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The Wand Position
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Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Releasing Tension Deeply

Have you ever noticed on waking up from a dream, a vision of violence from that dream - or even when going about your life a sudden vision of violence. Sometimes it might even show up in the form of what reminds you of a cartoon.

I want you to know that there is some process going on here. It is not just something that is being done to you. Rather it is a specific process that your spirit wishes you to participate in, as I've been taught.

All over the world now we are conscious of how much violence there is from one human being to another and sometimes even involving animals. We are even shocked sometimes when we hear the things that animals have done and from my experience and interaction with animal spirits as well as animals themselves I can tell that it is not something that they feel comfortable participating in and yet, they are participating to a degree because they feel overwhelmed by the tension in the world. Sometimes, granted, emanated by human beings but other times literally being released by the Earth.

We have all, before we come here to Earth, have had at least one life where we have mastered some principle of spiritual experience - meaning a life of spiritual mastery - not necessarily about all things but about at least one thing - this is what I've been taught and this is what I believe. There is a reason for this.

You know that this planet and our society can be a great challenge to live in. Sometimes it is not so present in our lives and other times it is more present.

This preparation to have a life here has been so that when we are exposed to such tensions or challenges that we have more than what has been provided for us in this life to fall back on as a soul. This is what often allows us to get through such situations and appreciate how we have made it through because of such loving preparations before this life.

Now, to get back to what I want to begin here. You have the means and the capacities, just like the animals I referred to, to help that tension release but while the animals have been trying to get our attention that this tension exists we can now say to them or think - thank you for behaving in these unexpected ways towards human beings, you have gotten my attention and now I will act.

What I'm going to recommend that you do here is to release tension from yourself and next time I will give you suggestions on how to release tension from the land and possibly even from those on the land near you but for today I want to say this.

If you have such a dream or if you have a moment of some kind of vision of violence that may not even be something that looks like human beings - as I say it might have cartoon like qualities - then this will always tell you that this is not something associated with your life but is essentially a means to allow your physical body to, in that moment, feel that tension.

This is not done to cause you harm but to alert you to something you can do. First, this is what I recommend you say in the form of a Living Prayer. You might say, "I am asking now to be insulated and protected from harm in the safest, most loving and benevolent way for me." Then you wait.

Many of you will feel a sense of benevolent energy present with you. Wait for a few moments for it to settle in. If you do not feel such energies or you're not sure, then wait about 2 or 3 minutes, then you can proceed if you wish.

After that time if you're still feeling the tension in your body or there is the memory of it, this is what you can do and you can say this out loud if you wish but if there are others around and you do not wish to say it you can either whisper it softly or you can think it.

Say this, "I am now releasing the tension within myself or in my proximity that I feel" but while you are saying this - picture the sun in the sky wherever you are. You might be indoors you see, you might have woken up from a dream - as I say, you might simply be on and about your business somewhere. If you're operating heavy machinery or driving or something that involves mechanisms then wait to do it later but if you can - pause a moment. Picture the sun in the sky and simply, after making that statement that I just mentioned, blow very gently towards the sun in the sky.

Now, you will most likely feel the tension in your body ease. The sun you see, has transformative capabilities. We know this scientifically simply because of the suns effect on the Earth but the sun itself cannot take on harm because it is always radiating light and heat and energy. Still, simply by blowing towards it in the sky - before that energy goes very far it will be transformed into something more benign - often completely benign.

Now, this is what to do next. If you have the opportunity and if you haven't been able to do it then the next time - because perhaps you were sleeping or something and you're in the bed or perhaps you were driving or operating machinery - next time you're outdoors in the sun - meaning outdoors in the day even if it is a cloudy day, glance towards the sky - don't look directly at the sun but glance in the general direction of where the sun is - just a quick glance - if you have dark glasses on then it's safer but just a quick glance because you are engaging the idea of the sun as well as the physical presence of the sun on your body and if you can - stop. Perhaps sit on a park bench or stand someplace comfortably and blow your breath towards the sky.

Try to blow it in such a way as it is not being blown in the direction of buildings, people or anything like that - even trees. Just blow towards the sky. You will find that you may be able to direct your breath towards the sky without tilting your head back too far.

If you can do this you will feel, after a little while, a very gentle but perceptible release of tension in your own body.

This is something that can help you to release tension in your own body in general though and I will say more about that next time but after you release that tension - then relax. When you blow, try to blow gently - alright. You don't have to release a big puff of air.

Now I will continue this next time for those of you who wish to do more besides releasing your own tension.


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