or the right shoulder.

Remember you do not actually touch that shoulder with your nose. Just get down close within an inch or two and see if you can detect a fragrance.

It will probably be different but the whole point of this is to discover the differences in the smell a person exudes as they are in their normal state of being or as they may be during a true experience of certain feelings.

The reason we're doing this is to help you to come to the point where you can use this system to detect whether you or a loved one or a good friend - yes something in the family so to speak - may need some attention.

Sometimes one does not notice this on oneself but if you have someone near and dear to you they can ask you, "I notice you have a different fragrance about you today. Is there something that needs help? Do you need this? Do you need that?" You understand?

This can be a particularly good method if there is some difficulty in communicating with a language as might come up at some time of life if your friend or mate has some difficulty in communicating in that moment.

There may be many reasons for this. So I'm not suggesting that will happen to you and I'm not suggesting that other means won't be available to check into the condition of ones health but this is an old thing that is still in practice by some Shamans around the world today.

It is also in practice on a regular basis by many of your pets. You will often see your dog or your cat smelling something and there is great fascination about what that might mean. It almost always has to do with a wide range of possibilities.

Not only who is this person - meaning you might, as a dog or a cat, know the other animal or the other human - yah - you might be smelling them but also it gives you a wide range of possibilities for a dog or a cat - are these people a threat or if they are a good friend do they need something? How can I help and so on. Any number of questions.

Also as you've noticed with dogs especially and sometimes cats they will taste you. They will perhaps come up and lick you. I know sometimes this is done for affection but a great many times especially with the first taste they're checking to see how you taste.

They know how you taste when you're happy or when you're in your normal state of being. They also might know if they've been with you long enough how you taste when you're angry, when you're upset or when you need help. And so they will use this skill.

Human beings especially in ancient cultures and often the Shaman people in those cultures, also known as Medicine Men or Mystical Men or Medicine Women or Mystical Women and so on, will have learned these skills and abilities from observation, practice and training. I feel that for those of you who are interested in this kind of thing it might be worth trying it out.

I'm not going to go into great detail on how it can be used but I will build on this at another time in the future. Goodlife.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

A Precursor To Healing, Part 1

Now I want to start something new for you here. It will require a lot of close observation and it may not work for everyone but it's something that has been addressed in one of my Shamanic Secrets books and it has to do with ancient methods that support healing and detection that something may be needing healing.

You can use it on yourself and you can also use it with a loved one, preferably a mate, or a very good friend as long as they are open to practicing this with you. Make certain that that is the case so that it will work the best.

It involves use of your capacity to notice fragrance. It is a practice that requires your being able to notice subtle changes so it will work best in a room or a place that you're either very familiar with and used to the fragrances that are present or someplace where there is no particular fragrance that you can detect.

Then this is what to do. It might be worthwhile, if you want to, to take a bath or a shower without using any soap that has fragrance within it but if that's not convenient you can skip that step though I do recommend at least taking a bath or a shower to rinse yourself from the days activities.

Then after drying off and wearing whatever garments you wish, something lightweight would be useful unless it's cold where you are then wear what you need to wear - after all really all that's needed to be exposed initially is your hands, then the thing to do is to pull your own hand up to your nose - the back of either hand - and just smell it.

You probably won't notice anything because you're used to your own smell but in order to check your capacity to smell, if that is in doubt, you can always smell something that has a distinct odor. Oh, such as any product that comes these days - soap or anything like that that you happen to have handy.

If you can smell it distinctly then put it away so it doesn't interfere with your detection and then ask your mate or partner if you can hold their hand for a moment and hold the back of their hand up to your nose and notice if you can smell anything different than your own hand. This does not mean anything at this point. This is practice.

Then I want you both to sit opposite each other. Not to the right, not to the left but opposite if this is at all possible and focus on some feeling - meaning I recommend you start with happiness or joy. It can be love but try to make it the same feeling that you're both focusing on and while you are focusing on it - so this will involve having to do 2 things at once - while you are focusing on that feeling to the best of your ability allow your mate, or your good friend, to smell the back of your hand.

Now remember you're sitting opposite each other so your knees are not touching - alright - you're feet are not touching.

So at some point when you both feel like you're into that feeling stand up or move closer together but do not touch each other and smell the back of each others hands. You can do it one at a time or you can do this both at the same time - it's up to you. See if you can notice any difference in the odor.

Then sit back down opposite each other again and focus on the feeling of being tired. If it's at the end of the day this may not be difficult but if it's a day or a block of time you've set aside to practice this then focus - imagine being tired. You don't have to imagine being dead tired but very tired. Then again when you both have that feeling stay focused on that feeling and smell the back of each others hands.

This is what I recommend to start with. Goodlife.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

A Short Delay

Greetings, just a note to let you know that I have not been posting so much here lately because I am working on creating videos for my You Tube site and Explorer Race blog with Conscious Goddess Production now at this time.

I will resume here with some posting soon. Goodlife.