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The Wand Position
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Saturday, December 30, 2006

The Gift Of Each Other

When approaching the new year there will be a moment just about an hour before or just about an hour after the time of the new year wherever you live. This moment will be physically noticeable by many of you.

For some of you it will look like a quick flash of light - very fast but noticeable, either out of the corner of your eye or a little more in focus. For others you will get the impression of something that resembles a window.

For still others you will see something that is like a overlay in space. Imagine for a moment that you're turning the pages of a book. The book is open and then you slowly turn the page. In this case it won't be like a book but for a moment it will look like your normal line of sight and then it will be almost as if a page was turned and something is superimposed which looks, once the page is turned so to speak, exactly like the space you were looking at but while the page is being turned there will be something else there.

It won't be quite discernible. It won't be the least bit frightening. It will just be noticeable that it's something else.

Now I know you want to know what that something else is. I will tell you. That something else that you may see before or just after the new year is what is really here.

I know that we've all been told this is an illusion that we're living in but there is something else here and I grant that while that may be true what we are living in is our day to day basic physical reality and we must live in it until our time here is over but the something else that is here - the underpinning so to speak, you might say the foundation, is the building blocks of creation.

Creator has set this world up for us so that we can learn how to continue it and assemble it - yes and reassemble it and how to support it for ourselves. In recent years we have been crying out for that support in our lives but many sources have been present, guidance and teachers, on how to generate that support for yourself. I have made some attempts in these directions and there certainly have been others.

We do not have to give up our religion, we do not have to give up our beliefs but we may have to give up our helplessness.

I believe that there is nothing in any way that is truly helpless about us. I grant that at many times we need help from others and others need help from us but that help is available if not always known and understood by individuals.

It is a time now to discover what each of us has to offer and discover our true treasure trove here which is each other.

Let's consider a universal resolution for this coming year. Perhaps we could say, "I join with my fellow beings of the Earth to welcome all of our unique personalities and to prepare to share those qualities of uniqueness when called upon for any action that will serve the greater good of all beings" or something very much like that if you like.

Let's make some gentle efforts at least - towards the discovering of the true gift of our fellow human beings and what their natural talents are. Let's not discard their natural talents if they don't fall into the natural, as we see it, order of our own philosophy. Let's consider that there may be some talents among us that have to do with future circumstances.

So if your child or your friend or your uncle or your aunt or your mother or your father seems to have something about their personality that is benevolent - yes, not harmful - certainly but seems to be a quirk - something they can do - something they do that is not harming others but is a definite quirk of their personality - it might just have to do with some task or ability that they may be able to perform when the circumstances present themselves sometime in the future.

Let's accept these quirks and consider them to be profiles of future capacities.

Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

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