The Wand Position

The Wand Position
Often Used for Magic

Saturday, August 27, 2016

Dark Matter in the Air

 Now, some of you who are very perceptive might begin to see something that floats around in the air all the time. This is something that will almost always look like little bits or patches of dark matter. 

 What this is, is almost always unexpressed feelings by human beings. Occasionally it will be expressed but then it will probably appear to be a lighter color - if you see it. 

 I’m bringing it up here because there is something that I recommend you do if you happen to see this matter flying around. 

 If you do I recommend you just quickly, if you can, breathe in through the top of your head and blow at it, just a quick puff of air. It will blow it away and if you breathe in through the top of your head you see, for those of you that know how to do that* it won’t be drawn in** to you.
 And there is more. I’m going to recommend you also say the following benevolent magic. Remember first to say, “I am asking that all the most benevolent energies that are available for me to be all around me and all about me now.” 

 Pause for a moment and then say, “I request that all free floating dark matter be kept far away from me now in the most benevolent way for me resulting in the most benevolent outcome.”

 Just a little note I’m recommending for you - alright. Goodlife

*Imagine gold light above the top of your head. For those of you who feel energy, I'll have something for you in a moment but if you don't feel energy then imagine gold light above the top of your head - the very top. Then breathe in, take a breath and imagine that you're pulling that light in through the top of your head.

Don't pull it in too far - meaning don't pull it down to the bottoms of your feet or anything, just pull it in and after you've taken that breath - just a normal breath - nothing huge and deep, blow in the direction where you had that vision - no matter what direction it is just blow very gently the gold light - you understand.

You're using your active imagination here - blow the gold light towards that vision, not firmly, very gently. That's all.

Now for those of you who feel the energy above the top of your head - as long as it feels benevolent and by now you know what that feels like do the same thing.

Just breathe in through the top of your head and blow very gently in… that direction.

** “In my experience I have found that… beings will sometimes pick up bits of, for lack of a better term - flotsam and jetsam of floating energies - usually unexpressed feelings, emotions, anger, etc left in residue in the energy around us and that this will sometimes clutter on these beings.”
“…they are easily picked up by animals and humans alike…”

Friday, August 26, 2016

Purification and Transformation

 In these times you will find many people going through altered realities. For you as a shamanic student or a shamanic traveler you might say, interacting with the world of the different and the abstract at times, it will not be a problem, it will be easy but for many people these things are happening also. 

 They are visions, sometimes very benevolent visions - even religious visions which are encouraging and supportive. 

 Other times however they will simply be seeing things of the suffering of their fellow human beings on different parts of the planet or even closer for some criminal act being done. This is very difficult for them and therefore I feel it would be important for you to be alert to this.

 Some people will be diagnosed as having some kind of mental malady when in fact what’s really going on is a vision of the needs of others. 

 So, you know you can help them and those of you who know how to do healing, especially remote healing, you can help them also but also there is more you can do as spiritual students. 

 You can bring about a state of change and transformation towards a more benevolent society and world by doing this as I have previously discussed here.

 I recommend this visualization because it will help to purify - meaning those that are motivated by angry thoughts, whether they are memories or whether they are motivations instilled by others, it will help to purify those thoughts so that they can be their true personalities or they can simply have better lives for themselves and those around them.

 This is simply all you need to do, though there is a part 2 that you can do if you choose.

 Picture the Earth as this beautiful blue ball you see in space, you’ve seen that picture many times I’m sure most of you, and picturing it as a planet imagine it going through the purification of the sun. 

 Now the sun in the sky has a spiritual capacity aside from light and heat and all of this and as its spiritual capacity, if you simply picture it in your mind’s eye as this big golden or white, some of you might see it as, disc that will be sufficient. 

 Then imagine or try to direct the Earth moving through the sun from the right side of the sun to the left side. This will bring about purification of motivation. 

 It’s not going to have any heat affects on Earth, it is purely a way to bring about clearing on a global scale. 

 I don’t necessarily recommend this for just anybody to do but spiritual students or shamanic students, this is something you can do

 Do not do this more than 3 times in your lifetime. So try to remember that. It is something, remember, that has an effect on everyone and there are obviously other beings on the planet other than human beings. 

 Now, there will be an exception to that. If you wish to do this to purify yourself or an individual you are trying to help - alright - then you can picture that individual or yourself moving through the sun in the same way and that will help to clear memories of pain and suffering from you or to clear others so that they might be able to live more constructive lives without being driven by some motivation of revenge.

 As you know, that is such a destructive motivation where people can harm themselves or others without fully realizing what they are doing - alright. 

 So in the case of an individual you would just picture them moving from the right side of the sun, through it, to the left side of the sun and then just let go of that vision. Just like you do with the Earth you just let go of the vision afterwards - alright. 

 So, that’s your homework for today if you care to do it and a little bit about what’s going on.

Part 2

 For those of you who are advanced in your work and would like to do more, then this is what you can do. 

 Imagine yourself standing either inside the sun or right behind it and being able to see the Earth through the sun and then with all the love you can muster reach into the sun and scoop up some of its energy and then bring it back to the north pole of the Earth and deposit it there. 

 Don’t bury it, just drop it right on the north pole of the Earth. You can hover above the Earth or you can feel yourself standing there in the bilocated* fashion. 

 When you do that, just place the energy from the sun there and say these words. Of course you will say them in your physical body but try to feel the ground under your feet standing at the north pole. Then say, “I am asking that this benevolent and loving transformational energy purify the hearts of all beings on the Earth now to bring about the most benevolent change for all humanity.” 

 That’s all.
I am glad to be able to provide these things for you now and then and I will try to continue as time goes on. Goodlife to you all.

*If you’re new to this study of bilocation go here and read it from the oldest post to the newest one and practice it before you try any of this in Part 2.