The Wand Position

The Wand Position
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Friday, October 14, 2011

Fine Points About the Attraction Method.

This is for some of the more advanced students. Those of you using the Attraction method as indicated in this last video, Magic For Financial Empowerment, (the last technique taught interacting with the sun) - if you are thinking of applying it to other things you'd like to attract, keep in mind that using this method the energy tends to come and go over two to three weeks. So my recommendation is if you're going to use Attraction then do not use it more than once every three and a half to four weeks.

Also the best way to feel the energy - alright - in both Deflecting and Attraction - alright - is to feel at the top of your head, the energy. Some of you may feel the energy someplace else but at the top of your head you have the advantage that the energy tends to radiate all round and about you spherically.  

So - if you are attempting to deflect something, for example, it would just function to extend to the Earth. This works better if you're actually standing on the ground but if you're someplace else you're still on the Earth. So, then the deflection will radiate from you and hence from Earth. 

Equally in the case of Attraction, for yourself personally or for something else you wish to attract for all beings, it will work to attract. Be certain that you are focused on exactly what you want to attract. As always I've put in safeguards here so you don't attract things that are harmful to the Earth. 

Nevertheless, these are fine points and I wanted to bring them up for you today.


Magic For Financial Empowerment

The purpose of the video is to empower you so that you can improve your financial condition and the financial condition of the entire global population. 

Right now you will find a lot of videos here and there as well as audios and articles about people predicting gloom and doom but the ultimate purpose of this from the spiritual point of view is coming down to one simple phrase and that's - what are you going to do about it? 

This is the place to find that out. There are simple things you can do and simple things are given in this video. There are also more complex things for the more advanced spiritual student. This video is going to cover a wide range of things you can do to improve your financial condition, the financial condition of your friends, your family and everyone in the world. 

This is a place for people of action, for people who wish to be empowered and for people who do not wish to be held in disempowerment by old ideas. This is magic and it is natural and it is not complicated even though parts of it for the more advanced students are specific and exact. 

I will give you more of these things in the future because I believe you want to be empowered and that disempowerment does not attract you. So, students of empowerment, you're in the right place.

(Note: You'll notice Grandfather moving the hands around quite a bit to show the position of the hands, as in The Wand position for example but this is not intended for you to do. It's intended for you to just see the position of the hands. That's why the motion.)