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Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Those Who Know The Way Are Among Us Now

Have you noticed lately that you will speak the way you have always spoken to others and they do not understand what you want, what you're saying or there's a general air of misunderstanding.

Sometimes you will repeat what you have said trying to be more specific or using more words or less words and yet there are times when the people whom you've spoken to before simply do not react. They do not seem to understand you.

Is this some kind of anomaly? Are they being stubborn? Are they trying to avoid something? No, there is something going on here now that has been preceded by another situation.

For a long time now there have been people born here, living here and growing up here on Earth who have, "Heard", as one of these people described to me, "feelings louder then words."

What a wonderful description and in this situation these people, while it is a perception - an epiphany you understand that many people did not have - these individuals had difficulty in their lives because they would react to what other people were feeling rather than what they were saying or they would give priority to that since it was so clear to them but since everyone was not like that and they were in fact in the minority - most often they would be treated as if there was something wrong with them.

"What's wrong with you - I didn't say that - why are you acting that way" - and so on. And yet this talent, this perception was a herald of the days that are almost upon us.

It has begun. This is why, one of the many reasons why, I have been talking about feelings so much on this blog and on Benevolent Magic in the past. For you now you have still a little opportunity to prepare for this time.

Almost all the youngsters that have been born in the last 10 years have this capacity. In some parts of the planet they have it much more then others. In some areas in and around Asia such as Japan and Thailand this is particularly noticeable in youngsters born and yet you would find some who have grown into adulthood in much greater numbers in this part of the world where that is the case but all over the world this is becoming more and more obvious - and even those born with the tendency feel it emerging within them much more these days.

What can you do if you do not have that tendency and people are reacting to you in strange ways? You say something but they don't react that way. Sometimes they react only to your feelings and what they say back to you or what they do seems to be entirely strange.

This is particularly challenging for Therapists and others who are working with people on the basis of an attempt to bring about clarity through communication and through demonstrations of communication. That is one of my main motivations for speaking today on this issue.

Some people know about this, it is not a secret but I feel that it is very important to bring out the fact that this is not a condition - not something which needs to be trained out of people - for they can adapt to that training or have in the past but when it gets to be something that is predominant and cross-cultural then it becomes not just a phenomena in its own right but it becomes literally a fact of life.

Now let me talk to those of you who have this situation. First it is absolutely essential that you recognize this ability to, as my old friend said, "Hear feelings louder then words" as a gift. I know for many of you it has been a burden not a gift but this gift would actually allow you to help other people at this point in time.

You could literally sit in front of a person who felt lost and confused about their life, who is having trouble in their communications or who was simply not understanding themselves as well as they would like to. You could ask them to talk - talk to me you might say and what you would be doing for them would involve your interrupting them quite a bit because they would be speaking in order to explain this or talk about that and what you would be doing for them - the service you would be doing is that you would say, "Stop" at some point and you would say, "This is what I'm picking up" and you would simply describe to the best of your ability the physical feelings in your own body or what you feel that they are feeling as many of you would simply be able by that time in your life to interpret what the other people are feeling.

This would be a tremendous advantage for so many people who are confused and don't understand why, no matter what they say or what they work on with their minds, they are unable to achieve something and from their point of view seem to be blocked from it but in fact their body is feeling something else and very often those feelings are what the people really want to do and as many know, especially those in the world of motivation or therapy or simply wise teachers and friends, if something is not appropriate to do by the way these people are feeling that you may be picking up - it is possible to offer a suggestion for something that would be a substitute that is appropriate to do or is healthy to do and would serve that need, that feeling, that - yes - drive.

It isn't always something like that but very often it is a reaction to something. After all - if you've got a strong feeling to do something and you don't do it because you don't understand what it is you're feeling you would have piled upon that, other feelings of frustration, anxiety and so on - and yet for someone who has this gift of talent it is possible - especially if you are an adult and have developed a pretty good ability to speak to others - you would by that time know the difference between the anger and the frustration and you would know the core feeling - what that drive is - you would literally be able to tell people, "You really want to do're saying this - whatever you were saying."

You wouldn't necessarily have a handle on what they were saying because what they were feeling would be, as my friend says, louder. So you would be able to tell them what they were feeling. Very often this could be a breakthrough for those individuals.

Now I'm not saying you must do this. I'm bringing this all up today because I feel it is absolutely essential for everyone to understand that this is coming on to being the way.

You might reasonably ask in another situation, "What are we going to do. We have so many people in the world and so many different cultures and what's more challenging - so many different languages, dialects and styles of speech."

And yet we all have feelings and those feelings, physical feelings you understand - in our bodies, are exactly the same though they may not occur at the same time or in the same way. So we may need people to show us - Wayshowers if you would, how it is possible to in fact understand what we feel and perhaps if they can, try to figure out a way to show us how we can be aware of the feelings of others and perhaps read a little bit of what I've put here on Mystical Man and on Benevolent Magic and have an understanding of how to discover what we are feeling and even maybe learn what others are feeling.

If we can begin to do that we will have the foundation for a language which is unspoken. This is what I truly believe, on the basis of my experience and what I've been taught and also what I believe, telepathy truly is. Telepathy is knowing.

Words might be attached in our own minds as we think about the feelings that we are picking up from others but the actual telepathy is knowing.

If we know what others are feeling perhaps we won't approach them no matter how friendly they seem because their feelings are other then what they say. Perhaps other times we will approach people because no matter what they are saying, in fact they really want our friendship in a benevolent way.

It will take training for many of us to learn these things but fortunately those who have the ability are among us now. I feel it would be good to give them recognition, to honor them and then perhaps to ask them for help.

My feeling is that in the coming days we will find that these individuals will be honored for their abilities and that for those of us who do not have them, we will have to have a friend that does so they can not only interpret what others are feeling for us including what we may be feeling at times and we don't understand it but also so perhaps we can hope they can teach us or show us or help us to develop this gift for ourselves.

I will say more about this in time but I felt it's important and I've been feeling the importance of this for a long time to tell you more about why feelings are so very important.

Goodlife to you all and goodnight.


Ilias- said...

Thank you for this really stimulating post. I suppose that the root of what I want to know is related to what to do with this gift so that it helps others without taking advantage of situations or people who might be quite vulnerable or becoming dependent to hearing about their own feelings from others.
Thanks again Robert and Happy 2007.

Robert Shapiro said...

Ilias, thank you for your comment. Of course the purpose of telling others their feelings when those individuals are uncertain of what they're feeling is so that when that individual, that Wayshower, tells you what you are feeling then you don't just go on and keep talking.

You feel your physical body from the inside out, you see. You attempt to memorize that feeling and identify what you are feeling.

Your rational mind can consider that you are saying something - is what you are saying a mask or a cover for what you are feeling? Are you afraid to speak your actual feelings? Are there perhaps other ways you can demonstrate those feelings that are healthy and safe for you and others.

In short, this could be used even with your therapist - for an individual. It could be used in concordance with other treatments that you are personally comfortable with as the recipient you see.

So what goes on is that the individual - the Wayshower who tells you what you are actually feeling works in concordance with you and perhaps others if you were that person receiving that information and you don't become dependent. You learn what you are feeling.

You learn what those feelings feel like and you begin to identify your own physical feelings in your body with words that you can understand in your mind and therefore in the future when you are on your own and those feelings come up you will know what you are actually feeling and be able to understand yourself better. That's the whole point you see.

Good question. Thanks for asking. Goodlife.