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Tuesday, January 16, 2007

The Look

I was reminded recently by something I saw on another blog - it was a beautiful if somewhat sad picture of a cat who had an unusual look on the face. This unusual look, a stare they give you often, is something I have seen before several times with cats and dogs and sometimes people for that look in the eyes always means the same thing.

It is often found in the eyes of the elderly dog or cat or horse or other being. It means the same thing. It means - will you......

This look is very simple. It does not require any action on your part. You don't have to do anything, you don't have to take them anywhere but it is important to be able - when you are able to say something. It can be said only if you mean it and no further action on your part is needed. Also it is only necessary to say it once.

They must be awake when you say it or at least if possible conscious in some way. If in the case of a human being or an animal that is suffering they are not actually awake or under sedation you can still say it in those circumstances but only if you mean it.

This is what to say or something like it, "I am giving you permission to move on, to pass over, to die. You can, I am sure feel that urge and that need and if you've been staying here only because you love me but you feel the call to be elsewhere or you are suffering in some way that I do not see and it cannot be measured by others then please know I love you and if you need to move on and pass over into the life beyond it is alright with me."

Never say that unless you really mean it because at that stage of life whatever being is told that including a human being they will read what you say by the feelings they have in response to your feeling. In other words, what you are emanating as a feeling.

So don't say it until you are ready to say it and do consider that this is a permission that we all may wish to ask some day. We come to this planet, we live as well as possible and some day we must move on even though we may be surrounded by loved ones.

We, at that stage of life, may need their permission because it is possible for a human being to hang on so tightly to someone they love that one feels obligated to stay alive no matter how much suffering is involved. I know this is not something that is easy for anyone but I do feel that it is important to put it out here because life and death and life again is part of the normal cycle here on Earth.

I recall once having to break the news to a friend of mine that her cat whom she loved dearly who was giving her the look really just needed to be told by her that she gave her permission to pass over and that it absolutely did not mean that she would pass over right then and there but that it would probably mean that she would no longer be getting the look because her cat needed to know that she had that permission.

I know it may seem strange to you that a beloved pet might do this but you see they love us so much that they need to know that we can get along without them and that they don't have to suffer and that they have our permission to move on when the time's right for them.

So she did do that and of course her beloved cat stopped giving her the look. I just thought I'd mention that.

Remember, if you make the statement to your pet releasing them from their bonds to you that it cannot be made with reservation - meaning you cannot say - I give you permission to die but please, please stay with me as long as possible. You see that doesn't really work because your cat is paying attention to your feelings first and your words second.

So it is absolutely essential that you be prepared to say this. Don't just say it as words because they are not enough. So practice, practice saying it out loud and remember this must be said out loud. It can be whispered if the moment calls for that but it must be said out loud in some way and you must truly give them permission from your feelings as well.

So, I know it is a sacrifice and yet I can almost guarantee you once you say that with the feeling of really releasing them from hanging on to the bitter end because you need them so much - once you give them that permission you won't see the look anymore.

Goodlife to you all and goodnight.


samuru999 said...

Thank you Robert!
This is a wonderful post!
In 1998, I did just what you talking about!
My aunt was near death, and she kept hanging onto life till I was able to get her.(She was in ICU in a hospital in Boston)
I was not able to get there as soon as I wanted to due to a major snowstorm here.
When I finally arrived, I went to her and held her hand and told her it was ok to let go....
She passed on within less than an hour from the time I was with her.
I will never forget this!
I was so sad to see her leave me, as we were so very close.
But, I know she waited to die till I arrived, as the nurses kept telling her I was on my way.
Even though she was in a semi-conscious state, she could hear me...
I have always looked upon this as a blessing to her and also to me!
It was quite remarkable!
Something I will never forget!

Take care!

Robert Shapiro said...

Hi Margie, thank you so much for that moving recollection. I too have had such experiences.
One in particular was many, many years ago and was with a work-mate. She had an experience - I'll just gloss over that part and it caused her to be in ICU.
I remember that she didn't have too many visitors but she had had a couple who came and didn't say too much. She had had a difficult life.
I remember when I had a chance to talk to her - she didn't look like she was there at all - you know what I mean but I did a blessing and as you, gave her permission to pass over.
Sure enough, I heard from the people at ICU she passed over easily and gently that night and that was a good thing.
I know what you mean about missing people. She was not my dear relative but she was a sweet person who had had some difficulties with life all throughout and I feel, as you do I'm sure, that she's in a better place now.
Goodlife my friend.

Anonymous said...

Hello Robert,

It's March 14th, 2007 and I'm just connecting with you works.

Regarding this post:

Can we do this at a long distance
, ie. to my Dad who lives on the other side of the country.


Robert Shapiro said...

Hi Monique, thanks for your comment.

In regards to your Father - I'm not sure whether this has to do with your Father directly or with someone - a cat (?) who lives with your Father. Either way, this is what I recommend.

I recommend that you say out loud if you're so inclined - and Only if your so inclined say, "I give permission for the passage of life to life." That's all. And you see, this also can be used in many circumstances.

In some cases it might simply be a transition from one way of life to another way of life. In other cases it might be a transition from life as we know it here to life as we know it beyond here.

In any case, that's what I recommend. Goodlife.