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The Wand Position
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Friday, November 30, 2007

Filling In For What Has Been Lost

For many years now there have been many people in what is referred to as the ecological movement attempting to stop others from eliminating rain forests in the world. Of course people who lived in the areas where those rain forests were had very good arguments why they needed the land for other purposes and also that there were dangers in the rain forests that made for great problems with their local population.

I am not here to blame people for their actions. Rather I am suggesting that we must, as human beings practicing benevolent magic, be able to fill in for the loss of the plants and animals in these places.

So I'm going to give you a short assignment today for those of you who are engaged in the study and practices on these blogs.

This is the assignment. If you can find a picture of or if you have been to a rain forest - try to remember if you've been there what it felt like at its best feeling to you. If you can see pictures try to imagine yourself in that place and imagine it to the point where you can feel the ground under your feet in a totally safe situation.

It is important that you do this because we, as magical people, will have to fill in for the energy of these lost grandfather and grandmother trees as well as special plants that had the capacity to cure all the ills of all the beings on the planet - but it doesn't have to be lost forever.

When you visualize yourself in those places - feel yourself in those places and assimilate with benevolence those feelings. When you come out of that meditation simply and gently take breaths, 3 only, and blow them gently in a 360 degree circle. Meaning - sit down in a swivel chair or if you can stand then stand up and blow very gently in a 360 degree circle. If the feeling from the meditation passes before you get to the second or third breath then stop.

You can do this meditation three times only and then that is all. In this way we can spread the energies of what was into the populations of humans and other beings where we live in the places we live on Earth.

That's your assignment if you wish to participate. Goodlife.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Living Upon The Living

Living on a living being, that's what we do here on Earth. I know you've heard similar statements before but consider for a moment - if you were a organism, nothing dangerous but something not particularly safe for a human body and you were inside a human body just traveling in there looking for a place to rest and perhaps start a little family eh - and along comes an antibody and does you in, your last thought would be that - this is a very dangerous place indeed.

The human body is very much a child of Mother Earth. Yes, Creator does have something to do with our being here insofar as supporting and creating our souls but our physical bodies are made of Mother Earth and therefore like a child we do appear very much and function similarly to Mother Earth.

So I'm reminding you today, though I know you know it well, that as a child of Earth we need to remember that hurricanes and tornados and other parts of her personality though fearsome indeed are a portion of a living being and as such deserve our respect and of course - we have to get out of the way when they come.

On this blog you will read many things and you will have the opportunity and have had to hear about how to influence hurricanes and tornados - not to make them disappear but perhaps to deflect their path in such a way as it will be safer for yourself, your family, your friends and yes your community.

It's important to remind ourselves that we are living on a living being because there are some things that you will be able to do that I will share with you here to the best of my ability about other aspects - tidal waves, earthquakes and so on. I'll teach you all that I can but remember that I will not teach you how to put a stop to these things because as fearsome as they are - if someone, say a little organism got inside your body and said, "I'm going to put a stop to antibodies" where would we be then eh?

We must respect Mother Earth's body and encourage her to have her Earth motion in places where we are not or if we are there to have frequent small motions that do not cause harm to us. And we must ask that if she has tidal waves that they go around us but if they are going to come towards us and be near our shores that we must retreat and live further inland.

I have spoken of these matters before and I may again. It is not my job to tell you where to live and how to live but I will make it my job when I feel I am able to help you - to remind you of things we know and things we sometimes forget. Mother Earth must be a living being as we must. Lets all try to remember that - I will too.

Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Touched By All Life

Do you know that one of the greatest hazards on Earth these days is that people, human beings yes eh, all over the world may not be having a good life - and that seems to be obvious to a great many people but what are the ramifications of that.

There is the key you see. Here is the issue and you know I am not a doomsayer but I am putting this out here for those who may understand global implications and wider circles of co-operation.

If people are striving for a better life and have the hope and belief that they can have that better life, generally speaking the world goes on and even thrives - but if enough people are suffering so much that they don't want to live anymore and would just like it all to be over with as quickly as possible then you have a serious problem. This is obvious as well.

First let me put you in the picture. Right now a great many animal species and even some plant species do not feel welcome on the planet and because they do not feel welcome they, in many cases, would like to "go home" and what this simply means is to no longer incarnate on the planet - meaning that no succeeding generations would incarnate either no matter how hard people are trying to bring that incarnation about.

So lets just say that these species while not having a death wish per se are nearing a stage where they might have that. This does not mean that they are going to plunge off a cliff, ala the idea of lemmings but it does mean that they are feeling hopeless and would just as soon that it be over with as quickly as possible.

This is part of the reason you are seeing certain changes in your global weather patterns as well as increased volcanism and yes to a degree a greater melting of the polar ice caps and melting of ice masses in general.

This is not because they want to take the whole world with them but rather simply every individual when you count them up - millions of individuals within the animal species are not feeling welcome, not being allowed to be themselves or being wiped out for one or other reason.

I am not here to accuse anyone nor am I attempting to change the world by myself but I am suggesting that we learn from that phenomena. If these Earth changes are being caused or even supported by all of these individual animal beings feeling unwelcome and because of mistreatment as they perceive it which only an individual can understand, you know when you're being mistreated but others may not know, then if we apply their situation to the human being that would not be good would it.

Suppose human beings start to feel the same way then I think we will have even more rapid Earth changes. So I am suggesting that we consider not only this state of affairs for human beings but the state of affairs for animals and plants. Lets consider that everyone and everything is alive and has feeling.

This is what I believe and I believe this on the basis of my learning, my teaching and my experience. If we consider that then we can consider perhaps treating people better, treating animals better, treating plants better. It's something for you to think about. Please consider it.


Tuesday, November 20, 2007

An Homage To Nature By Man

Patrice has asked an interesting question a little while ago on this post. I've decided to put up the answer here on the blog in case others of you have similar interests or concerns. First his question, then the answer.

Dear Robert,
We are living just in the middle of aa potentially very beautiful park in Tokyo. Lots of old trees, there is also a big artificial lake that attract seasonal birds.I said the place is potentially beautiful because I feel the trees and all the creatures, even the water are not really considered as sacred, the result is that the water of the pond is getting quite rotten trees are weakening and the crows assemble almost everyday and shout in group like if they were releasing anger or stress. There is a Shinto temple in the middle of the park but it feels like if they do things very formally. Any suggestion about a way to help this beautiful place to regenerate and feel loved.


Patrice, thank you for your comment. This is what I recommend. First relax and sit someplace so that you can look at that park and lake and birds. Don't be in the park. Just sit someplace where you can look at a distance.

Then close your eyes and say this living prayer. I recommend you say, "I am asking that the spirits of flight redeem and energize this shrine to the world of nature and bring to it the heart intended to be illustrated by this demonstration of mankind's homage to nature."
After you say that relax for a few minutes and when the energy fades let it go and go on.

Keep in mind my friend, that this is ultimately an homage by man to nature but it is not an actual allowance of that to which it pays homage is it. So don't be attached to the natural processes of Earth reclaiming and recycling in the way Earth does.

You can if you like - the next time you're in the country also say this, "I am asking that the country be respected and allowed to remain in its natural state for its own sake as well as to be visited by human beings who respect its naturalness and learn to respect their own in the most benevolent way."

Goodlife my friend.

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Transformation Of Uncomfortable Energies Safely

Have you ever had the circumstance when you were in a room or had to go into another room - alone perhaps or a place where you had not been before. This often happens when in a hotel or in a guest room. Sometimes it can happen in a place with few people as in say, working in an office on the weekend when practically no ones there - maybe no one is there except yourself - and you go towards that room and you get an uncomfortable feeling. On the one hand could it be that it's dangerous for some reason. On the other hand might there be some other reason.

How to know. Here's a way to find out. As you approach the room and the door is open or perhaps there's just an opening and it feels uncomfortable slow down and as you get close to the room reach your arm towards the room.

It does not have to be in the room, just in the general direction. I usually use my left arm and if it does not feel good pull your arm back. Wait - about 10 seconds. Repeat this step.

When you reach your arm have it at your side then raise it in the direction of the room with your palm facing downward. You can close your fingers a bit but don't make a tight fist. Then wait. Do this perhaps 3 times. See if it feels better.

If it does feel better move more towards the room. Stand in the doorway. Do it again, just once. If when you reach your arm towards that space it feels better or even alright then enter.

Now if it doesn't feel alright you can try this. This is especially in circumstances where you know mentally that it's safe but that it doesn't feel right and perhaps there are spirit beings there and it might be helpful to clear the room of them for the moment while you are there if they would care to move.

So if you have approached the room and gone that far then what to do. If it still doesn't feel exactly right but it feels better and you feel welcome but you only go in part way and you're not sure then ask for the most benevolent energy to be available for you above the top of your head and all round and about you that you might be safe.

Wait a moment and when you feel it then breathe in, as it were, through the top of your head. I have spoken of this before. After you breathe in just one breath looking to your right towards the right side of the room blow gently from the right to the left until most of your breath is exhaled, not all. Then just resume breathing normally.

Step back one or two paces. Don't turn around unless you feel the need to. If you turn, turn to your left. Then if you have turned continue turning to your left until you are facing the room again. See how it feels. If it feels alright then go in and do what you need to do. If you're just getting something than get it and leave. If on the other hand there is more to do then stay.

I'm mentioning this now because these are always fine tunings that have been preceded by other things on these blogs and it is my intention here to improve the quality of your life, as you know, and to provide you with spiritual tools based in heart, spirit and perpetual being in order to create a safer more benevolent existence for you.

What if however, you have done these things and the room doesn't feel good. Then step away for a time and perhaps ask someone to go into the room with you that you trust.

Now I have assumed at the beginning of this that the doorway is open to the room and that perhaps you've been in the room many times. What if the doorway is closed and you get an uncomfortable feeling?

Remember, I talk to you about feelings here because instinct can be your best friend. I would recommend that you do not open the door without someone being there especially if you get an extremely uncomfortable feeling. Don't shrug off these feelings.

It might have to do with discovering someone or something in a way that could create embarrassment or perhaps even danger. It could actually be a dangerous situation for you especially if there are sounds from within the room but - you know these things already.

I would recommend this in that case. Go back where you were or at least several steps back down the hall and do this. I recommend you say the following living prayer, "I am asking that this room be safe for me now in the most benevolent way for me." Try to at least whisper it out loud. You can say it out loud if you feel comfortable.

Then after that ask that the most benevolent energy be available for you above your head. Again, breathe in just a single breath and with your right arm forward, palm down and fingers separated or in the wand position if you wish. Then with your left arm pointed down - palm towards your leg after you've taken that breath, blow through your right hand and imagine the energy as gold light - blow it into that room.

Then wait about 30 seconds perhaps, maybe a minute. Then go to the door, see how it feels. If it feels better you can knock slightly if you choose or just enter, whatever you feel is best. That's what I recommend.

I'll have more to say about these things in time. I am mentioning these things because energies of past, present and other may be present in this room.

Of course the situation is completely different in a danger situation or even a conflict situation but this is presented for you in the case of residual energies from upset by people in the past or old energies left over from conflicts in the past or spirits passing through that do not realize that their energy may harm you.

That's what I recommend. Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Deep Dreaming - Helping Each Other Through Loss

It's difficult isn't it recovering from a loss. This can be from many different things. The loss of a loved one, the loss of wealth, the loss of a pet. There is so many different things that one can lose in life yes? The loss of respect and even yes, the loss of ones sense of self - who one is.

In these times we are all facing so much and we're all very much overwhelmed by life many times that loss is just that much more difficult to deal with. And yet there are so many that have so much and so many that have so little that it is good to remind oneself that a loss you have suffered is shared by the hearts of all. Let me explain how this works.

We are all on this planet now united heart to heart much more than we ever have been in millennia. This is so much the case now as we are reuniting with our natural native personalities which I've discussed on these blogs before here and also here for example. Because of this we now share each others grief quite a bit more than we have in the past. Let me give you an example.

There are times now when you wake up from a dream that seems so very real that you might be concerned that this is something that could happen to you as in a prophetic dream but most often it is not about you. Most often it is about somebody else's worry or more often the case somebody's loss. This sharing of loss is happening increasingly in the deep sleep level where we can process the pain of others without causing ourselves personal pain and where our bodies can quickly recover as our guides move us quickly away from the scene of the pain if it is too great.

I'm sharing this with you now because there will be times when you wake up suddenly from a dream such as that. Perhaps the alarm goes off, perhaps someone wakes you up. It's hard to say, there are many reasons. If that happens and you heart hurts briefly know that you have been helping someone and that your guide did not have a chance to move you away from that experience before you were awakened.

The next time you get a chance, perhaps it will be during your next sleep cycle, try to remember before you go to sleep - just think to yourself or whisper quietly out loud, "I am asking my guide to remove me from that painful episode that I was assisting in during my last sleep cycle."

Of course this may happen anyway during your sleep cycle but when you say that it will reassure your physical body and such reassurance is so badly needed these days.

Lets consider that the nature of loss while great can be relieved to a degree by our equalizing the pain in these deep dreams. In that light if you would like to say the following living prayer please do. You might say, "I am asking that all those beings who are suffering now receive all the help, love and support they need in the most benevolent way from all those beings who can help them in their deep dream state or other ways."

Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Bilocation, Part 2

Recently I spoke to you about bilocation. Just a few more words on that.

In times to come, which is why I want to pass on this training to you, it may be necessary for you to exercise a certain amount of influence with energies or even objects to encourage them to move this way or that way.

You may recall the instruction that I have given you in working with tornados or hurricanes for example and that kind of influence is involved.

There is, not unreasonably, a great deal of concern about large objects - rocks - from space hitting Earth but the purpose of all this training having to do with long touch, bilocation and even touching lightly on time travel though not in any sense of fiction here is entirely about exercising some influence to deflect the motion of these meteors away from the Earth.

Certainly small ones ah, not a problem and slightly larger ones oh - not necessarily a problem either but big ones which are coming and will be a test of your spiritual capabilities - well you must be trained for that and you must have the opportunity to practice and work on it and those who get good at it can pass it on to their sons and daughters so that when science tells you - it's coming - you will be able to co-ordinate from your position on Earth wherever you are even if you're on the opposite side of where the thing might hit - you will be able to co-ordinate a motion that you can make physically to deflect the object in such a way as it will go straight to the sun without impacting any other planets on its way. The whole point is to allow it to travel in some direction where it will cause no harm.

So I will be saying more about these things as time goes on but I do want you to understand that all of this training is not only to improve the quality of our life here, ala long touch with tornados and hurricanes for example but also to prevent serious catastrophe on Earth from approaching meteors - which are not likely to endanger the Earth anytime soon but it would be good if there were many people all over the planet who would learn how to do this influence of motion so that when that does happen in say fifty years from now, seventy years from now or perhaps even sooner that there will be many people who will be able to work in a co-ordinated way if they choose or even one or two talented people who have been well and thoroughly trained by these methods - and they can simply make a slight gesture yes just a slight gesture and deflect the path of any object no matter how large, the size doesn't make any difference.

It can be the size of a house, it can be the size of a mountain - it doesn't make any difference. The gesture works no matter what.

Well, I just wanted you to have a few more details so you wouldn't think that this whole thing is a mystery and when I have said in the past and will say again in the future at some point - that there is a reason - you can be sure that there really is.

Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Urgent - We Are Between Two Worlds Now

I have something brief to announce today. I don't want you to be alarmed but we are in a period where we are overlaid with another world. This is not causing harm to our world but you will very likely experience certain effects - some of you I'm sure have already noticed these effects.

You may be extraordinary sleepy or tired. You may find that you have to sleep more than you expect or that you get sleepy at times of the day that are unexpected and that you might need a nap. Please build that into your schedule so that you are able to sleep and sleep in comfort and safety. This is important.

It is not a time now to be making that long highway trip - alright. If you can, if you find yourself in a situation where you are making a long drive, try to drive during the daylight hours where you are likely to have as much visual stimulation as possible. Don't, if you can help it, drive at night.

This is just going to continue now for about 4 more days and then that time will be over. As I say it is not a danger to you or to the other world but it is a moment of closeness to another world that is not similar to our own. That's why some of you may see things or when you're taking photographs you may have things show up in the photos that you might think are some form of error in the picture but it isn't. What you're seeing are things that are there. So - I may say more about this later.

Don't be alarmed by it but if you're concerned you can say this living prayer. You might say, "I am asking that all my beings who are available to protect me - light beings, Deities and others be near me now that I may feel insulated and protected in the most benevolent way."

Now remember, it is not a dangerous time and most of what you will see, if you are sensitive to see it, will simply be other life forms that really have no connection with our world and are not harmful. Most of them will not be aware of us in our world but some will and if they are aware they will pause - you might see something moving that will stop and then it will move again.

So - if you don't see it it's alright. As I say get extra sleep where you can, try to drive only during the daytime and if you must drive at night make sure you have the opportunity to take frequent breaks.

Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

Thursday, November 01, 2007

Bilocation, Part 1

Alright now it is time for you to begin to practice once again your bilocation as you have here before and here and here or for a more thorough review which begins at what I would call more of a ground floor level see the links below listed in order of first through fifth. There is a reason I want you to practice this, there's always a reason. Know that.

From the beginning of this blog and my other, there's always a reason and one thing builds on another.

So for now let's practice your skills as a refresher. Wherever you are at the moment whether sitting or standing remain in your present place. Either look across the room, look across the yard or look across the field if you're outdoors and imagine yourself standing in that other location. Try to do this when there is nobody around or as few people as possible or others that you feel completely comfortable with and it's alright if animals are present - alright - but not animals likely to be involved in aggressive actions towards each other directly - alright. So, we need to keep things as calm as possible.

Now remain in your physical body but look towards the location you are viewing and let it be a location without human habitation and someplace that is a open space - alright. Look towards that space and imagine yourself standing there however when you imagine yourself there I want you to focus only on the physical feeling of standing there.

It can be any kind of space. And those of you who live near the seashore and have no other open land nearby, feel perfectly comfortable in standing on the water - alright - because this is an active imagination - then you can do that.

So focus only on feeling the ground under your feet at this time and that is all. Focus on feeling the ground under your feet and move around a little bit in that location. Now remember you're going to stay in your body so that you have your physical feelings even though you'll be feeling them remotely, as you did in the Long Touch training (if you want to review this process more thoroughly read the following material as listed here in order: first, second, third, forth and fifth) - alright - and as a result I want you to concentrate on that. I'll be talking a lot more about bilocation in the future but for right now concentrate only on feeling the ground under your feet.

Then after you've practiced that once or twice, maybe three times over the next week or two then, giving you a little advance homework here, I'd like you to - when you are bilocating - I'd like you to notice - don't look up as it were, you're after all focused in a physical act but notice if you can what you look like in that place. Don't focus on face or hands or body - but garments - just notice and don't get caught up in it.

Remember - you must at all times be noticing the physical feeling of the ground under your feet so if you try to look at what you look like there, though you might very well look the same way you are standing or sitting in your chair for instance, if you focus on that you'll lose connection with feeling the ground under your feet - so that's the most important thing.

That's why I want you to use latent images - meaning that after you have let go of being in that other place, standing there, see if you can remember how you may have looked generally speaking - alright. I'll say more about that another time.

Now you can, for those of you who are not certain what I mean by latent images you can look at a cloud in the sky then close your eyes and you will still be able to see that cloud briefly in your minds eye - alright - that's what I mean.

Okay. So that's your homework. I'll have more to say about this soon.