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The Wand Position
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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Living Upon The Living

Living on a living being, that's what we do here on Earth. I know you've heard similar statements before but consider for a moment - if you were a organism, nothing dangerous but something not particularly safe for a human body and you were inside a human body just traveling in there looking for a place to rest and perhaps start a little family eh - and along comes an antibody and does you in, your last thought would be that - this is a very dangerous place indeed.

The human body is very much a child of Mother Earth. Yes, Creator does have something to do with our being here insofar as supporting and creating our souls but our physical bodies are made of Mother Earth and therefore like a child we do appear very much and function similarly to Mother Earth.

So I'm reminding you today, though I know you know it well, that as a child of Earth we need to remember that hurricanes and tornados and other parts of her personality though fearsome indeed are a portion of a living being and as such deserve our respect and of course - we have to get out of the way when they come.

On this blog you will read many things and you will have the opportunity and have had to hear about how to influence hurricanes and tornados - not to make them disappear but perhaps to deflect their path in such a way as it will be safer for yourself, your family, your friends and yes your community.

It's important to remind ourselves that we are living on a living being because there are some things that you will be able to do that I will share with you here to the best of my ability about other aspects - tidal waves, earthquakes and so on. I'll teach you all that I can but remember that I will not teach you how to put a stop to these things because as fearsome as they are - if someone, say a little organism got inside your body and said, "I'm going to put a stop to antibodies" where would we be then eh?

We must respect Mother Earth's body and encourage her to have her Earth motion in places where we are not or if we are there to have frequent small motions that do not cause harm to us. And we must ask that if she has tidal waves that they go around us but if they are going to come towards us and be near our shores that we must retreat and live further inland.

I have spoken of these matters before and I may again. It is not my job to tell you where to live and how to live but I will make it my job when I feel I am able to help you - to remind you of things we know and things we sometimes forget. Mother Earth must be a living being as we must. Lets all try to remember that - I will too.

Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

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