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The Wand Position
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Thursday, November 01, 2007

Bilocation, Part 1

Alright now it is time for you to begin to practice once again your bilocation as you have here before and here and here or for a more thorough review which begins at what I would call more of a ground floor level see the links below listed in order of first through fifth. There is a reason I want you to practice this, there's always a reason. Know that.

From the beginning of this blog and my other, there's always a reason and one thing builds on another.

So for now let's practice your skills as a refresher. Wherever you are at the moment whether sitting or standing remain in your present place. Either look across the room, look across the yard or look across the field if you're outdoors and imagine yourself standing in that other location. Try to do this when there is nobody around or as few people as possible or others that you feel completely comfortable with and it's alright if animals are present - alright - but not animals likely to be involved in aggressive actions towards each other directly - alright. So, we need to keep things as calm as possible.

Now remain in your physical body but look towards the location you are viewing and let it be a location without human habitation and someplace that is a open space - alright. Look towards that space and imagine yourself standing there however when you imagine yourself there I want you to focus only on the physical feeling of standing there.

It can be any kind of space. And those of you who live near the seashore and have no other open land nearby, feel perfectly comfortable in standing on the water - alright - because this is an active imagination - then you can do that.

So focus only on feeling the ground under your feet at this time and that is all. Focus on feeling the ground under your feet and move around a little bit in that location. Now remember you're going to stay in your body so that you have your physical feelings even though you'll be feeling them remotely, as you did in the Long Touch training (if you want to review this process more thoroughly read the following material as listed here in order: first, second, third, forth and fifth) - alright - and as a result I want you to concentrate on that. I'll be talking a lot more about bilocation in the future but for right now concentrate only on feeling the ground under your feet.

Then after you've practiced that once or twice, maybe three times over the next week or two then, giving you a little advance homework here, I'd like you to - when you are bilocating - I'd like you to notice - don't look up as it were, you're after all focused in a physical act but notice if you can what you look like in that place. Don't focus on face or hands or body - but garments - just notice and don't get caught up in it.

Remember - you must at all times be noticing the physical feeling of the ground under your feet so if you try to look at what you look like there, though you might very well look the same way you are standing or sitting in your chair for instance, if you focus on that you'll lose connection with feeling the ground under your feet - so that's the most important thing.

That's why I want you to use latent images - meaning that after you have let go of being in that other place, standing there, see if you can remember how you may have looked generally speaking - alright. I'll say more about that another time.

Now you can, for those of you who are not certain what I mean by latent images you can look at a cloud in the sky then close your eyes and you will still be able to see that cloud briefly in your minds eye - alright - that's what I mean.

Okay. So that's your homework. I'll have more to say about this soon.


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