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The Wand Position
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Thursday, April 20, 2006

With The Assistance Of Mother Earth And Greenstone

I remember once when I was living in the trailer park that the waters of the creek rose high, very high.

I had been given a piece of greenstone by some friends from New Zealand who were Maori. Greenstone is something very precious to the Maori people and it is something that is found in water and my Maori friend who is a Mystical Man and Shaman said that it worked well with water especially.

Well the water was up very high and I decided that since it was threatening the first two rows of the trailer park and some damage had already been done - my trailer was back several rows - that I would perhaps try the greenstone. I hadn't been sure whether it was alright to try the greenstone before that or whether it was alright to interfere with nature because floods are part of her way of cleansing herself.

Still I was concerned for my neighbors - while none of them was in any danger they were frightened. So I took the greenstone and went with a friend who was someone I was teaching and we went over to the water. Granted the water was not clean but I felt it was necessary to stand in it because I had to address the water as an entity.

I took out the greenstone and encouraging my student to observe but not stare I placed the greenstone in the water. It seemed to glow a little bit - purple. Then I said a Living Prayer requesting that the water be higher on the side that the trailer park was not on.

I realize that sounds ridiculous perhaps, to you since water will be flat across its surface but I asked for what I felt was needed. The greenstone then showed - I could see it and so could my student - a purple image of itself which moved around in a particular cycle above it.

We glanced at it since we did not feel it was appropriate to stare at it doing its work and we stayed for about five or ten minutes saying prayers. Well, what happened next was something that I'm sure many of you will say is not possible but what occurred is that even though the water was predicted to rise it did not rise on the side where the trailer park was on - it rose on the other side where there were no trailers, no people and only the lands of nature.

Granted the only explanation could be that it was rising on a slanted pattern - meaning higher on one side than on the other and I could clearly see that the marker we all used to check how high the water was - which was a post on which the mailbox for the trailer park sat - was covered but that on the side where the trailer park was, that the water had receded.

I thought I'd share this with you not to suggest that I am so grand or anything like that but just to suggest that there are things in nature and in life that we do not understand all the time but which are benevolent and love us and will work with us at times when requested.


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