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The Wand Position
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Monday, April 30, 2007

Welcoming Life That Welcomes Us, Part 3

Alright, let us move on now to part 3 of our project to encourage the beings who exhale oxygen.

It is a challenge is it not - how do you welcome a life form that only can move in a limited fashion. Trees limbs can move in the wind yes, and if you've had the opportunity it is possible to be with a tree and without a breath of wind it can move - you may have tried that which I wrote about some time ago. So if you have and you've been doing this work as well perhaps you'd like to try todays project.

I'm going to suggest that you create a zone in time where trees and anything that exhales oxygen can be safe. First of all lets say the following living prayer. You might say, "I am asking that all those beings who are harmonious with us by exhaling oxygen as part of their natural process feel welcome and be safe on this planet to interact with us and to live with us in the safest and most benevolent way."

After you've said that wait a few minutes and then I want you to try something else if you like.

Imagine for a moment a experience that you might have with the sun - and imagine yourself as a sun but not hot. Rather as a light source you might conceivably function to broadcast the transitional element for plants.

Keep in mind that photosynthesis actually helps plants to acquire the necessary capabilities to perpetuate themselves. So for a moment see if you can be a sun on the Earth in the most peaceful, bright and in this case cool way. Now travel or see yourself traveling on the surface of the Earth anyplace you'd like to go and what you leave behind you is a pathway that encourages, supports and plants in the earth the capacity of a sun's photosynthesis giving power.

After you've done this for a time - relax. I know this may seem like a normal creative visualization but for those of you who've been reading and doing the work on this blog and perhaps on my other - Benevolent Magic you have by now developed capabilities that can allow you to feel the combined energy of each other doing this work.

It is my intention to leave this planet some day, as we all must, and to leave you here until the end of your time here to carry on this work and I believe you can do so by interacting with each other yes - and by interacting most benevolently with the Earth. I am hopeful you shall do so.


Thursday, April 26, 2007

Welcoming Life That Welcomes Us, Part 2

Last time I discussed the need to create a welcome on Earth for plants. Today I'd like to suggest that we take that a step farther.

First of all I feel it would be good for you to invite all the benevolent energies, angels, beings, deities to be with you in the most loving way whether you are indoors or out and say - after you feel a sense of their presence or perhaps that energy - say the following Living Prayer to start with.

You might say, "I am asking that all plants in the world feel welcome by humanity and by Mother Earth herself to grow, to thrive, to seed and to live in the most benevolent way now."

After you say that, look around if you are outside. See if you can see a tree - perhaps one that has grown on its own, not one planted by human being but if that's all that's available - trees planted by humans then see if you can feel a sense of persona with the tree.

You can, as many of you have done, use a meditation but see if you can also extend - I've given instructions on that - to extend from your body into the tree. Make sure it is a tree that you feel good about and that the tree has accepted your energy to be extended into it and then feel the tree's roots.

While you're in there feeling the roots, move from the roots into the surrounding soil and focus on the physical feeling of welcome. Stay in the soil in and around the tree as long as you can feel the feeling of welcome.

I feel this is most important because it not only welcomes the roots into the soil but it infuses your physical energy of welcome into Mother Earth herself and I feel that she needs that.

She needs our help now to supplement her own capacity to welcome all life. Given the redistribution of life forms largely accounted for by the growth in the population of humanity we need to take over or at least supplement some of Mother Earth's life giving qualities and I feel this is a good way for you to start.

Thank you for your efforts in loving Mother Earth. Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Welcoming Life That Welcomes Us, Part 1

Now it's important to begin a series here. As I said some time ago we were going to intensify the training here and with my weather series that was really the beginning of that. I've continued in some other ways because I feel it's important to use the tools that I have available at the moment to reach as many of you as possible with these skills that many of you can adapt into your own life in some form and perhaps discover your own true magical capabilities. That is my intention.

Today I want to talk to you about creating a harmonious environment for plants and other life forms that exhale oxygen.

Scientists have been concerned for some time now and many of them have reported this in their own journals and that's that the oxygen percentage in the air we breathe is steadily dropping. Granted, some of it is a problem associated with pollution but there are other problems and that is that the life forms that provide the oxygen are decreasing in number.

I do not claim to be a scientist nor do I have any particular scientific knowledge but you can research this yourself if you don't already know about it. So today I'd like to encourage you to think or research for yourself of one or two forms of life, plants come readily to mind, that exhale oxygen.

What a wonderful design yes - to have us who exhale, amongst other things, carbon dioxide - plants who inhale carbon dioxide and exhale oxygen. Certainly the invisible hand of Creator is available for our appreciation with such a design amongst other things there yes.

Let's do something today - I feel that plants, while they breathe what we exhale also are looking to feel safe. We all want that don't we - we need to feel safe so that we can live as well as possible but with the expansion of our own human population plants are decreasingly available.

We think that plants are ubiquitous don't we. It seems like they're everywhere but think about the plants most especially that are not planted by us.

I believe and I have been taught that anything that has been planted and watered by human beings where we want it feels nervous because those plants assume that they are not part of the natural environment on Earth. Therefore since they did not pick where they would grow and their seeds did not travel naturally by the way Mother Earth distributes seeds with motion, water and wind and sometimes through animals and other that those seeds do not necessarily feel safe and comfortable and this is not surprising.

One person has a yard with plants they love and cherish in their garden and over the years those plants are well tended and yet another person moves in and they decide that those plants are not to their liking.

Think about it. If you were that plant you would be nervous quite often because you knew that your life was entirely in the hands of a human being whom you might not consider to be quite as magnanimous as Creator.

So, it is not my job to blame anyone no do I want to suggest that Landscape Contractors are doing anything other than helping people to create beauty and to improve their environmental surroundings. However I feel we need, as those who wish to participate in these things, to welcome plants and to welcome seeds in nature and encourage that welcoming in the soil of Earth itself.

So today I'd like to say that the energy of welcome can be visited on the earth. I want you to consider that and next time I'll give you more details.


Sunday, April 22, 2007

Understanding Mother Earth: Thunder

I know that in this day and age we all feel quite sure, backed by science, what things are - and yet perhaps there's another reason why the things we take for granted exist.

Today I'd like to talk about thunder. I have spoken just recently about lightning. Thunder is intended by Mother Earth to provide a reassurance of her status as a living being.

We all know that those whom we consider to be alive - life forms yes - are much more so in our minds if they make sounds.

There was research many years ago because scientists were thrilled that dolphins and whales seemed to have a wide variety of sounds and even in the eyes of those researchers, those particular beings seemed to have a greater sense of beingness - even discernible different personalities.

It is also the case isn't it when we have our dog or cat or bird or horse or whatever pet you have that when they make sounds we are conscious that they are beings.

I'm not trying to suggest that just because we can't hear a spider speak or that most birds at a distance do not make sounds that we can hear does not mean that we don't think of them as alive but sounds do make a difference don't they.

We talk to each other and we listen to each other, at least hopefully yes, but when Mother Earth makes sounds we don't always think of them as communication.

There are different rumbling sounds of thunder - sometimes it is quite strong. Truly - something you might consider when hearing the sound itself that if there were an exclamation point after it you wouldn't be surprised. We all have heard such things. I am suggesting that Mother Earth is actually making those sounds herself.

It is not simply a fact of science. Science is a fine tool. It helps us to be able to produce and reproduce things and to understand certain elements in a certain way but science can also explain our voices. It can explain the function of sounds that we make based upon various criteria but it does not really attempt to explain does it - what we say and the meaning behind it.

No, it doesn't really attempt to explain what the sound of thunder says and the meaning behind it either in terms of communication.

Consider the next time you hear thunder that you are hearing Mother Earth speak. If it is a low rumble off in the distance it is reassuring to know that Mother Earth is still alive performing her bodily functions but if it is a sudden crack that gets your attention because it's close or simply because Mother Earth has something to say with an exclamation point than it's important to consider - not just what she's speaking about but that her voice is loud and that she is letting us know with a reminder that she is most definitely a living being.

I am not here today to state what she is saying though I may comment on that in the future, I'm just here to remind you that Mother Earth is alive.

Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

Thursday, April 19, 2007


Today a few words about grounding - a feeling of being physically connected to the Earth in the present moment and of being in your body and aware physically of yourself in your body.

You have all heard about that and there are many, many ways to do it but I'd like to recommend one way that is actually fun - and you can do it.

For some of you it will involve using your imagination. For others you will be able to actually have feelings associated with it.

First let me talk about one of the most grounded types of beings on our planet and they're meant to be that way, I believe since it is in their very nature - and that is dogs.

When dogs make little sounds, not necessarily whimpers but the little sounds that they make sometimes because they are happy or because they are enjoying interacting with a human being - or other little sounds, their breath comes in the usual way and I'm not talking about how they use the mechanism of their body to breathe - I'm just talking about how the surface of their body interacts with their world.

But when a dog feels a sense of threat or even a happiness - in other words feelings that are pronounced, feelings that have an immediate action or reaction then dog almost always - barring some unusual circumstance alright - breathes in through the bottoms of his or her feet.

So figure it like this, a breath in through the feet then woof - yes - but there's more to it than that. There's also the source of the woof.

It can come - and those who live with dogs know that, depending upon the type of bark, it can come as a greeting in which case it might be a little higher pitched but as a warning it is almost always a little lower pitched regardless of how big or small dog is.

Now how can we use this if...there is a use for it? Oh yes there is.

If you are feeling particularly ungrounded or you're having the experience of feeling that way even momentarily and you feel a need at that time to be grounded then you can be dog for a moment.

You don't have to walk around and wag your tail but you can take a lesson from dog.

In this case this is what I recommend. First move your feet around a bit - alright. If you are outdoors move your feet around on the ground and if you are indoors then just move your feet around on the floor, on the carpet or whatever is below your feet. Ideally it is best to have no shoes on when doing this but it works almost as well with shoes on - alright.

So then this is what I recommend - once you are using your feet or even moving them around or if you wish simply conscious of the bottoms of your feet breathe in - of course you're going to use your usual breathing apparatus but make a point of breathing in through the bottoms of both feet.

Take in a breath and simply make a sound that is similar to woof - you can say woof if you want to. Try to incorporate the use of your diaphragm when you do this. That will produce a tone - alright - that is the most compatible with grounding.

Of course it is in the nature of simply breathing in that your diaphragm is involved but if you focus on the bottoms of your feet when you take in the breath and then focus on your diaphragm - meaning don't think about it - actually bring your bodies physical attention to that area as your attention may have been brought to the area of the bottom of your feet when you moved them - alright - and because you have just taken in a breath it'll be easy to transfer, after taking in the breath, your awareness to your diaphragm and then make a sound. It will probably be a little deeper sound then you might normally make.

If you can do this about 6 to 8 times you will feel more grounded.

I know there are other ways to do this - eating carrots or potatoes or doing other things like that but this is something that can be done in a moment without the need for anyone or anything else.

Just a little tip about grounding yourself when in an environment for instance where you cannot go outside and you cannot do other things with others, in short - grounding in a moment.


Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Being Optimistic In Challenging Situations

Now comes the time of responsibility for each and every one of us.

Many of us have been training to be able to function in our world on a day to day basis with our spiritual, physical, energetic and inspired facilities. It is important now to begin to engage these facilities within us by incorporating the magic and other forms of influence that I've been sharing with you on my benevolent magic blog and this one as well as other methods of inspiration that you feel good about that supports all life. I'm encouraging you now to partake in these activities every day.

There is a struggle going on now. While it may appear to be at times the struggle between good and evil - I believe and I have been taught that it is primarily for us individually an inner struggle between our old conditioning to expect the worst and our new capability to experience the best through our capabilities, through our benevolent influence and through an optimism that we practice as an exercise until it becomes habit.

I am not saying to be blindly optimistic, I am saying to flex our optimistic muscle so that we are able to move through the conditioning that we have been challenged with in our life.

I'm not talking about to discard our experience of life. I am talking about discarding the low expectations and the influence of others that discourages us from believing that we can have good lives.

We cannot expect others around us to live benevolently if we do not exercise our optimism muscle now. Such optimism tends to cheer people up. You know, you've been around people before that are optimistic and it can be a cheerful influence if done in a way that is pleasant. So first practice being optimistic and then practice applying it in our lives yes - in a pleasant way.

I know this might sound very trite and perhaps even of a small and less important nature but I feel it has everything to do with our inner struggle now to overcome the limits that we've been living with and to recognize that at least forty percent of these limits has to do with our conditioning.

So lets make the effort to live benevolent lives and to express that that's possible to others.


Sunday, April 15, 2007

Understanding Mother Earth: Lightning

Now a few words about lightning. It is very important to allow lightning to be.

I know I have discussed weather in its various faces and personalities here for a while and I have not mentioned lightning up to this point in time - at least not specifically. It is very important to understand the vital function lightning plays not only in allowing Mother Earth to balance her energies but in improving the quality of our lives.

When lightning strikes, and you have all seen this, it is a thing of beauty and of course is also a bit frightening.

And yet Mother Earth uses this energy she creates in her skies to discharge discomforting energies on her body - meaning on the surface of the Earth and to a degree under the surface that have accumulated there.

Sometimes the accumulation might have been for hundreds of years, other times perhaps more recently. It isn't always to do with things that human beings have done there or have done near there but many times it is and it isn't always because of a single happenstance or circumstance, many times it is an accumulation.

When you see the lightning flash only once, meaning there is no apparent double flash as you might see perhaps in slowing down a video of lightning, then Mother Earth is only discharging the land and dispersing that energy to make her body more comfortable there and also it will make that land more comfortable for us - human beings and animals for some time to come right there and in the immediate environment.

What about when you see the lightning flash twice? When you see it flash twice, what happens is the discharge takes place first but that area may be someplace special for Mother Earth. Perhaps there is strata underneath that we do not know - nothing valuable, nothing obvious but a place where Mother Earth needs to charge the soil and the rocks and the sand beneath - and so she will charge it with the double flash - that flicker we sometimes see in a lightning strike.

What occurs there not only brings her own body into balance, it not only charges that part of the land but it also builds up and sustains a current of energy that supports all life.

Have you not noticed after an electrical storm when you go outside how refreshing the air seems to be - how vital life force is in its presence. Lightning is to Mother Earth's body what breath is to our own. It is the stuff of life itself.

Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

We Can Be Optimistic

Last time I mentioned about the value of changing the cycle of cynicism where one expects the worst, to not only avoid being disappointed but also because one has perhaps been conditioned to have low expectations, to a cycle of optimism where one expects - not only that things can get better but expects that things can get better for oneself. This is a most benevolent situation for these times.

You know by reading on this blog, Mystical Man, that I am discussing to a great extent now benevolent magic - yes and other magical aspects of life but also life changing capacities that we all have.

It is not my intent to say that you and you and you and you and you and me yes - are living our lives all wrong. Rather it is my intent to say - here we are all on this planet now. What are we going to do to improve the quality of our lives even if we perceive that resources are limited as good Economist's will tell us and from a pragmatic point of view - absolutely it's true - resources are limited but perhaps not as limited as they appear.

Magic can be bountiful, it can change everything and it does not have to be fiction. It can be benevolent and it is best when it is benevolent for all. In that way there is no resistance whatsoever to the most benevolent results.

You must let go however - absolutely - of revenge. Using magic to institute, perpetuate or in any way create a agenda for revenge simply won't work or if it does work it inevitably comes back on those who have encouraged it to happen - perhaps even ordered it to happen - meaning ordering others to do so and invariably causes usually twice the traumatic effect that was thrust upon others.

I am not trying to say - oh, all that do magic are doomed - just the opposite. I am saying that magic can be profoundly benevolent and I believe that that is exactly what it is intended to be. So without further ado let me go into the subject for today.

When we believe because of our conditioning that life is to be expected to be hard, a struggle, a burden and that we must fight and scrabble our way to the top no matter what effect on others - we see to an extent what our world has become.

It is possible of course to see many good things in our world that are there and of course it is desirable to sustain those good things and yet we need to do more to not only sustain them but to encourage the re-emergence of good things that are lost or have gone away completely.

Here's how we can begin. It is a simple idea that incorporates feelings. For those of you who are Actors or Performers this will be easier because you will know how to be something even for a moment. Feel free to instruct others to relearn as a child might do naturally how to be something as - almost in play - you see. To pretend, yes - but if you are not an Actor or Performer then you may have to pretend or imagine.

For starters - imagine a experience of complete benevolence whatever form that is for you as long as it is benevolent - meaning good for you and good for others - so everyone is happy yes - an imagination alright. And then - slowly if you can allow whatever you are picturing to be less prominent and focus on the feelings that have come up within you - alright.

Then while those feelings are present simply say out loud, "Life can get better" and "Life can get better for me now."

Make an effort to do this just in that fashion once a day for the next 30 days. Then once every other day for the next 30 days. Then once every week for the rest of your life - or more often if you prefer but never more than once a day.

Try to do this someplace where you are alone or if you are never alone or rarely alone then you can whisper it but it must be done out loud as a voice - a speaking voice or as a whisper.

It cannot be done and successfully accomplished to the degree that is desirable if it is thought. However if for some reason you are unable to speak out loud or even whisper then do think it and perhaps it will be helpful to a degree.

I will say more about this in time but for right now I feel the urgent belief - yes but also the urgent desire that we lay down the foundation for a cycle of optimism as I will continue to give you more and more in the world of magic on how to create the most benevolent world regardless of the materials that are available to create it.

Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Gently Influencing The Weather: Flood Part 2

Last time I spoke to you about engaging the sun. I want to elaborate on that a bit.

In order to truly welcome the sun it is important to engage it which in this case means to attract it.

If Mother Earth is cleansing herself with rain it is not for us to stop that process but sometimes because we, as human beings, become conditioned to things as we are often conditioned when we are young we become expectant of things to happen even if they are unpleasant or overwhelming.

It is this expectancy which creates an unintentional attachment to the least happening that is good and even expecting the worst. Granted, we might do this sometimes so that we are not disappointed in life but other times if a great many people are expecting the worst - meaning for it to continue raining and continue raining to the point of flood and beyond there must be some people who know how to engage the sun - in short how to attract it.

So this is what I recommend. You have perhaps studied welcoming the sun by now and even tried that out a little bit or at least considered how you might try it out at a time when it is needed. Engaging the sun is a little more so of that.

Here's how to do it. In order to engage the sun you must feel a kinship with it. This does not simply mean pretending to be the sun which others can teach effectively but it must be a kinship that feels safe.

I have mentioned this in other places - perhaps not on these blogs but I'm going to go over this now. This is a method you can use also to purify yourself - meaning to free yourself of energies and entities that may be harming you or could harm you not because they are malevolent but rather because they are lost or unable to find their way. Purification in this sense means that you will be able to release them from your energy body and they will be able to be transfered to where they need to be and it is a win-win for all.

Now this is what to do and the steps must be followed exactly as I've laid out to have the best effect. In this case the sun will not in any way be harmful to you because even though it is the sun in the sky, as we know it to be, the sun is not hot and we are not effected by the heat but rather we are effected benevolently by the light.

This is what to do. Picture yourself to the right of the sun and you can be standing or sitting and if possible actually feel yourself there. Those of you who've learned how to bilocate here, then here, and also here - that's the best way but if not visualize yourself to the right of the sun. Know that the sun will not be harmful. It is strictly a large light experience.

Now move very slowly. It will feel slow but it will take you about - maybe 30 to 40 seconds to move from the right to the left right through the sun and in that process - in that 30 to 40 seconds or maybe even in some cases a minute - possibly a little longer you will feel a lot of stuff fall away from you. And now move all the way through the sun.

As I say, if you can feel yourself moving through that mass of light it would be best but if you simply see it - as in a visualization that will be of some help as well.

When you are done moving from the right to the left simply be where you are - meaning if you are sitting or laying down and relax for a few moments and then open your eyes. See how you feel.

If it wasn't that good for you because it was a visualization then practice the bilocation as I've laid out before.

This is a good way to engage the sun because it allows you to feel the sun as something that is entirely desirable not just a light creating being in our world - alright.

So - when it is raining too much what you do especially if you can bilocate is you experience yourself moving through the sun and when you are doing that - you can be indoors by the way or outdoors, it doesn't make any difference - when you are doing that feel that good feeling you have because the sun has removed the discomfort from you and that friendly feeling will help you to welcome the sun to a greater degree on Earth where you are.

There is one last thing to do here. If you can say the following Living Prayer I recommend you say, "I am asking that all beings here in this area that is flooding or soon to flood feel a sense of great personal warmth and welcome for the sun and to expect the sun to be out, the sky to be blue, the ground to dry up as it is in its most benevolent state and for life to go on in the most benevolent way."

There is a follow up to that as well. When you see people, every time you hear someone say - the rain will never stop or other cynical statements simply say to them the following.

"The sun will be coming soon - expect it" or "I heard that the rain is going to lift and that it will be sunny soon." In short - it is like a suggestive statement you see but it is also to encourage people - alright. It is important to encourage and support people to not just believe something in the face of all evidence to the contrary but to encourage them to encourage others that the rain cycle can return to its normal state of being.

It is important to move beyond expecting the worst even if one is trying to avoid being disappointed. That way the cycle of cynicism can be broken and it is possible even to engage a cycle of optimism. I will say more about a cycle of optimism in times to come here.

Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

Friday, April 06, 2007

Gently Influencing The Weather: Flood Part 1

We find ourselves now in a time when the weather patterns are changing all over the world. In some cases they are subtle - yes - slight changes, not easy to detect requiring scientific instruments and testing. In other places it is dramatic and people who've lived in a place for a long time are stunned at the changes. "What has happened," they might say, "this is not the way it was before!"

So that is one of the big reasons I am giving you all this information on the gentle influence that it's possible to have with the weather and why I'm giving you this is so that you can practice it, not to change a light rain to a sunny day so you can go enjoy the beach but rather so that at times of disaster or impending disaster you can try some of these things and see if these potential disasters can be headed off or at least steered around you and your land into someplace that is more benevolent - perhaps out to sea as in the case of a hurricane which I mentioned before.

Today I am not going to talk about hurricanes or tornados or cyclones or typhoons but rather drenching rain that is not simply relieving a drought but a ongoing rain that is flooding the land - not a temporary thunderstorm type of flood but rather a flood that won't go away that's nearing the top of the dikes or that's threatening to break the dam. You understand what I mean - flood.

So what can you do to welcome the sun? I have spoken about this a bit before but I want to give a little bit more on that.

I feel it's important to engage the sun and appreciate it and therefore I want to suggest you start with this Living Prayer. I recommend you say, "I am asking that I feel a kindred friendship with the sun that is so strong and deep within me that I can invite the sun to be present even in the midst of a downpour."

After you say that just let it settle for a time - at least 5 to 10 minutes before you go out to try anything but it would be better to say this Living Prayer now - eh - before there is a flood. So let that settle within you and I'll say more about this next time.

For now, read up on the things I've linked to and we'll say more in Flood, Part 2.


Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Continuing Illumination On Instinct

I have spoken a great deal on instinct and you will find some of that teaching here, then here, followed by this and then this and also this.

I am concerned however that there still may be a misconception about instinct. The assumption is that it has a quality of mystery to it but in fact there is no great mystery.

Instinct is about touch - your body touching the surroundings. Now I grant that you may not consider the atmosphere or the air in front of you something that you touch although in theory you can understand where it might be considered touching as you move through the air around you but there is more there than air.

There is also feelings - meaning that which is contacting your feelings as well as the radiated feelings of all other beings and by all other beings I do not mean only human beings - I also mean plants, animals and Mother Earth herself to say nothing of the broadcast energy of Creator, Angels and so on.

Instinct is not mysterious at all. It is our reaction to those feelings. Do you know, you don't have to try to figure it out. It's not meant to be figured out, it's just meant to be felt.

At this time of year many of us are experiencing winter where we have to have lots of clothes bundled on us but it's coming on towards spring isn't it and it will be possible to, at the very least, remove gloves.

Now, I want you to try something when you are able to have your hands exposed to the outdoors. If you are not sure what instinct feels like then you can try this - and you can even do it indoors if you want to.

Use the back of your hand - that is the best way to start with this and reach towards a given area - meaning for example - test it - yah?

Try reaching towards a room or a space that you know is not a good place for you to go into. There may be a reason. By the way you don't have to open the door for instance if it is a closed room, just stand outside well away from it and reach your hand towards that door.

There might be any number of good reasons why it's not good for you to go in there but the test that you're doing here is not to see what's behind the door but rather to see how your body reacts as you reach towards it with the back of your left hand.

Take note what feelings you have in your physical body. Then go to another room, since I am applying this to indoors, and if that room is perfectly safe to enter and you know that it is then reach towards that with the back of your hand again standing well away from the door. The door being open or closed doesn't make any difference - reach towards it and notice how you feel in your physical body.

This is an important test and you can use it when you go outdoors to try it someplace there but for starters try it around the house. If you want to - go outdoors but make sure that if you are reaching towards something with the back of your left hand that it is definitely a safe thing to do.

I don't want you to take a chance towards something - meaning going towards something that is not safe. So practice in the house or in a building that you know is safe to practice in and then go outdoors and practice on a space that you know is safe for you and you will be able to note that that reaction in your body is exactly that that you felt towards the safe space in your house.

Give it a try. I'll say more about this in further talks about instinct which is something we can all use and will help us to feel safer. I know it, I believe it, I use it and I've been trained in it.

Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

Sunday, April 01, 2007

The Teaching Here

When in the beginning of this work I indicated to you that there would be advanced training here, I wasn't kidding.

I know that some of you are not that interested now in this weather training but in the years to come those of you who practice on this will find that it comes in very handy indeed and I won't always be around to train you.

So - I know that this method with print is not really enough. You need to see for yourself, you need personal instruction but this is what I have to offer at this time. Someday I will try to do more and put more video on here when that is possible but for now I will offer as much advanced training as is possible in the medium of print.

Soon I will begin the next weather series which will involve floods or too much rain or rain too hard, too fast, too long and I will say as much about that as I can and I hope that you will find it useful somewhere - sometime.

Remember always that Mother Earth is a living being and what we call weather is part of her body. So we can but request - and that is all - that she serves our needs and the needs of our fellow beings.

Remember always that as a living being Mother Earth needs to do these things for herself just as our heart needs to beat, our blood needs to move in our body and we need to breathe and eat and move here and there.

We will if need be accommodate our friends and family and make changes but we cannot stop breathing, we cannot ask our heart to stop - in short we must live. Mother Earth must live also and these things I'm teaching you here are intended to be used to save lives, to be used in emergencies and for no other purpose.

Remember the rain feeds us all. The sun feeds us all and Mother Earth must live as we must all. Still it is my intention to pass on this wisdom to you so that you might practice, learn, grow and experiment to see what works well for you. I will continue to do so as long as I am able.

Goodlife to you all and goodnight.