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The Wand Position
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Monday, January 08, 2007


There has been a request. The request involves a person who has been using materials lets say, that are not legal but my answer will cover not only recreational materials but also alcohol.

I grant that this distress call went up on someone else's blog but I do not have at this time a means to directly contact that person so I will share some wisdom offered some time ago to someone living in a place where alcohol was much more the concern.

The lady, another mystical person - I would call her a mystical woman, was inquiring about a friend of hers who's husband when not under the influence was a good man - kind, sincere and devoted to his family but when under the influence was not so good and violent and acted crazy and it took a while for him to come down from it.

As I shared with the mystical lady at that time there is a long technique involved in clearing someone of these kind of energies but the cause is important for you to know. When people are involved with these kind of materials or alcohol what happens is that it opens up their auric field and energies, whatever they are, can migrate towards them.

I have discussed this before and I will mention it briefly again. When those energies migrate towards them they are always migrating through our world. Many times they are entities or beings and they do not understand our world and if they get stuck in somebody's energy field it happens unintentionally.

Now if you were stuck in somebody's energy field you would be distressed and upset and after a time you might be alarmed and frightened - and after a time you might be angry - and after more time you might be outraged.

In short, if you were stuck to something you'd want to get unstuck pronto and if you didn't get unstuck pronto you'd be really upset.

This person that I'm talking about has that problem - the one that I read about on a blog. He feels it is negative energies but he also said that he was taking drugs.

For one thing, I know it's not easy to give up drugs or alcohol but I feel it's important for you to know first how it comes about that you feel that around.

For starters, and I hope that person finds this material, I suggest that when you do come down from those drugs that you lie down someplace and relax as best you can. Then say out loud and only if you mean it - say, "I am asking that gold light beings and light beings who are compatible with the gold light come now and clear my physical body and my auric field of all energies and entities that may be harming me and bring those energies or entities to the places where they need to be in the most benevolent way."

Then just wait. If you're sensitive you might feel something but it will only be benevolent. If you cannot feel anything then wait for 20 minutes or so.

Try not to think and if you catch yourself thinking don't get mad, just relax and work on not thinking. You can close your eyes if you want. If you fall asleep it's alright. If you don't want to close your eyes for any reason then if you can - stare at the ceiling - meaning stare at something neutral. If there is stuff printed on the ceiling then I recommend you close your eyes but if the ceiling is a neutral color - white perhaps or beige that's a good place to look. It will help you to not think.

I recommend you do this on a daily basis especially if you're involved in drugs or alcohol because these gold light beings and light beings are loving beings and they will come and they will clear you.

This is not giving you an excuse, a free pass to use drugs and alcohol. It is intended however to release those beings from you so that you will not be harmed and they will not be harmed. This is not a case of the good guys and the bad guys. It is a case of you doing something that opens up your auric field even though you may not have known that it does that. When you take drugs or alcohol that's one of the things that happens and untreated it can cause problems for you and others. So try this method. Perhaps it will help.



James Cooper said...

Dear Robert,

I was so glad to chance upon your blog site the other week. It’s been a few years since I was reading your books and I’m very happy there’s a way to read your more recent writings online.

Like many others I’m sure, I used to find myself just closing one of your amazing ‘Explorer Race’ books and staring at the cover thinking to myself “Shit! This is really important stuff!” before enthusiastically carrying on. Other books that have made me feel the same way are the various Arcturian ones by Norma Milanovich / Patricia Pereira / David Miller, some of the ones to do with Sai Baba.I’ve had a number of wonderful experiences with the aforementioned beings/frequencies and was curious to know if you’ve ever written anything about them or had any related experiences that you could share?

Many thanks and keep up the great work, I’m sure you will.


Robert Shapiro said...

James, thank you very much for your kind and thoughtful and most considerate comments. I appreciate very much.

As regards your question I haven't read the books by the people you mentioned so I'm not sure about that. Also I have not done anything on Sai baba either so I'm sorry to say I cannot add to your knowledge base on that. Still I'm glad that you have found the nurturing wisdom you need and so clearly have benefit from.

Thanks again for your comments. They're arriving for me at just the right time.