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The Wand Position
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Wednesday, December 28, 2005

How The Littlest Serve Us And How We Can Be Inspired To Serve As Well

I remember once when I was driving down a narrow dirt road from where I was living out in the country in Arizona - I remember seeing up ahead just slightly to the right of my car a beetle walking on the road and the beetle moved over a little bit further to the right to let me by but I stopped because I wasn't in any rush and I wanted to allow the beetle to go where he or she chose.
The beetle I believe, knew that I had done that and walked a little further out onto the road in a place that would have been hazardous had I kept driving. The beetle paused and stood there for a moment and then went back off to the side of the road and continued on. I knew then it was alright for me to drive by so I pulled over as far to the left as possible so as not to frighten beetle and drove on.
Some time later I had the insight and the teaching came to me that these beings often go places that they do not need to go and that many animals do that not for their own sake but because they feel a benevolent energy in them that is a gift to them and they know - for others. Therefore they will walk or fly or swim or crawl or use whatever means they have to get to the place they feel attracted to and touch the Earth or the water or the sky there because that energy, some of which only is for them, will pass into that place that they touch that is meant for others and the wind, the water and the motion of the land will help it arrive either to the person or being it is meant for or that they - that person or being will come and touch it or be touched by it.
Is that not beautiful? It reminded me when I became aware of that how loyal the animals and the beetles and all the creatures on Earth are to serving each others needs and our needs. Many's the time I've been taught by these little beings, not so much by what they said to me but by their actions that it is their intent to be of service to others, to their families, to their loved ones and yes - to themselves and yet many times their service has been to me.
Some day I will tell you how I was served benevolently by a wonderful spider, in a country I was visiting, when I was not feeling well and perhaps other stories of amazing things I have seen the animals do - many times the smallest of them - ants and others. I wish to pass these stories on to you here because I feel that this is a place where I can speak of my experiences and pass on to you the knowledge and wisdom I cherish.
Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

Monday, December 26, 2005

Seeds Of Stone For Mother Earth

I have been observing life around me for some time now and while I have recollections of interesting spiritual phenomena that I've observed I also want to let you know about things I observe these days. One of these things is the movement and motion of weather. Mother Earth, as you know is a living being and as a living being she has to function as best she can with the many visitors she has. Us - yes, the animals - yes and many other organisms - plants - yes and so on and of course there are the visitors from space - now I'm not talking about ETs here. I'm talking about the occasional chunks of rock that land on the Earth.
You might reasonably wonder why I'm speaking about such a thing at this time but you see Mother Earth as a planet, according to what I've been taught and what I believe, is not only a living being but appreciates and needs support and help from other beings like her. You know that sometimes it is a great comfort to have your dog friend or your cat friend or your horse friend or any other animal comfort you and sometimes you are comforted by a tree as well. I have been and so have you.
Mother Earth is not unlike that because sometimes she needs to be comforted and while we can attempt to comfort her in the best way we know how, like us at times she needs to be comforted by beings like herself just as we are comforted by our fellow human beings and when her need is strong she puts out a message and many little pebbles or stones or even slightly larger will come and land some place on her body. Most of these things that land are never found or noticed by various individuals because most of them are so small as to go unnoticed and yet a meteorite the size of a grain of sand, okay a big grain of sand, when it lands on her - and most often it will land in the sea - will provide for her the sustenance and nurturance of a much vaster size of planetary body.
Most of these meteorites are not just chunks of this and that. Most of them are bits and pieces of planets - either planets that have come apart over time or planets that are forming - seeds you might say. Because not unlike the seed of a human being or of a plant or of an animal so seeds of planets exist as well and sometimes when Mother Earth is not feeling well - perhaps we've been taking too much from her body and changing it into what we need - she will request these seeds that come from space that can reinvigorate her and allow her to adapt her form to a representation that is safer and more comfortable for her now and will allow her to adapt to our needs while we are still here.
I've been taught that some day we will move on when we can travel freely in space and allow Earth to become that beautiful garden that is in many of our stories and books and when that time comes I believe that those seeds of stone will sprout and provide benevolence for Mother Earth and the beings that will follow us here whatever form they may take. I know this sounds like a story but it's what I've been taught and it's what I believe.
Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Seeing And Feeling Light Beings And Possibly Even More

There is an experience I have with some frequency - I wonder if you have it too. Sometimes I see things - lights, Light Beings. I know you'll say, "Oh this is not something I have but I would like to" but I remember when I first started seeing them. Out of the corner of my eye I would catch the view of something - just out of the corner and quite naturally I would turn my eyes or my head to look at it and it would be gone.
I gradually began to realize that this was a real thing. It was light but I couldn't make it out and what I started doing is I started disciplining myself to not turn my eyes and to not turn my head when I noticed it - when it was safe of course - not when I was driving or anything - and it was quite an interesting experience.
I would upon having that vision of light or whatever it was since I couldn't make it out very well - when I would not turn my head it would stay longer. It is a discipline, I grant you. It is natural to want to see, "What is that?" But I didn't turn my head and a funny thing started to happen. Even though the frequency of seeing these lights out of the corner of my eye did not increase and even went away, the funny thing that started to happen gradually, eventually over time is that I would start to see these lights in front of my eyes - meaning in front - easily seen where I did not have to turn my head.
It would just be there for a split second and then it would be gone. Sometimes it was an intense pinpoint of light. Sometimes white, sometimes other colors but this has built up over time and now I see really beautiful things. I see purple patches with sometimes a different colored border around it regardless of what shape it is and the reason I'm bringing it up to you is that it's such a wonderful experience.
When I see these things now there is such a wonderful energy that I experience at the same time. Lately I've been having kind of a fun experience with it because some of these purple patches that I consider to be Light Beings - they don't look like human beings but they do demonstrate a interactivity with me and sometimes with each other when there is more than one - then there is a particular one - I don't know if it's the same one but there is one that approaches a little bit more and gets a little bit closer each time - that's kind of fun. I feel like we're sort of getting to know each other if that's possible.
So I wanted to share that with you. Not so much because I'm trying to wave my flag and say, "Hey look at me. I can see things" - not that but rather, if you begin to see things - don't dismiss it, don't automatically assume that there's something wrong with you or that you're crazy.
I grant that if you're seeing things and you're having problems with your vision in general it's good to go to the eye doctor - I go too - I have glasses - but don't automatically assume that it's something you want to go away.
It might be contact by Light Beings who simply want to interact with you and maybe in time if you indicate that they're welcome - especially when you're not driving or doing anything that requires your attention like working in the kitchen or something - then I recommend that you just say if you feel at ease with it, "Welcome. Come back anytime." I used to say, "Greetings" but since I've been taught by a Being that I really feel good about, to say, "Goodlife" that's what I say now.
You notice when I say it I say it as one word even though of course the computer wants me to say it as two words since it is not recognized as a single word in the dictionary but the Being who shared it with me shared it as one word and indicated to me that they felt of it as one word. It was not a Light Being. It was a wonderful old tree that I used to hike past on a trail in Arizona. Remember - everything is alive. If you keep that in mind it will make it easier to interact with all life around you be it spiritual, physical or non-physical.
Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Advice To My Friend On How I Know

Recently a friend that I've made through blogging put out a request on his blog for advice about a difficult time in the world. I can tell that he is attempting to acquire a certain amount of knowledge and wisdom not only for his own benefit but that he will share it with others as he sees fit. Since the question he asked was involved with how to know, this was the answer I provided to him and I thought I'd just share it with you as well.

My friend you have asked a most important question indeed. How to know the difference between opinions and advice offered by friends who may mean it with the best of intentions, that is of value and can be applied to your life and that which is not for you. It doesn't mean it's not of value but it is not meant to be applied to your life. It is simply meant to be let go and allowed to pass into the energy of the world of thought.
This is what I recommend. I'd recommend that you try something that has worked so well for me. It is a process, yes, it may not be immediately accessible but it works for me every day in all kinds of decisions. It is a physical feeling. I hope you find it to be of some value.
This is what I recommend. I recommend that you sit down in a comfortable chair in a quiet spot at a quiet time of the day - turn off the ringer on the phone so you won't be disturbed - and just ask for some quiet time from friends and family. Then put your hands on your heart area - just let them sit there and you'll notice probably, given your nature a feeling of warmth that is noticeable in your heart. Keep your hands there and let the feeling be present.
It might come up - that feeling of warmth might come up you see, in some other part of your body - perhaps your stomach or your solar plexus - maybe someplace else. When you notice that feeling of warmth see if you can just go into it - don't think about it - just go into that physical feeling of warmth and see if you can feel it more. I recommend then that every day or every other day you try to have that experience of physical warmth in your body - there's a reason.
Practice it for a week or two so that you can get to the point where you can just sit down or lay down quietly someplace and focus on feeling that physical warmth in your body even if it comes up in different places at different times - that's alright. It may come up here one day, there another day, that's fine. Maybe you won't have to put your hands on your body, maybe you will - either way is fine.
When you get good at this, you will then be able to use this as a physical means of: Yes, this is for me or there's another response in your body that is: No, this is not for me. It doesn't cast judgement however. It is simply - for you or not for you. I find this is a particularly appealing aspect of this work.
Then, what to do is this. I recommend that when advice comes to you no matter how logical and reasonable it is if you get an uncomfortable feeling about it then later on when you're on your own simply say out loud to yourself, "My friend gave me this advice today" and give a brief synopsis or just a couple of words about what he or she said. Notice how you feel in your physical body.
Do you feel warmth or do you feel a tightness or discomfort. If there is a tightness or discomfort just let it go right away. This means the advice no matter how well meant is not for you at least not in that form or not in that day. If you feel the warmth it means that this is for you or there is some aspect of it that may be advantageous for you to consider. If there is no feeling at all in your body, then rephrase the question and ask it another day. That's what I recommend.
It works well for me. I utilize it in all aspects of my life - not instead of thought but as well as thought. I find that my physical body has the capacity to offer this great form of intuitive wisdom to me and I hope it serves you well my friend.

Sunday, December 04, 2005

Contacting Yourself With Approval

This blog is meant to share my personal experience and will occasionally have as you've noticed guest columns from friends whom I feel have something very worthwhile to say and that I feel that you may find interesting, valuable and enjoyable.
I will also use it at times to make suggestions and this is one of those days. Here's what I suggest. It is in the nature of life as I've discovered it over time that life often tends to repeat itself. We might reasonably wonder why because we might quite reasonably say, "I got it already" but you know there's a reason things sometimes repeat and that's that - yes - we might very well have gotten it but now our soul or greater being wants to see if we can apply it and how soon after we get it - that this is something we already got - how we're going to apply what we got this time.
I've had experiences like that too and I find that many's the time that I'll get it realize oh, it's this again, find it amusing at that moment whatever it is even if it's not a big laugh or anything to be smiling about - when I realize what it is then I apply what I've learned. It's amazing how quickly it gets resolved.
I believe you've had those moments too. When you do I'd like you to do something that I've been learning how to do that is not something most of us are trained to do in our culture and that's to give ourselves a little pat on the back. I'll actually do that physically. I feel that it's important because in our cultures we almost always learn everything there is to know about how to show disapproval but we don't often learn how to show approval or we don't learn it as well.
So give yourself a little pat on the back or if you can't reach your back to well for any reason stroke your arm. I've discovered that making strokes just going down gently are helpful or something like that is something that has worked for me.
That's all today. I just wanted to offer something that I've discovered and recommend that you try it. It's amazing the difference between saying, "Oh I did good" for instance and actually when you say it or something - whatever you like to say - to give yourself a little pat or stroke on the body. In my experience our physical body does not react well to the thought that we did good but rather reacts well to the touch. I'm sure this is because when we were very young those whom we loved or whom we wanted approval from touched us when we were being approved of or loved and our physical body knows and understands that this is loving approval. So, that's my big thought for today eh and I hope that you have a good experience with it.

Thursday, December 01, 2005

My Experience With Energy - Its Placement With Benevolence And What You Can Do Too

Very often when I hear sirens outside of my home I will go to the window, not to see what all the ruckus is about but because I've been trained to do so. I will look out and if I feel even the slightest energy I will wait and the energy will build within me. Then I will do exactly as I've been taught and that is that as the energy builds up and I feel it strongly at the top of my head I will breathe in through the top of my head. I know that sounds funny but that's what I focus on and I can feel the energy being pulled into my body and then I will very gently or firmly if prompted to do so blow that energy, that loving, benevolent, spiritual energy in the general direction of where those emergency vehicles are going and I have been taught and I have at times noticed results or experienced some feedback of the benefit of doing this.
I will often say after doing that the Living Prayer that I've been taught to say which is, "I am asking that all those beings who need help receive all the help they need now from all those beings who can help them." Whether the energy has been deposited you might say or whether I have blown it in a very specific location where I felt the energy the strongest, meaning where I felt the energy come up in me the strongest or in the case of a feeling that a vast amount of space needs that energy and it could be supported by it have transfered it lets say from above me where the energy comes in benevolently - transfered it through breath - in those areas I have often felt and experienced a easing of conditions wherever that energy goes.
Sometimes if people were screaming they stop. Other times if the feeling of extreme agitation is present it calms. I am not trying to say that I am working in concert with emergency personnel but I have been taught that when this benevolent feeling occurs that I can actually feel gently at the top of my head that means that there is loving benevolent energy available to help, to support and to provide a means of nurturance and benevolence for all those to whom it can be applied.
This is not the only time I do this - other times when I go to the window I will sometimes wait - not just look out at what's happening beyond the glass but I will wait and if I notice that energy I may blow in some direction as well. I never do this though unless I feel that benevolent energy and I encourage you to not do it unless you feel that benevolent energy but if you would like to feel it then this is what I'd recommend you say to practice - you might say, "I am asking that Gold Light Beings, that Gold Light Beings from all times, places, dimensions and possibilities, that Light Beings from all times, places, dimensions and possibilities who are compatible with the gold light, that loving sources of spiritual energy, that loving Creator and loving Creator's friends make available to me any abundance of energy they can provide to direct that energy with my life force" - and a note here, life force is about breath - "towards whatever feels to me needs that energy and I request that this occur now for me in the most benevolent and loving way."
It is a request, a long elaborate one you see but it does provide a possibility for you to acquire this - it won't happen suddenly for most of you but it will gradually happen. Mystical people have done this kind of thing for years and years. I do not claim to have invented something here but it must be done always and only when you feel that benevolent energy.
How will you know the energy is benevolent, because it will feel good to you. There might be a feeling of warmth in your body. There might be a gentle relaxing nurturing energy - you'll see. Most of you who try this will already know what that feels like but for those of you who don't, that's what to look for. Never do it unless you feel that energy and the way you will know where that energy is needed is that as you look about and your eyes land on something or for those of you who cannot see and I know there are some of you out there who can't, then as you turn in your direction or turn your head - when your head points in some specific direction and you feel the energy slightly and it comes up strongly after that or more strongly perhaps then you can breathe in through the top of your head alright - that's how it works for me - for some of you it may come in in different places but I would recommend breathing in through the top of your head and asking for it to come in above your head.
That's a safe place for us all as I've been taught and of course you'll just breathe but imagine strongly or try to breathe in through the top of your head and after you breathe in blow gently towards that place where you felt the energy initially.
That's my basic instruction for you. For now I would recommend that you try it with that which you cannot necessarily see as a person - meaning perhaps an animal or what looks - perhaps an object, a tree but if it is something that is a distance away and you don't know if there's people in there or not but you get the feeling - try it.
Know that everyone is protected to a degree so you're not going to harm anyone but if you're concerned that you might cause harm then you can say this. You could say, "I am asking that all the breath I blow in any given direction be always and only energized by the most loving and benevolent energies beyond me and that my capabilities to perform this service be increased so that I can develop confidence and receive feedback that it is working benevolently."
Remember that this is a service you provide, not something you take credit for. It is something you can do quietly and benevolently and have the satisfaction within yourself that you have done what you can do and in many cases that you have done more than you can do and have provided a valuable link on Earth to allow this energy to pass through you, a human being so that the energy which may be vast and loving can be attuned to human needs as it passes through a human being - you.
Goodlife to you all and goodnight.