The Wand Position

The Wand Position
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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Spirits In The Sky

Do you know that there are always spirits in the sky. Sometimes you can see them or recognize portions of them when a cloud passes by their location and because of the energy of the spirit being the cloud temporarily defines their features.

These spirits exist because they love us, they oversee us. In some cases they are guides to those near them. In other cases they might even have been alive on the Earth and have been allowed to look in and observe for a time.

They do not often communicate but when they do, sometimes you may hear a word or have a feeling. From these spirits in the sky it is always benevolent and they have a way they can communicate by offering a blessing. This blessing is almost always offered in the form of passing clouds.

If they strongly desire to offer a blessing and there is even a little moisture in the cloud, the cloud will become saturated with the energy of that blessing and bring the blessing in the form of rain to the earth or to the sea or perhaps to touch you briefly.

Have you ever felt that kind of a raindrop? It usually feels like a surprise. Perhaps you don't even notice that there is a cloud in the sky, it might be quite sunny. When that kind of raindrop or raindrops touch you, lightly usually, it feels like something cheerful and uplifting. When that occurs and that feeling happens it is always because a benevolent spirit in the sky has desired to make contact with you and give you happiness, joy and the blessings they have to offer in that moment.

I want you to know about these things. It's easy to forget but there are those who love us and are prepared to make contact in the ways that are offered through nature.

Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

Friday, August 24, 2007

Magic, Sorcery And How Things Work

Greetings. I have on occasion been critical of sorcery. I want you to understand something clearly. My definition of sorcery here, when I refer to it on this blog unless I say otherwise, means magic done with intent to harm but I am not condemning those who are sorcerers who conduct ceremony, magic and other benevolent practices intended to be blessings to all beings.

I wanted to make that clear because it came up recently and I may have hurt some peoples feelings by my definition and I want to clear that up. There is a great deal of magic that can be done without people's verbal permission and it will work because if it is benevolent you see - for all beings then souls invariably give permission.

One thing that must be released however and you cannot have an attachment to it - and this goes for all who study here - one cannot be attached nor in any way inflict revenge. If you want the magic to work dependably and regularly you must let go of revenge or anything like it.

I know that's not easy. Sometimes it's very hard and sometimes it seems totally justified but you have to decide - do you want to try to revenge? The trouble with revenging magic is that it almost always filters back in some way to that individual conducting that magic or worse yet has a tendency to filter out into the community at large in some mildly or even major destructive way - to say nothing of revenge and then the continuing action of action and revenge which we all know is not correcting any problems.

So - all of you out there who are learning about magic, understand - you must let go of revenge - and all magic I will instruct here will have everything to do with benevolence for all beings - regardless.

In this way the outcome is almost guaranteed to be benevolent. And in that sense why do I say almost. There are some things - beings you understand, not necessarily human beings - and also some human beings and beings in general that may have to go their own way - and those who do magic regardless of what title you go by have to accept that. We after all, cannot know all things and regardless of the magic we do we have to accept that it will work most of the time when it is benevolent to all beings but if it doesn't work there is something we do not know. Maybe many things and perhaps some other outcome is needed or Creator sees that that is the best way at least temporarily to have that outcome.

Keep these things in mind as you read, study and practice what I have to offer here and remember - wisdom does come with experience but you can assimilate and sometimes learn from the experience of others. I am hopeful you will learn from what you read, study and practice here and that you apply it benevolently for yourself and others.

Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

Monday, August 20, 2007

Changes And A Prediction

There is an echo happening now from our past to our future to our present. We have a choice. We can either respond to the past, we can respond to the future or we can act in the present.

This is what I'm talking about. In the past we can imagine, to say nothing of think about, all kinds of reasons why we should be mad at this, that or the other person to say nothing of entire cultures and groups but if you feel into the present and look around - see people as they really are - not imagine them as you've feared them - there are changes going on which cannot be stopped.

These are spiritual changes Creator has encouraged in our hearts. The animals have been giving us messages of this and Mother Earth as well.

Here's what we can expect. We will find sometime in the next 2 weeks that someone that we would never have guessed does a kindness for us - one that we can clearly see is attributed to them and we will be really almost astounded in that moment. We would never have guessed that this person would ever do anything kind for us. This is the physical evidence I'm speaking of.

It is to let you know that things are changing and things can get better. I have some simple homework for you. It is not really a Living Prayer or Benevolent Magic. It is a simple statement. I'd like you to say with feeling once or twice a day for the next 3 days anytime you want to - make sure you say it out loud - don't say it with irony, don't say it with insincerity. Say it like the performer at the very least if you cannot summon optimism for yourself. Imagine being a performer on a stage and needing to convince the audience that what you're saying you truly mean - and this is what to say, "Things can get better." Just like that! That's all.

It is important to do this because it acknowledges not only the possibility but helps to prepare you for that unexpected favor from that person or even more than one from persons. It is important for you to know this so that you can respond in kind when the opportunity presents itself.

Don't be convinced by the News however well meaning as it is broadcasted or written - things are changing and things can get better.

Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Tidal Waves - Here's Something You Can Try

There will be times now when those of you who have been studying my Benevolent Magic blog and this one as well as other wisdom you have acquired and applied will need to act. There are things that can be done - I'm going to share another one with you today. I have spoken about these matters before in other places but a little bit for you here now.

When tidal waves - also known as tsunami's - are predicted, if you are living in such a place, while of course it is good to do as the authorities suggest - to be prepared, to help, to take proper actions - there is something you can do also that will help.

If you can find out the general direction of where the tidal wave might be coming from, that's useful but not essential.

Let's say you're on the coast somewhere, anywhere on a coast near the ocean. What to do - and you don't have to go right to the beach but if you're there that's fine also - this is what to do. First ask that you experience all of the benevolent energy that is available for you in that moment and wait a moment and see if you feel something, many of you will.

Once you have done that then have your left arm aimed down at the ground regardless of whether you're left or right handed. Try to have your palm facing your leg open handed about 2 to 3 inches from your leg and with your right arm out in front of you and your right leg stepped forward a bit align yourself up so that you are parallel with the shore and begin moving your right arm with your palm facing in the position as if you were going to shake hands with someone and your arm outstretched.

Move in arcs back and forth level with the ground if you are standing on level ground or level with the sea in front of you but with your arm straight in front of you. Move your arm so that your hand when it goes to the right has the back of your hand in that direction. When you get all the way to the right, not turned around - just all the way to the right comfortably for you then flip your hand over with your thumb on the bottom in a relaxed position but not aimed at the ground and move your hand and arm in the opposite direction towards the left.

Then back and forth always with the back of your hand aimed in the direction you are moving your arm. You use the back of your hand because this is a request you are making of Mother Earth. You don't use your palm for this motion because that is more demanding.

Try to aim your hand, if you are up high - say on a mountain, down towards the sea or if you are close to level with the sea, just aim it level with the sea. Don't aim it under the sea if you can or too far above just generally towards the sea.

The purpose of this, and it does work pretty well, is to encourage the tidal wave - so to speak which is really just an increase in sea level for a time - to encourage it to go around the place you are in. You might think that that's not possible but I have discovered that water is surprisingly co-operative with the proper request and energy.

Just do that for 3 or 4 or 5 motions back and forth. Then stop, put your arms down at your sides - don't cross your arms, don't cross your legs and wait until the energy fades.

I've had some good experience with that and I've had co-operation from water before to do what may seem to be impossible. I am not saying to do this instead of taking the proper precautions as recommended by your local authorities but I have found this to be of help. That's my recommendation.


Sunday, August 12, 2007

Meeting Non Humans

There is a place deep within the hearts of all human beings and animals that has already awakened to a natural harmony. The good thing is - further awakening cannot be stopped. How will you note that this is in fact the case?

You will find that animals and sometimes humans such as children or the very old will sometimes look at you - meaning you notice that they are looking at you and if you look back at them and smile and nod they may do the same to you.

Now, that's not unusual is it when a human being does that but it is unusual when an animal does that. Those of you who've had the chance to be out in the woods and be around some of the other creatures know that sometimes they will acknowledge you like that but how many really, will do that in the city or in places where many human beings are. It is not typical.

Look for it now with animals and I'm not just talking about animals that we know and love even from a distance such as deer and elk or cats and dogs. I'm talking about animals that we don't think of as animals but I'm grouping animals as those who are living beings, as we understand them, and not human. So - you might get that reaction out of a beetle, you might get that reaction out of a squirrel or a bird, you might get that reaction out of a unexpected creature other than a human.

I've talked about this before but I'm mentioning it again because it's going to happen more and more often. It is important this evolving happenstance. We need, as human beings, physical evidence to know that things are changing - especially changing for the better.

How many times have you, in your imagination, wished that some wonderful beings would fly down here, land in some magical spaceship, get out and tell us they've got the cures to all our ills and freely hand them out? I know that's been in movies before and some of us have imagined it as a possibility and while I'm not ruling it out as happening someday there are other beings that we might consider alien life forms. And by that I simply mean not scary monsters that the movies would have us believe in but instead simply non humans.

Prepare yourself for meeting non humans from other worlds. If an animal nods at you - looks right at you and nods at you be sure you nod back and smile gently. Try not to show your teeth. Generally speaking if you show your teeth, animals consider this a sign of aggression - did you know that? Not everybody does.

You might note sometime, if a dog is growling or perhaps isn't making a sound but shows his teeth - good idea to keep your distance. So when you smile or nod at whatever animal makes a contact with you don't show your teeth - okay. That's all for now. I just wanted to give you an update on that subject.

Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Nightmares - An Overview

Do you know that almost all that you experience as a nightmare has to do with the simple explanation based upon the function of our life on Earth.

In The Explorer Race book I have received with inspiration and passed on to you the basic information of who we are on Earth, where we're from, why we're here, what we're doing and where we're going from here. So those of you who've read this book or are reading it will have a leg up in this talk today but for those of you who haven't read it yet then let me simply say this.

On Earth here in our physical bodies, when we are awake as compared to physically asleep to be very specific alright, we remember only that which is associated with our Earth life.

When we are in other bodies on other planets, reincarnated you understand - living other lives, we remember who we are, where we're from and so on and a great deal more but that is because on those planets it is just life and enjoyable at that.

This planet, as I've said numerous times, is a school and one of the rules of the school - all schools have rules as you know - is that we don't remember who we are or where we're from or why we're here and so on. This is so that we can recreate our lives and also acquire new experience that we will use in other lives on other planets. This is what I've been taught and this is what I believe based upon my experience and years and years and years of research.

Now with me again going to what nightmares are - when we are asleep we experience training with our guides and teachers and angels. They take us around and show us what they do and we, since we are only functioning on Earth when we are awake yes - we remember only that which is associated with Earth when our guides and angels and so on take us places we do not participate.

You understand, we are physically asleep during this time but our soul does not need to sleep so we are able to go with them. We observe what they do and how great a help they are on Earth especially with those who need help urgently - are in situations where they are crying out for help and very often help arrives from their fellow human beings but one often needs help from others as well don't you especially if one is in extreme circumstances and calls out to spirit for help in some form.

We don't however in that training remember spirit, we don't remember angels, we don't remember deities because if we did we would have a complete understanding of who we are and where we're from and we would not be able to continue on with our lessons on Earth which are many and varied.

Earth is not a punishment. It is an advanced place of training because it excludes us from remembering who we are and demands from us that we be able to provide for others and for ourselves based exclusively on our experience here. What greater lesson in compassion can be acquired then that.

Granted it may not all be fully understood when we are here on Earth but when we are beyond here it is well understood.

So what are nightmares? Nightmares are that portion of that experience that we have traveling with angels and guides that is of Earth and these beings are constantly traveling to places where people are crying out for help.

We don't remember our travels with them because that's associated with spirit world. We do remember that which is taking place on Earth which always has to do with drama and frequently suffering. So when we wake up and we have had a dream where people were crying and suffering and we naturally think of this dream as a nightmare, that's what we're remembering.

It's important for you to know and understand this because there will be times when we are going through intense training in the soul state that we will wake up with these troubling experiences and feel as if we need to sleep from our sleep, you understand - not feeling very rested but this is what's going on.

I know that life is hard here. I'm here and I'm living it too and yet we can help each other. That is the purpose of this blog, that is the purpose of my books and I know for many of you that is your purpose as well.

Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

Saturday, August 04, 2007

Long Touch: Influencing With Compatibility

I'd like you all to begin practicing something. You know that this blog, as I am able to post to it, is about magic - True Magic in that sense - meaning that which serves all beings, excluding none, in the most benevolent way.

There are times when you may be able to help, at a great distance, to ease the pain and suffering of others - even to help to console others in some benevolent way.

You will have to suspend your training and conditioning of disbelief to read on but I'd like you to do so if you are open to the possibility.

Consider that there are many mysteries in the world - how did this come to be this way? How did these great heavy blocks get moved from place to place - and there are theories abounding. And yet very often the explanation is simplicity itself.

What if the blocks of stone are alive? If you've read this blog for a time and specifically my series of books called Shamanic Secrets then you know that I believe that everything is alive and the books which are all inspired and spoken with inspiration teach a great many things about that.

Here's something you can practice for yourself. Just approach this as if it's possible, not as if you're going to dazzle your friends and family, not because you want to show-off - and I'm sure most of you who are reading this have no such interests - but because and only because it can be used to save lives, to console the bereaved and to help and assist when needed.

Here's what to practice. This is best done outdoors in some place that is quiet where you would not be disturbed but if such a place is not available to you then it can be done anyplace indoors where you have a space around you in all directions, to the best of your ability, of at least 6 feet - alright. So - 6 feet to the front, 6 feet to the back - you understand - like that. So - preferably 6 feet above you, 6 feet below you but I know that's not always easy. Still if you are outdoors it's a little easier - see.

Now - this is what to do. Put something on the ground about 3 feet away from you just out of your reach. It can be anything. It doesn't matter if its a leaf or a book or a stone but it would be best if it is something from the natural world. So - something that occurs in nature.

Perhaps a light stone. Remember always if you move a stone to ask its permission and you often do that simply by reaching down, noticing the exact position it is in and when you go to pick it up - how does your body feel? Do you feel comfortable? Do you feel physically alright? That's your body responding to the stone.

Never forget, everything is alive. If you feel uncomfortable for any reason, leave the stone exactly where it is or if you've already picked it up replace it to the best of your ability exactly the way it was.

Say you find the stone that feels comfortable - then set it up about 3 feet away from you in the position that feels the most comfortable in your body - again the stone communicates with you. Then reach out with your, I would recommend, right hand - palm down.

It is best if you are sitting on the soil to do this. If you cannot, then sit on a chair or a mat that is made entirely of natural products. Then reach out with your palm down towards the ground, not touching it but just aiming down with your fingers relaxed but your hand open and without touching the stone aim your hand so that the fingers of your hand - if they were long you see - you know, many feet long - would be just under the stone and lift up very gently.

Practice this, not necessarily expecting to move the stone up. Some of you might see a little something. It is possible - things could happen but only to begin to get used to extending the energy from your fingers and palm, working with the Earth and feeling the energy of all life supporting this act which is only intended to prepare you to serve the needs of all beings in the most benevolent way.

I have spoken on Long Touch extensively on my other blog and I will say more about these things in times to come soon.