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The Wand Position
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Thursday, April 27, 2006

Contacting Auric Fields

I recall a friend of mine once was having headaches on a regular basis and he got to the point where he just didn't tell anybody about it because there wasn't much he could do about it and he was just kind of worn down by the experience.

I recall once when he was visiting me at the trailer park that he casually mentioned that he was having one of his headaches. So I asked him to stand up and I reached towards him without touching him in the general direction of his head and suddenly he stood up straight and said, "Oh - headache had completely gone away." It came back slightly but then it felt so much better he didn't want me to do any more.

Now I'm bringing this to your attention because at the time I wasn't entirely sure what had happened because I was functioning spontaneously. I had not done to much work with people in what is often called healing but what is really from my perspective, the removal of discomfort for a time and sometimes it's permanent but thats the way I prefer to look at it. I just touched his auric field. I didn't touch his body and I recall I was no closer then about - oh maybe a foot away from his head when it felt better.

I'm bringing this to your attention because I feel that some of you may have this capability and I'd like to suggest you try something. Reach your hand out and gradually move your hand, palm facing your body, towards your body and see if you notice a little resistance or a very slight feeling in your physical body.

When you have that feeling it probably means that you are contacting your auric field. The same can be done with another person but I recommend that you explore the parameters - meaning the distance of your auric field from your body - for a time. This will give you an opportunity to observe a phenomena that is a real thing for us all and also will give you an opportunity to enjoy a capacity that can be used in other ways.

For instance, not long ago I recommended to a friend that when his cat was busy - and he's very fond of his cat - or his cat was not feeling well and he wanted to pet his cat to soothe it and calm it that he could pet his cats auric field by moving his hand towards his cat and when he felt a slight resistance or a slight feeling in his own body that that was as close to his cat as his hand ought to be. Then with the palm of his hand facing his cat he could follow the contours of his cats body just as if he was petting the cat from head to tail. In that case it would be good to make strokes from head to tail, pull your hand back and then move your hand towards your cats head and go head to tail. This way you're not pushing the energy back and forth.

I'm not suggesting that you pet yourself from head to tail but I'm giving you an example of how this can be used and I will build on it in the future.


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