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The Wand Position
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Saturday, December 30, 2006

The Gift Of Each Other

When approaching the new year there will be a moment just about an hour before or just about an hour after the time of the new year wherever you live. This moment will be physically noticeable by many of you.

For some of you it will look like a quick flash of light - very fast but noticeable, either out of the corner of your eye or a little more in focus. For others you will get the impression of something that resembles a window.

For still others you will see something that is like a overlay in space. Imagine for a moment that you're turning the pages of a book. The book is open and then you slowly turn the page. In this case it won't be like a book but for a moment it will look like your normal line of sight and then it will be almost as if a page was turned and something is superimposed which looks, once the page is turned so to speak, exactly like the space you were looking at but while the page is being turned there will be something else there.

It won't be quite discernible. It won't be the least bit frightening. It will just be noticeable that it's something else.

Now I know you want to know what that something else is. I will tell you. That something else that you may see before or just after the new year is what is really here.

I know that we've all been told this is an illusion that we're living in but there is something else here and I grant that while that may be true what we are living in is our day to day basic physical reality and we must live in it until our time here is over but the something else that is here - the underpinning so to speak, you might say the foundation, is the building blocks of creation.

Creator has set this world up for us so that we can learn how to continue it and assemble it - yes and reassemble it and how to support it for ourselves. In recent years we have been crying out for that support in our lives but many sources have been present, guidance and teachers, on how to generate that support for yourself. I have made some attempts in these directions and there certainly have been others.

We do not have to give up our religion, we do not have to give up our beliefs but we may have to give up our helplessness.

I believe that there is nothing in any way that is truly helpless about us. I grant that at many times we need help from others and others need help from us but that help is available if not always known and understood by individuals.

It is a time now to discover what each of us has to offer and discover our true treasure trove here which is each other.

Let's consider a universal resolution for this coming year. Perhaps we could say, "I join with my fellow beings of the Earth to welcome all of our unique personalities and to prepare to share those qualities of uniqueness when called upon for any action that will serve the greater good of all beings" or something very much like that if you like.

Let's make some gentle efforts at least - towards the discovering of the true gift of our fellow human beings and what their natural talents are. Let's not discard their natural talents if they don't fall into the natural, as we see it, order of our own philosophy. Let's consider that there may be some talents among us that have to do with future circumstances.

So if your child or your friend or your uncle or your aunt or your mother or your father seems to have something about their personality that is benevolent - yes, not harmful - certainly but seems to be a quirk - something they can do - something they do that is not harming others but is a definite quirk of their personality - it might just have to do with some task or ability that they may be able to perform when the circumstances present themselves sometime in the future.

Let's accept these quirks and consider them to be profiles of future capacities.

Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

Friday, December 29, 2006

The Student And The Teacher, Part 2

Last time I was talking to you about feelings as compared to
intelligence and I referred to days gone by in the distant past where someone would be approaching a plant.

Now - as you would have approached that plant did you simply go over and pick a bunch of leaves and gobble them down - no, of course not.

If you were fortunate you'd have amongst you a medicine woman or man and they would have understood plants better then you, having had knowledge passed on to them but if that was not the case and most times it wasn't the case in ancient times you would have approached the plant as an equal.

You would have honored the plant - saying something - perhaps sounds, sounds are always acceptable to plants if they are soothing and you would not have been hunting or stalking the plant. You might have asked the plant in some way using sounds or your own language of the time whether it could spare some of its leaves to nourish you and if you'd had a good feeling the plant would have been acknowledging that it could do that.

Then you would - by moving your hand around 3 to 4 inches, up to 6 inches away from the outer perimeter of the plant - you would have moved your hand very slowly starting in any place or a place that felt good - not pointing your finger towards the plant - just moving your hand - palm towards the plant around the plant and at some point you would have felt great warmth in your physical body.

This then would have been the area of the plant where you could pick some leaves. Then you would have pointed your finger in that area and moved around from leaf to leaf.

Now you might reasonably be asking how many leaves would it take to feel satisfied. There is another point here.

In these times, our times, one feels that one is not full if one does not have a certain quantity but in ancient times one would approach a plant like that and the plant would be telling you literally not only what part of itself was the safest for you to eat but what part of itself would have been the best part for you to eat.

You would then - moving around that area that felt the best because your physical body reacted to the physical body of the plant which would be speaking to you physically in that language and you would point and you would find 1, perhaps 2 leaves and those you would move closer to and if it had continued to feel good you would have very gently removed them from the plant - not at the same time. First one, then the other.

Then you would have thanked the plant, perhaps performing a blessing of whatever was native to your culture at that time and you would have backed slowly away from the plant thanking it for its great gift of a portion of its body to your body but you would not have eaten the leaves in the presence of the plant. This would not be considered polite.

You would have moved away and tried to get out of sight of the plant. If there was some cover you would have consumed the leaves back there or divided them up amongst your family and friends and you would have eaten them very slowly.

You would have chewed them very slowly all the while giving blessings and thanking the plant and life and perhaps a deity if you had one at that time - but it is the plant you see that is offering of itself - so that was thanked first - and while you were chewing the leaves - the energy, the strength and the vitality of the plants body would have been entering your own.

It wasn't to chew it and swallow it. You chewed it many times and you did not swallow it until you felt no more vitalization - no more - it was like a subtle vibration. You did not swallow it until that feeling went away - and when that feeling was no longer present through chewing and swallowing your own liquids in your mouth, then you would have taken on all the vitality and you would have then swallowed the leaf. You'd be surprised how very much energy was derived this way.

I will say more about this in times to come. For right now, I do not recommend that you do this unless you have that wisdom in your culture - then speak to the wisdom keepers of your culture in order to understand how you can go about this.

Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

The Student And The Teacher, Part 1

Have you ever wondered why there are so very many people on Earth at this time. Is it simply a matter of arithmetic, numbers, equations - no.

Long ago when there were fewer people on the Earth, people then had to live a little bit more by their senses. It is believed these days that people live by their wits but you couldn't live by your intelligence - you see you really couldn't do that then because you would often as a person, be moving from place to place according to how long it could sustain your life and the lives of your family or your clan or your tribe.

So you would move from place to place and therefore you would always be exposed to new plants, different kinds of animals and if you used your intelligence, "I wonder what this means" it would take to long you see. There would be things that could happen quickly. You would have to be able to use your feelings and that's why I talk about that on this site so much.

In these times people have become enamored of using our wits and they've become suspicious of our feelings. So - this is understandable when approached from the position of intelligence alone because intelligence has difficulty in quantifying and reproducing in a predictable fashion that which is sensed and felt since feelings occur for different people at different times though in much the same way.

Science has trouble with things like this - and intelligence exclusively also but we are born with all our feelings, we are not born with our knowledge.

What does that suggest. Our feelings are our primary means of living. Our feelings tell us when we are hungry, they tell us when we are sleepy - even intelligence does not count that out. Intelligence is not the enemy but it is the student and it has a tendency, speaking about intelligence as if it were someone, it has the tendency to serve its own needs over and beyond the needs of ones physical self and the needs of others.

That is why it is possible for people to ignore the needs of others because feelings are being ignored. In days gone by when there were fewer people on the Earth it was not something that you could ever do.

You would of course gain a certain amount of knowledge or wits as I'm calling it here but that would never supersede your senses - your feelings.

You might for example, approach a plant that had been perfectly safe to eat someplace else in your journeys but as you approach this particular plant it doesn't feel safe.

You back away - perhaps I would say, "Goodlife" and move on to another plant until you find one that feels safe.

Now you might say - well, that's a big risk just diving in and eating that. Well, you don't eat a large amount of it. In fact you would not eat it at all at first, in those days. You would first get close enough to the plant - slowly - as long as it felt good to your physical body you would get close and if it felt good - meaning safe, you had good physical feeling in your body, you might even touch the plant but most likely in those days one would simply get closer to the plant.

Now I want to say this, I am not trying to talk you into doing this in these times but rather I'm suggesting that there is another way of approaching life. There is another way of feeling life. There is another way of connecting to all life.

Feelings are the means. In societies on our planet where intelligence is considered supreme and especially in societies where feelings are considered to be untrustworthy and are suppressed in others - meaning others are regulated so they do not feel their feelings - no, I don't think so - so they do not pay attention to their feelings - that is how things get out of balance.

Intelligence is a student. Feelings are the teacher.

Sunday, December 24, 2006

A Guest Column on Sacred Shamanic African Masks

I am feeling that this is something that I'm going to post here as a guest column by this Shaman. He is someone known to me and I feel that his writing style and what he wishes to share is compatible with me and with this blog.

If you feel good about it, let me know or if on the other hand you feel it is not appropriate for this site also let me know and I will act on that as best I can.

Here it is then for your consideration.

Greetings. I will allow myself for the purpose of this post and any future posts I am welcomed to do here to be called Magic. It is of course not my name but I would prefer to keep that quiet for now.

You will find that my posts will be about what I would call true magic and some might call serious magic which means there will be no levity, that's true but also there will be issues of great import which I feel this post does speak to as it is intending to help people who might otherwise come into difficulties from their unintentional misuse of something.

If you care to read on, it is called:

African Masks. Use Them With Respect.

I would like to inform you about a form of magic that is being, for the most part, unintentionally misused in your times.

Many people have found it to be very attractive to use African art. I am talking less about quickly reproduced items but I am very specifically speaking about African antiques, especially masks created by people with wisdom and very often with strong feelings.

Know that the purpose of this art, very often masks, is to provide protection for the home where it is in residence but you find very often since little is known about this in the western world that people place these masks in the home. That is absolutely the wrong place to put them.

For protection they are to be placed at the front door and by the front door I do not mean in the little room or in the room that follows the front door. I mean beyond the front door itself and not tacked on to the door. Ideally in some kind of portico that faces out away from the front door. Never use more than one.

Let me explain how it works, for African magic of this type is different than other kinds of magic. The mask reacts to malevolent actions towards whoever is living, they have to be residing in the house not just visiting, the mask acts to deflect and amplify malevolence directed towards the residents of that home and it can cause harm.

That's why I'm speaking about this matter today since so much of this is being misused unintentionally I believe.

There is something very important to know here and that is, any benevolence that is directed towards residents of the home will cause no reaction by the mask. Granted, the expression of the mask sometimes comes into it but it is most important to know that generally speaking all these masks will react strongly to malevolence directed towards the residents but will not react in any way towards benevolence. That's because the purpose of the masks is to protect and it has no other purpose.

Now think for a moment, what if you have these masks in a home? You might think - well, I'll put it on my bedroom door and it will keep my sister or brother or other member of the family from harming me but you see - it has the same effect inside the house.

If any member is angry for any reason, even a minor reason, it will tend to deflect and amplify that anger back towards them and for people who have large collections if they are calm most of the time and everyone is calm most of the time around them then this may not cause too much of a problem but for an angry household these masks will react constantly deflecting this energy and amplifying it.

Now, there is a means to nullify this affect. It is most helpful, and I strongly recommend it for those of you who have them indoors and especially might be in a stormy but loving relationship - something like that or have friends over who are volatile but mean no harm - like that yah, there is something that can be done that will not be visible from the outside - meaning from the face of the mask but can be done to cause a degree of less interaction with the mask and others.

First I recommend you say to the mask, speak to it as someone and say, "I appreciate your efforts to protect me and now I feel it is important for you to sleep. I will perhaps call on your services some other time" or you can say "in the future." Talk to the mask sincerely as a person. Don't just talk and then giggle cause you're not sure that this is alright to say. The mask is very sensitive and it is in many ways - like a person.

Remember, it is deflecting feelings. This is very much a person thing to do.

After that gently remove the mask, lets say from the wall, and first put on the back of the mask a piece of very soft silk and line the entire back of the mask. It doesn't make any difference what color the silk is but don't use it as a means to draw attention to the mask, like do not use - oh something that would bring people's focus towards it. Therefore I recommend a very dark color would be best.

Then behind the silk, and the silk by the way is meant to be pressed up into various areas. Don't jam it into all the crevices, just get it as close to the back of the material of the mask as possible. Then behind that use heavy, what is called tin foil as one might line an oven.

Make sure the tin foil does not in any way touch the mask itself, that would be like an insult and harmful to the energy of the mask. Let it only touch the silk.

In this way the mask itself is protected and insulated and treated with respect and the foil keeps it, by the way don't tape the foil in any way, yah, find another way to keep it attached to the back temporarily just like the silk - no tape because the tape can act a little bit like a conductor, um-hmm, then you see it will allow the mask to rest.

Very little of the energy of the mask will then function indoors but still it would be best to place the mask someplace where people are less likely to be milling about. It is not something for a family room. Certainly not something for a bedroom.

So someplace in the house where people may not congregate or be very often, perhaps a museum part of the house, a separate place. Perhaps a cabinet with doors that can close completely, not glass, that won't help but wood, not metal - that will agitate the mask. This is what I recommend.

African magic has great power and a lot of unintentional influence in your lives. I feel that it would be best to honor it and appreciate it but use it very carefully.

I may speak in the future about how to use it carefully but for right now I felt it was important and urgent to speak to these matters of its misuse.

I will speak to you again another time on this site.


Thursday, December 21, 2006

More On Our Universal Language

Now comes the time when we have to face the music - what do I mean by that.

We have all had opportunities to notice the feelings of others. We don't always realize we're noticing the feelings but we will see various intense looks in the eyes of others and sometimes we will see looks in their eyes that seem meaningful to us and now and then we even know what they mean.

How to learn more about this so we can recognize it - here's what to do. Stand or sit in front of a mirror that is close enough to your face so you can see well. Then close your eyes and bring up within you a remembrance of some event or perhaps a feeling that you currently have and know how or what it means.

Then quickly open your eyes, note the expression in your eyes and quickly close your eyes. If you do this for just a moment, just a second or two - no more, the expression won't change to one of interest - you understand. It will reveal the feeling in your body.

I recommend this because facing the music now is recognizing our own feelings as demonstrated in our eyes and recognizing the feelings of others demonstrated in their eyes.

We've all experienced feelings in exactly the same way - granted not at the same times usually.

We have around us very often - even if we don't have people around us we very often have animals, maybe our pets. Especially with dogs this is noticeable - their feelings in their eyes but if you live on or near a farm or near animals that live outdoors then you might see this in the eyes of deer or certainly in the eyes of cows and horses.

We often recognize those feelings - sometimes they're easy to interpret and other times they're not so easy and yet since we all have feelings on this planet - human beings, animals, plants - yes we all do - then it might be to our advantage to know what the expression in our eyes means as induced by physical feelings in our body.

Practice this now and then when you have the opportunity so you can recognize what an expression in your eyes means according to a physical feeling in your body. It's another way to know and understand what your physical feelings mean.

It is a way, granted, to sharpen your compassion for yourself but also it is a way to understand the universal language. On this planet we all have feelings the same way and if we hope to communicate in the universal language that we have here which is feelings then we may make progress towards this end by trying out this homework for ourselves.

Facing the music is that - given the complexity of our languages these days and given the new words that are being invented because of technology and other innovation - our languages are not getting any simpler. They are every day getting more complex and if you add in the various slang terms and innuendoes and condensed words such as one finds in text messaging for example, language is getting more and more complex and even codified.

So - how to find the universal language. Fortunately we don't have to stray very far to do that for it is in - ourselves. If we can begin to recognize the expressions in our own eyes as related to feelings in our own bodies we might just, in time be able to identify those expressions and what they might mean in the eyes of our fellow human beings and then we don't have to face the music in some terrible way.

We can face the music in a benevolent way by knowing what others are trying to say to us even if they don't speak our language. This will be very helpful from one human being to another and may also prove to be very helpful for human being - animal communication. Something we could benefit from greatly, I believe.

So give it a try and see if you can learn your own feelings or if you like - face your own music. Some day we will communicate by feeling and when we do that, while we may not get every innuendo, we will as we get better at this pick up more and more feelings and subtleties portrayed in the eyes of others and then language may not be quite so divisive as it is now because we will have the universal language of feeling.

Give it a try, see if it can work for you. Goodlife.

Monday, December 18, 2006

More On Deflecting Discomforting Energies

Have you ever felt - perhaps you were in a hotel room or in somebody's guest house - have you ever felt an energy or a discomfort that seemed to be seeping in from one part of the room.

As I say, if you're in a hotel it might be multiple storied. Perhaps there are people upset above you and the energy seeps in from above or perhaps beyond the windows in the town there has been some upset or tension. I'm going to recommend another way of deflecting that.

If you wear glasses, take them off. If you don't need glasses or any vision aid then simply stare at the wall or ceiling or windows that seem to be the problem area. If it is windows though, I strongly recommend you close the drapes. You don't want to take it in more, a little insulation would be helpful.

Stare at it and notice if you see anything other then the drapes. You let your vision soften a bit you see. For those of you who wear glasses this will be easier - with the glasses off of course.

If you notice some blurry or light spots, this with your glasses off and so on, this can be alright. It might be a benevolent energy.

If you're not sure or you don't notice anything different then try this Living Prayer. You might say, "I am asking that all those benevolent light beings that are available to me now, my guides and other teachers who can be with me now - please come and allow your energy to be all around and about me and be present in front of my eyes as well."

Then if you have felt a discomfort looking at the ceiling for example - look at the ceiling. Stare at it and notice if you see light patterns. If you see them out of the corner of your eye and look in that direction and don't see them any more then that tells you that it would be best to not look at them. Let them be present and let the gift of their presence be noticeable only out of the corner of your eye.

After you have done that, with the area that you feel in the room is where the discomfort is coming, and by after that I mean after you've stared at that area for a minimum of 5 minutes and a maximum of 20 minutes then relax and see if you can get a nap or go to sleep. There is a better chance of waking up fully rested and having had pleasant dreams after doing this.

Give it a try and see how you feel about it. Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

Friday, December 15, 2006

Releasing Tension Deeply, Part 2

Now, let us continue from last time. Here's something you can do for other people, for animals, for the planet herself and even - for those of you who live in cities - for buildings which often take on the tension of human beings and other life forms.

Wait until you can get outside to do this. Sit someplace that is having as little metal as possible - perhaps a wooden chair or some other place - you can sit on a rock if you like or on the ground if you wish but I prefer that you don't sit on the ground because you might find that you are transforming too much - meaning you cannot transform, sitting on the ground, the tensions of the whole planet yourself at this time.

So sit or stand someplace and first say, "I am asking that I be insulated and protected from harm now in the safest and most benevolent way for me."

Wait a few moments - you may feel some energy. Wait a few moments after that. If you don't feel energy or you're not sure then wait about 2 or 3 minutes. Try not to talk or engage in conversation with anyone else while you're waiting. Try not to think too much.

Then after that say out loud or whisper or think to yourself, "I am now releasing this tension around me" and what you say is the next part, "I am releasing the tension from the environment around me." Then just exhale slowly blowing gently towards the sun in the sky as I taught you last time and you might have to do this for three or four breaths before you feel a sense of relaxation in your own physical body.

Now there is another part you can do for those of you who wish to do so but it requires the ability to visualize a bit and that is this - you can if you like visualize being beyond the atmosphere of Earth and look back and see Earth.

You have seen pictures or photographs very often, taken from space of the Earth in the distance. You can imagine that picture if you like or you can just see what you see looking back at Earth.

Then look towards the sun in the sky in this vision and first say, "I am asking to be insulated and protected from harm in the safest and most benevolent way for me." Remember when you say these Living Prayers to always say them out loud or at least whisper them if you possibly can.

Then wait a moment and say, "I am now going to release the tension from the Earth." Then blow several times - just breathing in naturally and blowing out the breath you have in your physical body towards the sun. Just blow out your breath as you might blow it naturally, not trying to get every last bit of air out of your lungs.

Continue to do this for no more than 8 breaths - less if you like - and you might feel a slight lessening of tension in your body. Remember this is not your body's own tension but rather a means your body has to tell you that you have released some of the tension from the planet.

If you wish you can do this once a month at any time of day or night you wish, since it is a visualization, and do this for no more than three months. It will help to release the tension of the Earth - the tension that the animals have been trying to tell us that they're being overwhelmed by and the tension of your fellow human beings and even buildings on the Earth.

These methods to release tension that can often build and explode out of human beings or be demonstrated by animals in ways that are not natural or native to these human beings or animals is something that has always been intended that we be able to release.

If some of you feel that this is something you'd like to participate in more often then once a month for three months then this is what I recommend you do - and only if you wish to participate this way.

Wait one month - meaning skip a month after you have done that for those three months and then you can do it for two months - once, you understand, a month for two months. Then wait one month and you can do it on an alternating month - meaning after that. Then wait 3 months and you can start the process again if you like.

I'm not asking you to do this, I am simply saying if you wish to do this you can. The reason we do not do it constantly month after month is that there is a very slight chance that you might unintentionally take on some of this tension yourself you see, and that would never do. It is not your job to save the whole planet all by yourself. It is only that you have the opportunity to do as much as you can in the most benevolent way for yourself and others.

It is my intention here, as I've said before on Mystical Man, to give you ways to help yourself, to help others - your friends, your family and for those of you who wish to participate - for many others on the planet. It is also my intention to give you advanced work such as this and I will continue in this vein as long as I am able.

Remember - you can help yourself, you can help others and you can relieve the tension and the discomfort on the planet and thus practice your own capacities to release and balance.

Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Releasing Tension Deeply

Have you ever noticed on waking up from a dream, a vision of violence from that dream - or even when going about your life a sudden vision of violence. Sometimes it might even show up in the form of what reminds you of a cartoon.

I want you to know that there is some process going on here. It is not just something that is being done to you. Rather it is a specific process that your spirit wishes you to participate in, as I've been taught.

All over the world now we are conscious of how much violence there is from one human being to another and sometimes even involving animals. We are even shocked sometimes when we hear the things that animals have done and from my experience and interaction with animal spirits as well as animals themselves I can tell that it is not something that they feel comfortable participating in and yet, they are participating to a degree because they feel overwhelmed by the tension in the world. Sometimes, granted, emanated by human beings but other times literally being released by the Earth.

We have all, before we come here to Earth, have had at least one life where we have mastered some principle of spiritual experience - meaning a life of spiritual mastery - not necessarily about all things but about at least one thing - this is what I've been taught and this is what I believe. There is a reason for this.

You know that this planet and our society can be a great challenge to live in. Sometimes it is not so present in our lives and other times it is more present.

This preparation to have a life here has been so that when we are exposed to such tensions or challenges that we have more than what has been provided for us in this life to fall back on as a soul. This is what often allows us to get through such situations and appreciate how we have made it through because of such loving preparations before this life.

Now, to get back to what I want to begin here. You have the means and the capacities, just like the animals I referred to, to help that tension release but while the animals have been trying to get our attention that this tension exists we can now say to them or think - thank you for behaving in these unexpected ways towards human beings, you have gotten my attention and now I will act.

What I'm going to recommend that you do here is to release tension from yourself and next time I will give you suggestions on how to release tension from the land and possibly even from those on the land near you but for today I want to say this.

If you have such a dream or if you have a moment of some kind of vision of violence that may not even be something that looks like human beings - as I say it might have cartoon like qualities - then this will always tell you that this is not something associated with your life but is essentially a means to allow your physical body to, in that moment, feel that tension.

This is not done to cause you harm but to alert you to something you can do. First, this is what I recommend you say in the form of a Living Prayer. You might say, "I am asking now to be insulated and protected from harm in the safest, most loving and benevolent way for me." Then you wait.

Many of you will feel a sense of benevolent energy present with you. Wait for a few moments for it to settle in. If you do not feel such energies or you're not sure, then wait about 2 or 3 minutes, then you can proceed if you wish.

After that time if you're still feeling the tension in your body or there is the memory of it, this is what you can do and you can say this out loud if you wish but if there are others around and you do not wish to say it you can either whisper it softly or you can think it.

Say this, "I am now releasing the tension within myself or in my proximity that I feel" but while you are saying this - picture the sun in the sky wherever you are. You might be indoors you see, you might have woken up from a dream - as I say, you might simply be on and about your business somewhere. If you're operating heavy machinery or driving or something that involves mechanisms then wait to do it later but if you can - pause a moment. Picture the sun in the sky and simply, after making that statement that I just mentioned, blow very gently towards the sun in the sky.

Now, you will most likely feel the tension in your body ease. The sun you see, has transformative capabilities. We know this scientifically simply because of the suns effect on the Earth but the sun itself cannot take on harm because it is always radiating light and heat and energy. Still, simply by blowing towards it in the sky - before that energy goes very far it will be transformed into something more benign - often completely benign.

Now, this is what to do next. If you have the opportunity and if you haven't been able to do it then the next time - because perhaps you were sleeping or something and you're in the bed or perhaps you were driving or operating machinery - next time you're outdoors in the sun - meaning outdoors in the day even if it is a cloudy day, glance towards the sky - don't look directly at the sun but glance in the general direction of where the sun is - just a quick glance - if you have dark glasses on then it's safer but just a quick glance because you are engaging the idea of the sun as well as the physical presence of the sun on your body and if you can - stop. Perhaps sit on a park bench or stand someplace comfortably and blow your breath towards the sky.

Try to blow it in such a way as it is not being blown in the direction of buildings, people or anything like that - even trees. Just blow towards the sky. You will find that you may be able to direct your breath towards the sky without tilting your head back too far.

If you can do this you will feel, after a little while, a very gentle but perceptible release of tension in your own body.

This is something that can help you to release tension in your own body in general though and I will say more about that next time but after you release that tension - then relax. When you blow, try to blow gently - alright. You don't have to release a big puff of air.

Now I will continue this next time for those of you who wish to do more besides releasing your own tension.


Friday, December 08, 2006

Christmas Story

Greetings, this is just a little note to tell you that I have my new Christmas story up.

I've been writing a Christmas story every year for the past few years and I've been posting it on another blog I have called Nice Little Stories.

This year instead of writing it only on my own I've asked Eileen Meyer to help me, so you'll notice that she also has the byline. It's called The Special Stocking and I hope you enjoy it.


Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Another Way To Find Your Safe Passage

Today I'd like to tell you a little story about something that happened sometime ago in my life.

My friend was visiting from out of town and we were up in Flagstaff, when I was living in Arizona. I wanted to show him a different way that you could drive in to Sedona where he wanted to visit.

So, we started going down the interstate and I pulled off on a dirt road that goes through a small community but then is strictly in the country. However I hadn't gone more then - maybe fifty feet down that dirt road when I had a bad feeling.

Now how many times have I spoken to you on this site or on my other about feelings. So many times - yes? So after this many years I'm used to paying attention to those feelings.

I backed up a ways and pulled over to the side of the road and I told my friend, "Could you just wait a moment" and he said, "Yes."

I got out of the car and I put into application something I had learned which you can learn how to do as well - and this is what I did. I walked away from the car to a spot on the land - none of this was paved. I walked around that general area until I had the best physical feeling in my body and I knew that this was the point to begin.

I just stood as if I were - imagine being inside a compass - you've seen a compass before. It has often, a floating needle in order to keep it steady and secure - and also picture a clock superimposed over the compass.

As if I were pointing at 12 o'clock I moved slowly pointing my right arm forward with my hand in the wand position and my palm pointed downward.

I moved as if I was moving around a clock. Picture yourself as the minute hand on a clock - only moving counterclockwise I moved from one hour to the next very slowly and when doing that I observed in my physical body what direction I was pointing in when I had the most warmth.

I couldn't help but notice that when I pointed down the road, in the direction I was driving in the car, I felt bad. I had that bad feeling again and yet there were several other directions I pointed in where I felt warm - I had the good feeling.

So I said to my friend that I was sorry that I wouldn't be able to take him down the road in that beautiful back way to Sedona and we drove down the interstate, which was the long way around, to get to Sedona but that's one of the places where I had the good feeling.

Sometime after we arrived in Sedona I found out that there had been a incident and the police were searching from near Flagstaff to near Sedona in a wide area for someone who had escaped from prison. This person was a man of expertise in living off the land and in acquiring what was needed in the back country to survive and the chase had centered around the exact area that we would have driven through.

We, if we had pursued that drive down that country lane, would most likely have been turned around by the police roadblock about half way into the drive which would have meant about another hour to come back up to where we started and proceed from there.

So - I bring this to your attention because this is something you can do. If you ever have a feeling - perhaps you're driving and you go to turn down a road and there may be more than one way to get to the place you're going to. If you get a bad feeling, then if you have time and you feel safe - and perhaps you have a friend with you - then get out of the car and do that same thing.

Turn around slowly counterclockwise pointing your right arm out straight in front of you with your palm facing towards the ground in the wand position. Point your left arm straight down towards the ground with your left palm facing towards your body so as to be able to experience Earth energy, and notice when you are turning how your physical body feels.

If you get a bad feeling in various directions, see if you can find another way to get where you're going. Notice where you get the good feeling in your body, that might help you to find your way.

I have been talking for several installments now on Mystical Man about instinct. I'm going to change the topic pretty soon but I feel that it is important to give you these ideas and suggestions because our physical instinct is something we are born with - which means that Creator feels this is something we must have to live here on Earth.

In my experience, it doesn't take too much training to learn more or relearn something we were born with that we may have forgotten - or that we have not received instruction to learn how to use.

I hope this has been helpful and as always I wish you - goodlife.

Monday, December 04, 2006

Feeling Spaces, Part 2

Last time I spoke about Feeling Spaces. This time I want to suggest that you do the exact same homework except I want you to feel the space from your solar plexus.

In that sense - run a extension of yourself - meaning feel, not with your solar plexus but run something out from your solar plexus. Here's what I mean by that. Sit down for a moment and look at the ceiling wherever you live and relax, put your hands at you sides and while you are looking see if you can feel anyplace on the ceiling with your solar plexus.

This amounts to reaching out from your solar plexus to touch something - you see. Now you're not going to be able to make the same kind of physical contact that you would - say touching something with your hand or foot but you might after you try this a few times feel some kind of sensation - okay.

Next you do the homework you did last time. Run that extension out from your solar plexus and notice the direction that you're walking in - does it feel good - then walk a little bit that way. If at any moment it feels uncomfortable, stop and turn slowly - I recommend turning to your left in a counterclockwise fashion until you feel a direction that feels good - then move in that direction.

Now you can see that this is homework designed to help you to become aware of your surroundings on a feeling level. It's very easy - and many of us have been conditioned - to talk ourselves out of our feelings. Very often feelings are referred to as emotions but emotion is a mental word that describes something vague and not particularly palpable.

On the other hand feeling, meaning a physical feeling, is crystal clear to us all. We have all touched things and we have all had physical feelings in our bodies. So it is up to us these days to learn how to use our feelings so that we can move or travel, you understand, in the best direction for us wherever we may be going and arrive by whatever route we take in the safest possible way.

The purpose of Mystical Man is to teach you how to get wherever you're going in the safest possible way. It may not always be about physical travel but ultimately it is about travel whether that travel be growth of the mind, body or spirit or whether it be about feelings or instinct - this is all part of your training.


Friday, December 01, 2006

Feeling Spaces

Sometimes when we are in the world we see things that are there yes but other times we cannot see no matter how good our vision is because we need to feel. Sometimes we can feel things that are there that cannot be seen. Today I'm going to talk to you a little bit about that.

You all know what it's like to get a bad feeling about something. Sometimes you think - it's a thought, something I was thinking about but other times you're quite well aware that it's the environment you're in or perhaps it is some danger in the area.

Feeling Spaces is about knowing where to go - when.

Here's some homework. I'd like you to find a place - anyplace - it can be out on the land, it can be in your own home, it can be anyplace you like. Keep your eyes open, it's not a close your eyes thing but feel the space in front of you. Don't if you would - reach out with your palm forward. Reach out with your left arm and the back of your hand forward and touch the space.

Now what are you doing. You're not actually making physical contact that you can feel - what you're doing is checking to see how you feel in your body.

If you feel calm and comfortable walk ahead but as you're walking you don't have to hold your arm out in front of you. Walk ahead a step or two, then stop, then feel the space in front of you. What you're doing is - your body is reacting to the energy in the space that is in front of you.

As I say you can practice this out on the land somewhere, you can practice it in your own apartment or house but when you do, turn in different directions and if at any moment you get an uncomfortable feeling in your body then withdraw your arm and retreat until you find a space you can walk towards that feels comfortable or neutral.

I'm just introducing you to this subject today because it builds on other work I have exposed you to. I'd like you to get used to doing this with your arm at first because after a while you won't have to put your arm out. There's another way and we'll talk about that next time.