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The Wand Position
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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Animals In Brazil, Part 1

Some years ago I was making trips now and then to Brazil to teach and to channel and to of course, experience the wonderful people of Brazil itself. I recall on one occasion I was staying with some Brazilian friends that I had met in Sedona not long before this trip. Their home was in a fairly big city in Brazil.
One of the people was having a problem at a family home out in the country. He asked me if I would come out and see if I could do something about it and he said to me at the time, "I know you can talk to the animals. Perhaps you can help because there are some beings there that are causing me a lot of discomfort" and so I said, "Yes of course."
I didn't realize how far it was. We all piled into the car. There were five of us including my friend N who was traveling with me. It turned out to be many, many miles and by the time we got there I wasn't feeling at my best. The home was in a residual portion of what was once tropical rain forrest with a narrow dirt road leading to the few modest homes that were there - nothing grand.
The beings my friend had been having problems with were ants who had been coming into the home in gradually greater numbers and my friend felt that perhaps they were trying to tell him something. When we got there I went around to the back of the home and found a narrow opening in the cement slab the home was built upon. I saw the ants coming and going from there. I spoke out loud as I have learned that they do understand.
I believe, according to my experience, that they receive an interpretation of communications like this from Grandmother Ant - as I call her - when these communications are spoken respectfully honoring their right to live benevolently. I said at the time that I was not feeling well and would lie down for a short time and then would come out and continue our communion.
I went in to lie down for a while and when I was laying there I noticed a spider on the wall a ways away. I suddenly heard a gentle voice and saw a picture in my minds eye of the sketch called Vitruvian Man by Leonardo Da Vinci depicting,I believe, man in balance - you know the one with the man standing with his arms stretched out over his head and his legs stretched out. Over this sketch I could see superimposed the outline of a spider with four legs on each side and I realized spider was trying to tell me something.
I heard the gentle voice say, "Imagine yourself to be like us. Imagine that you have all these legs coming out of your body and every time you breathe out - just breathe naturally - exhale as if you were exhaling through all these legs."
I had been taught by spirit previously how to exhale through any part of my body in order to release energies of discomfort, so picturing and imagining that these extra legs were present in my body I breathed out of them as well as out of my own arms and legs. I started to feel better almost immediately. It goes to show you that Mother Nature is around us all the time and the animals want to help and I know they will if we just give them a chance.
I thanked spider and just then my friend N came in and she said, "You'd better come outside and take a look at this." I got up feeling much better thanks to my spider friend and went outside. I will tell you about what happened with the ants in my next post. It was truly a wonder. I'd have to say - one of the wonders of the world.

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