The Wand Position

The Wand Position
Often Used for Magic

Thursday, July 28, 2011

A Personal Note on Values I Recommend

There is a core set of values to do this work. I'm not talking about the processes, the techniques but rather what they're built upon. One of the things that's most important is to respect all life - and everything is alive.

Another is to have, at the very least, impersonal unconditional love for all life. What do I mean by that? It means that without singling anyone out that there is a basic love of all beings. This does not disregard the fallibility of beings and it does not disregard actions that are not always benevolent but it does regard all beings to have as their core of existence at least a spark of the generated soul from Creator. Depending on how you think about these things that is the core set, I feel.

Granted the Mystical Man or Mystical Woman would have many other core values that are associated with their personality and I'm not trying to exclude anyone. What I am saying is the values I mentioned, I feel, are directly associated with being able to do this work. It's not a job that is done 40 hours a week or 50 hours a week, it's a job that's done on demand.

That does not mean that you cannot have time for yourself or your life for you must always know that when it comes to the greater things involved in looking out for the population at large that there will be times that you will be asleep and others will do these things. It does mean that you have to be able through that which you learn, and willing through that which you do to do what you can to improve the lot of all beings.

Much of this can be done with True Magic, more can be done by other processes that you've read about here - techniques and applications and so on. I'm bringing this up to you not because, as I said, that I'm trying to exclude anyone but rather because I feel that these values are good values to nurture in your children and in others as well as in yourself.

I wish you well. Goodlife.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Why I Share This Great Wisdom With You

There has been some confusion about the work that I am presenting here in the written as well as the video blogs. I know that most of you reading this blog are pretty well advanced in your work and have already quite a bit of discernment and I appreciate that asset because it of course recognizes that judgement and blaming just hold a person back spiritually as well as getting along in their lives whereas discernment allows you to understand, to see and feel with balance and to acquaint yourself with what is and what isn't the best thing for you in any given moment. That's quite useful as you know.

The reason I'm speaking to you like this now is that some confusion has been shown by various peoples or they do not understand the advanced nature of the work that I will sometimes share openly now with video and that is the thing amongst others that's causing confusion. So I need to make a statement here in order that everyone is clear what this is about.

For many years there has been knowledge and wisdom that is available to a select few. This knowledge and wisdom has been preserved for some future time, as they might have said, when all peoples are prepared to understand how these things work but I feel that that future time has arrived and I've felt that for several years now.

You've noticed that many of the materials in the blogs in the early days were reminiscences on my part telling about things that I experienced - and also on one or more of the other blogs about starting people off gently even though the gentle beginnings were very much a running start, shall we say, where it was my intention to serve the needs of those who were already on their spiritual pathways and looking for the next thing.

Since that has always been my intent - I have attempted to serve that via such teachings as Long Touch, Long Vision and others - at this time I feel it's important to recognize though, that I believe that peoples - especially those who are ready and have done the work on these blogs and other places - to learn the more advanced work, to understand hand positions such as the wand as I have explained before - to recognize that those groups who have managed by maintaining their being - meaning the group has lasted - often times spiritual groups or others know about these things and if you look at certain things - film from the past you may even see people using some of these gestures though I grant at times it is clear they're not sure what they're doing - it is time now to take these things, this knowledge and this wisdom and present it to you the way it can be used benevolently.

You know that that is why I am doing these things - those of you especially reading this blog - and I grant that I have built in certain safety factors so that the material presented here cannot be misused. Many of you who are advanced understand that. Still, because of the confusion I needed to say this and I hope you understand and accept it. I will always do what I am able to serve the needs of all beings according to the way I have been taught and the way I feel.

If we are going to make it as a society here on Earth we must be able to use Magic, as I'm calling it but in fact Magic is really just benevolent transformation which is to help to change that which has caused harm into that which can be used for good giving people the option to choose good which means to choose that which can only be benevolent for all beings.

I will continue to teach as long as I am able and I hope that those of you learning these things will share them with others in whatever way you feel can be the most benevolent for all beings.