The Wand Position

The Wand Position
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Saturday, January 27, 2007

Choices In The Reservoir Of Feelings, Part 1

Choices, so many choices - yes. It is difficult that. Sometimes the most seductive choices are the ones we know are not good for us and yet, there is an attraction - have you noticed it?

It is always there - sometimes subtle, sometimes just out of reach in terms of being able to describe it in a lucid way but it is there isn't it. Enticing - ever present.

Sometimes it is something that is actually desirable - benevolent - perhaps taught to us by well meaning individuals.

Other times it something more unpleasant - even malevolent. Did we create that ourselves? Was it taught to us? Was it the result of circumstances?

These unknown feelings yes - sometimes drives yes - are hard to put a definition to. Oh not that there are not whole fields of research and education to say nothing of application by those who do involve themselves in the revealing of such unknown drives but really I'm talking about something that we are exposed to simply by being here on Earth.

We know, science tells us, that certain elements are conductors - certain portions of physical existence around us conduct energy better then others. We see this often when we are youngsters playing with magnets - maybe there are iron filings involved or maybe it's just a piece of steel or a pin - something like that with the magnet.

It is fascinating. We even know that our physical bodies contain elements but what about other forms of attraction? Is it possible that there is a pool - like a reservoir of feelings that are not our own that we can actually become enticed by?

Is it possibly because we have some personal bias or is it also possible that due to our natural way of being receptive - we are born that way out of necessity so that others can take care of us but can this receptivity also cause us difficulties at times especially when we don't know what to do and we need help or guidance and none is available.

Is it really possible that there can be a pool - a reservoir as it were of feelings available? I will say more about this next time.


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