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Thursday, February 16, 2006

Animals In Brazil, Part 2

Continuing from last time - my friend N came into the room where I was laying down and she said, "You..." and then she paused for a moment, " better come out and see this" and I wasn't feeling perfect but it was not like her to say something like that so I knew that it must be important and I went through the house and out over the front porch to the front steps and looked and there I had the privilege to see one of the wonders of the world.
A natural wonder, unlike anything anything I'd ever seen in my life. There marching in a phalanx about a foot wide came a row of ants. I do not know how many thousands and thousands there were but it was an amazing experience. It was - I can only describe it - a huge row - figure about a foot wide and quite a length long - sixteen or seventeen feet or more - were coming from the back of the house - the house sat on a cement slab. They would have had to come out of the small crack in the cement slab at the back of the house and march around the house in that perfect shape - a perfect formation - there weren't any ants straying from one side to another. It was a perfect shape and they marched, for lack of a better term - of course they were walking - to the front of the house just in front of the porch and then they formed this fantastic thing, a pattern.
It was a tremendous privilege to see it. I do not know if anyone out there has ever seen this but everybody there was utterly fascinated and I think that my hosts girlfriend was a little frightened because it was something that while it had some familiarity to things that human beings do at times, such as marching in formation, it was fantastic as if one was seeing something that extraterrestrials might do - meaning it was fantastic beyond belief.
These ants, or I'm going to call them ant people since I really think of them that way, formed a shape - still remaining in that foot wide phalanx as they poured into the shape that was roughly about five feet long by four feet wide and they traversed back and forth just like a stitches. Imagine if you can a pattern of squares and in that pattern of squares not unlike the weave of fabric or weave of threads - there would be some threads - yes - going across and some going up and down and the threads would weave just exactly the way a weaver would make, say a rug - threads going in and then down and around the other thread and then in and then down and around the other thread and so on just exactly like a weave and it was a weave pattern that formed a perfect checkerboard with ants going crisscross back and forth and then up and down, back and forth, up and down - I've never seen anything like it in my life.
It was astonishing and then after a minute or so of this amazing display by these truly amazing beings - think how many thousands - I cannot imagine the number - the ground was thick with them but it was in a perfect, absolutely perfect shape without any stragglers off to the side. Such union - and then a few of them, two, three, maybe five broke off from the ranks and walked up the stairs of the porch until they got up close to me and then they paused and the one in front leaned up and looked at me and my friend N said, "I - I think they want you to say something."
She was right because I suddenly felt a communion coming in and I started saying this - and I believe it was from the ants and I think you will believe it too when I'm done here. I heard and said out loud the message because I knew it was for my friend who's home this was who'd been having a problem with ants coming into the house. Even as I spoke it the ants continued to move back and forth and up and down in their fantastic weave pattern other then the few who had approached me by coming up the stairs.
I said, speaking for the ants as I believe, "A long time ago - about forty years - we lived here in this part of the forrest and then human beings came and they made a road and started building houses. We were a little alarmed but we thought, 'Well - we can all live together.' One day someone was building a house and they dug down and broke into where we lived and it was a disaster. We lost a whole generation of our young and it was terrible. We grieved about it for years afterwards - and we had to escape - not that many of us got away and we have been grieving the loss of this generation of our young for so very long.
"We managed to move over here and we are now in residence. When this home was built we were alarmed at first but then we saw they weren't going to dig and harm us. Yes, they scraped a little bit on the ground but then they didn't dig" and you recall I said the home was built on a cement slab - "but recently the man who lives here sometimes had been talking to his friends. He was going to build a extension to the house and dig down and make a basement" - and my host friend later confirmed this and he said that was true - he had talked about it and he was astonished that the ants would know and understand that.
The ant person went on to tell me and I spoke the story, "We were terribly frightened. We were afraid he was going to dig down and it would happen all over again. It has taken us forty years to rebuild our colony and we have not nor do we wish to cause harm to others but we are desperately afraid this is going to happen and we are asking that this not happen and requesting that it not happen" and that was all - and the moment I stopped speaking their story - the exact moment, the phalanx of ants started up again.
They had all arrived at that spot - that checkerboard weave of ants and immediately the story stopped the checkerboard pattern started to reduce itself but in a perfect geometrical pattern and the phalanx of ants marched - again about a foot wide of ants - marched in a perfect pattern back around the house and back to their home until they were gone.
I realize these words are a poor way of describing this amazing sight. I wish you all could have seen it. I do not know if there's anybody out there who's ever seen anything like this but it is an astonishing sight and I feel profoundly privileged to have been involved in seeing it and being able to tell their story. In my experience with ant people they are absolutely devoted parents. They love their young just like us. They're no different then us. I grant they look different and they may seem to be foreign but - think about it. Here we are living on our planet fairly isolated from the rest of the life in the universe.
Oh you hear about people having contacts with extraterrestrials but only some people are interested - not everyone - and yet so many of us are very excited and looking forward to experiencing space travel and the stories about space travel through our experience of astronauts and cosmonauts, "Who will they meet out there? Wouldn't it be wonderful if they meet extraterrestrials."
Lets make the effort to get along with our own terrestrials even if they don't look like us. I know it's a lot. I know that ant people look so different from us. So do beetles and for that matter we don't look much like elk either and yet somewhere out in space these beings all have relatives who are benign and benevolent. Who are concerned and want to meet people of Earth but they want to meet us safely and benevolently and they are concerned that - because we'll be afraid of them - because of their appearance that we may act in some way that might be harmful to them which is why they haven't revealed themselves but their relatives - not unlike us who were originating on other planets are here with us and regularly report, from what I've been taught, home about how we're coming along and how we treat them.
I know we don't want to live all together in one big pile of different types of beings nor am I suggesting it but if there are ant people in your home then I recommend you do what I recommended to my hosting friend after this amazing display by the ants. I said, as I've been taught, that I felt that the ants had delivered their story but there was more for him to do. He had been trained in shamanic ways and so I spoke to him in that light. I said it was important for him now to make contact with the ants in a benevolent way. That they had approached me to speak because they knew that I could understand them and that I had had contact with ant people before - which I have - but it was important for him to make contact benevolently and he said, "But I don't know how to talk to them like you do."
I reminded him that that wasn't necessary - that he was a man and therefore a form of life on Earth - a being. That it was only important for him to present to them an acknowledgment - to go near where their house was - the opening at the back of the house - the crack in the slab - and to simply place some little food items there - be it sweet or seeds or meat - something that ants might eat and he would find out by what they would eat what it is that they like - because they could live in the forrest that it may not be sweet but it might and therefore I would recommend that he would leave something and perhaps even make an effort at leaving water.
If he left water it would have to be as pure as possible and there would have to be - perhaps if it was a dish - little stones in the dish so that they could come to the water and have the water without being at risk of falling in. Perhaps he could put in something that was almost at the surface of the water but it was up to him and then don't put whatever you put out for them to close to the opening of their home but close enough within say, ten feet that they could easily get to.
Afterwards stand at a distance where there wouldn't be any risk of harming them and simply speak out loud and say to them that you acknowledge their right to be there and you appreciate their love for their families and the young ones and that you will make every effort even if you build more of the home there to build it on the surface of the ground so that they will not be harmed and the young will be safe and tell them that you will once a month make these offerings for six months just to let them know that this is something you acknowledge and you acknowledge their value. Ask them also that you be able to live inside your house and that they live outside your house. That's all.
"They might be happy...," I told my friend, "...with just once a month for three months but six months would be better and he said he would do it. I have found that sometimes this kind of process works even if at times the ants do not eat it - whatever you put out or whatever you put for them to drink - the fact that you have made the offering is very welcome to them and they recognize that you're reaching out to them.
I hope you've been interested in this event in my life witnessing of one of the wonders of the world. Goodlife.


Hart said...
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Robert Shapiro said...

My friend
I can assure you when I first saw that sight I was speechless and if the ants had not approached me and my friend there had not encouraged me I'm not sure if I would have realized that I needed to speak. It was as you say a sight that literally strikes one into true silence. Thank you for your comment.