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The Wand Position
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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Another Day In The Trailer Park

I remember there was an occasion when I was living in the trailer park where there had been a great deal of rain, much of it unexpected and it being towards the later part of winter there was also snow further up the canyon and then with the alternating rain and snow and the creek running very high indeed the prediction came from the weather people that they were expecting a huge storm to arrive and they were predicting anywhere between four and five inches of rain for the city itself and for us up in the canyon of course it was always more. So people were very worried especially those in the first few rows of the trailer park near the creek.

I remember wondering if there was something I ought to do about that as I had been taught how to work with the weather and yet I had made a friend in the park and she and I were discussing it one day - this at about - oh maybe a day to a day and a half before the storm was scheduled to arrive and I suddenly had a flash of insight as it was something that I'd worked on once before in such a manner.

I remember saying to her even though there was absolutely every bit of evidence to the contrary that the storm was going to miss us to the north. She looked at me. She said, "Okay?" I said, "Now, the storm is going to miss us to the north" and I remember requesting that she go around and tell people in the park that the storm was going to miss us to the north.

I don't recall exactly what she did but I know I told one or two others who I was quite certain were the sort of social type of people who would tell everybody else and thats what I did.

Well, I don't have to tell you do I - the storm missed us to the north much to everybody's amazement. Now I'm not trying to say that I am some kind of magician but rather it occurred to me that this was an occasion in which people could express a sense of welcoming the sun without actually knowing that this is what was going on. It is not manipulation when it causes relief and happiness - keep that in mind when it comes to the shamanic and mystical world. Sometimes when people are frightened and don't know what to do they get upset easily - we can all understand that - and so this was not a psychological suggestion either.

It was a statement made with energy - I felt the energy come in when I said that to my friend and she felt it too as a sensitive person. It just so happened that I had some little reputation in the trailer park and a few people knew that I was a spiritual person and one particular friend - an elderly man who had insights about such things understood when I told him that the storm would miss us to the north - what that meant - and when he told others - as he told me later - he said it in such a way - in some cases very nonchalant and in other cases a little more firmly that everyone in the park believed it and expected that when they got up the next morning that the sun would be shining brightly - and so it was.

Sometimes the littlest things can bring about the best things. This was not a case of allusion or delusion. It was not a case of wishful thinking. Everyone went to bed expecting and welcoming and feeling relieved that the sun would be out brightly the next day which it was. Well, thats my short story for today. It worked out well.


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