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The Wand Position
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Saturday, February 28, 2015

More About My Life With A Spiritual Cat

Some years ago when I was living with my then girlfriend, “Janice” and her cat “Tsish,” our cat started behaving in an unusual fashion. Janice told me about it first.

She said she was very worried and had me come into the back room. She said that Tsish had been throwing herself at the wall very hard and was hitting the wall hard and bouncing off and jumping back up on the bed, this was the bedroom, and throwing herself at the wall again.

Janice loved her cat and she was worried and since I was very close with Tsish I had looked at her and said, “This is important eh?” She looked back at me which means, yes. So I said, “When this happens again, I’d like to look through your eyes so I could see*. That would be okay?” She just stared at me which meant yes.

So, we both sat down. I sat down on one corner of the bed, Tsish sat on the other and Janice stood off a little ways.

All of a sudden I saw something on the wall, sharing the vision of Tsish. It was amazing. It was like a huge face but actually it reminded me of a mask because it was very large, much larger then a human being. The face was in a fixed form - no expressions. It really looked like a mask but it looked like a human face and it slowly started easing into the room through the wall. When it did Tsish threw herself at the face and then it disappeared. 

Tsish came back to the bed and hopped up on it and looked at me and I said, “Okay, I’ll take care of this. You don’t have to do that anymore.” She hopped off the bed and went into the other room.

Then I contacted some Beings I was working with in those days and asked them if they could clear the space of such episodes again and tell me, if possible, what was going on. They said they would clear the space and what was going on was an attempt by some beings to make contact but they did not know how to do that and so they were using that method.

They said that the beings were not quite the right energy for me to channel but that there would be other beings who would deliver their messages if possible.

All I can say is that since I channeled hundreds and hundreds of different beings, perhaps getting up well over 700 - maybe more, they’ve probably given their message but I can’t say which one it was because nobody ever referred back to this incident.

However this was so fascinating about my beloved Tsish, spiritual cat, I wanted to share it with you.



*To understand this process, I recommend that you read Communion With Other Species and Communion With Other Species, Part 2