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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Deep Dreaming - Helping Each Other Through Loss

It's difficult isn't it recovering from a loss. This can be from many different things. The loss of a loved one, the loss of wealth, the loss of a pet. There is so many different things that one can lose in life yes? The loss of respect and even yes, the loss of ones sense of self - who one is.

In these times we are all facing so much and we're all very much overwhelmed by life many times that loss is just that much more difficult to deal with. And yet there are so many that have so much and so many that have so little that it is good to remind oneself that a loss you have suffered is shared by the hearts of all. Let me explain how this works.

We are all on this planet now united heart to heart much more than we ever have been in millennia. This is so much the case now as we are reuniting with our natural native personalities which I've discussed on these blogs before here and also here for example. Because of this we now share each others grief quite a bit more than we have in the past. Let me give you an example.

There are times now when you wake up from a dream that seems so very real that you might be concerned that this is something that could happen to you as in a prophetic dream but most often it is not about you. Most often it is about somebody else's worry or more often the case somebody's loss. This sharing of loss is happening increasingly in the deep sleep level where we can process the pain of others without causing ourselves personal pain and where our bodies can quickly recover as our guides move us quickly away from the scene of the pain if it is too great.

I'm sharing this with you now because there will be times when you wake up suddenly from a dream such as that. Perhaps the alarm goes off, perhaps someone wakes you up. It's hard to say, there are many reasons. If that happens and you heart hurts briefly know that you have been helping someone and that your guide did not have a chance to move you away from that experience before you were awakened.

The next time you get a chance, perhaps it will be during your next sleep cycle, try to remember before you go to sleep - just think to yourself or whisper quietly out loud, "I am asking my guide to remove me from that painful episode that I was assisting in during my last sleep cycle."

Of course this may happen anyway during your sleep cycle but when you say that it will reassure your physical body and such reassurance is so badly needed these days.

Lets consider that the nature of loss while great can be relieved to a degree by our equalizing the pain in these deep dreams. In that light if you would like to say the following living prayer please do. You might say, "I am asking that all those beings who are suffering now receive all the help, love and support they need in the most benevolent way from all those beings who can help them in their deep dream state or other ways."

Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

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