The Wand Position

The Wand Position
Often Used for Magic

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

My New Christmas Story

Greetings. Just a note to let you know that my new Christmas story is up on my Nice Little Stories blog.

I get asked every year when my new Christmas story will be ready and so I've taken to putting up this notice. I hope you enjoy it.

Goodlife to you all.

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

More On Why We Are Here

What is at issue these days in the world of alignment between the spiritual self and the practical self is that the awakening of ones true spiritual self which is a benevolent being in total and ones physical self are not always in synchronicity. After all physically we have to live in the moment - we have an itch we scratch it eh. It's in the moment. Whereas our spiritual self has to do with vast amounts of time and space - our overall being of which we may have many lives here and there, all over through time and distance but our physical self is immediate - focused in the present and though we might remember how something felt in the past or imagine with attendant feelings how something might feel in the future our physical self is in the moment.

Sometimes we are confused. We believe that what we think has to do with our spiritual being and of course we can have thoughts that are spiritual or about our spirituality but generally speaking thought, in my experience, is not in and of its own self - as in a demonstrated personality - spiritual though it may mimic or reflect spirituality and even reflect upon it but the actual physical feeling, and I experience it that way, of spirituality is a shift in energy that is physical - I can feel it and I'm sure a great many of you do too. So when I feel that shift in energy it's happening in the moment.

The key words are, "feel" and "in the moment." Our physical self has the capacity to do something that our spiritual self cannot do and that is why I believe we are here on this planet.

In order to ground in the immediate moment our spiritual capabilities and demonstrate them we must have a vehicle by which to do that and what better vehicle than our own body designed by Creator and reproduced through the coming together with love of mother and father and held, nurtured and if you would - gestated through time and delivered by mother.

In order to co-ordinate then the grounding - meaning the physical expression of our spirits - we must have a physical body. In this sense I believe that the physical body is not just a vehicle but is a teacher showing spirit, yes our spirits, that this is how to be spiritual in the physical moment while enjoying - demonstrating our spirits to the rest of the physical world in that same moment.

I believe and I have been taught that our physicality has great capacities beyond which that we have demonstrated so far. Last time I spoke about the awakening of certain healing capacities that have to do with our hands but this time I am just reminding you that the nature of spirit is not only never far from the physical but does not want to go far since our spirits, I believe, are here to be taught by our physical selves in our physical world.

There is no better method of teaching in that sense than immersion. Immersion is often used as a way to learn a foreign language but it is the best teacher as well for learning the language of physicality. I believe our spirits are here to learn that language.

Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Your Body Continues To Awaken

And then we have a further awakening occurring now but it's an awakening that one would not necessarily consider as something that was ever asleep. Right now portions of your body which have gone for the most part into the world of mystery per science are truly awakening in the spiritual sense.

There is an exchange point with your overall spirit being at the top of your heads but this is well known. There is another exchange point - and I'm not talking about chakras here though that is certainly a reality.

What I am talking about is the capacity for your body to radiate energy that is a portion of your greater spirit beyond this Earth plane and that that radiation takes place down through the top of your head, across your shoulders, down your arms and into your fingertips. This is also known by individuals who do healing, and other hands on or hands near a persons body, in order to generate or regenerate for a benevolent purpose.

The place I am talking about though most specifically is the backs of your hands. This would include your fingers but not your wrist. The backs of your hands have a capacity to be connected spiritually to your overall being. That means your greater soul beyond the Earth plane and the greater spirit that makes you up and all forms of benevolent spirit beyond that are in any way identified with your overall being.

Many of you will find over the next year or two that the backs of your hands will feel at times tingly and other times warm and other times you'll feel like moving your hands around into various positions that you've never really done before and you won't really know why. I'm going to recommend that you allow this to take place as long as it's safe - as long as you're not driving or operating any machinery or working in the kitchen or anything like that that's dangerous - as long as you are able allow your hands to move.

Sometimes it will look like a dance and other times it will look like a form of prayer and you may even feel inspired to offer a prayer - feel free.

This is a portion of the wakening of the physical self that is attuned to your total spiritual self. It will not alter your DNA in any way, it is simply a function of your physical body that is real and can operate at a level that goes beyond the physical and touches into that state that we all reach at times at the deepest level of our sleep which moves us in our soul to the plane where teachers and other beloved angels and beings reside.

This does not mean that you are somehow being taken over even by the most benevolent beings but rather it's a form of wakening - alright - and this waking is the capacity to move in ways that are totally inspired that do not require preplanning or a lengthy thought process but rather can be done in the moment and you will find that, as time goes on, this healing capacity that others have studied to learn and practice in various ways or have felt inspired to perform in benevolent ways for all beings might just become a much more frequent and widely available process that you can use for yourself, your loved ones and even those whom you don't know and have never met.

I will say more about these things in time but I just wanted to let you know now because it's beginning, it's happening and for some it's been happening for a while. Don't be alarmed by it. It is in concordance with your greater spirit and the spirit of all beings.

Goodlife to you all and goodnight.