The Wand Position

The Wand Position
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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

A Path To True Communion

Now, when you read this you will have begun to notice subtle changes in the way you feel things. You will find that the physical feelings in your body are much more sensitive.

It does not matter - your profession or your path in life. This is something physical and it's happening for us all from the inside out - meaning what we feel in our areas where we first feel things - meaning for most of us that would be in our stomach or abdomen.

What is happening is that we are becoming sensitive to communication from others. You have heard of, or perhaps you know someone like this or perhaps you are like this now, people who can tell the difference between what a person is saying and what they are feeling and therefore perceive the contradiction in communication. We're all going to be like that now and that level of co-ordination is going to vastly improve the quality of our communication.

If however this is to work well people need to know about it so you don't just find yourself constantly doubting what other people are saying to you - have you had that experience lately - even with friends, family, loved ones or they say something to you but you doubt it? That might be because they're distracted.

They are thinking about one thing and saying another or more likely these days, they are feeling something strongly but they are speaking something to you in the course of conversation or because it is necessary to say in that moment or perhaps they are just being polite.

You see, sometimes being polite is not the best road to communication. A lot of people know that but most of those people are not in positions of influence or leadership.

In fact most of them are fairly young. A lot of people born in the past 10 to 15 years are born with this capacity - did you know that?

If you find yourself listening and feeling and noting the contradiction and you've been doing that for a while you were probably born with that. If on the other hand you find that being the case for you now - you've already come into it and there it is.

In many cases you won't be able to say much about it but just know that just because you are feeling a difference in what a person feels and what they say does not always mean you can't trust them - it might mean that they simply don't know about this and if you feel an opening, if you feel an opportunity to discuss it with them - not just a gap in conversation but to say, "Do you know, I've been having this experience lately and a lot of others are having it too" and then you describe what you experience but you don't say anything to them about it - you don't try to talk them into it.

You just let them know that you're experiencing that and that you know other people that are experiencing it as well, if you do. If you don't you can find them easy enough on the internet or with internet friends.

I'm bringing this to your attention now because it is so vitally important and it's going to vastly, in time, improve communication to the point where it's true communion - meaning what you say to me is in concordance with what you're feeling so I can absolutely believe that it's true for you and what I say to you is in concordance with what I'm feeling and you can tell that so you know it's absolutely true on the basis of what I feel.

Think about it. If you could trust what somebody else was saying because they felt it and they believed it you could make real plans. You could discover real allies. You could discover real friends and you could plan your life accordingly.

This is coming for us all but you must know that that's so. I'll say more about this as time goes on.

Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

Saturday, May 26, 2007

The Rhythms Of The Earth

Do you know about the rhythms of the Earth. I'm not talking about the seasons but rather the rhythms.

The rhythms have to do with Mother Earth's actual feelings, her moods as it were, which are - if not entirely predictable you can in fact gauge them on the basis of how you as a person feels.

Generally this will play out in one of the following ways. You may have a time of the year or three or four times a year perhaps when you feel attracted to certain foods and foods that you've always loved suddenly either do not sit well in your body or are simply not of interest to you anymore and that can run for up to 6 weeks but then it will fade and you will resume your normal eating habits.

Then they're other ways it can reveal itself. If you are in a romantic relationship you might find that the way you relate both intimately and casually to your mate will change for a time.

It might express itself different ways - for example you might normally like to go out, be with friends, go places, do things but then all of a sudden for no apparent reason not having anything to do with the other person though you might logically try to figure it out that way - neither one of you has any interest in going out, going to see friends, being with friends - in short it would be an actual change in your behavior but that too along the same timing passes and then you resume your normal activities.

It can also be something that expresses itself in other ways but the ways that you feel it for yourself will have a definite timing mechanism similar to the one I've spoken to.

As I say it may not be something that you can gauge with the calendar - oh it's time for a rhythm of the Earth - it may not be like that at all but it will happen 2, 3 sometimes 4 times a year.

This always has to do with Mother Earth being engaged with other planets. There are of course other planets in this solar system and she is at times called upon to engage with other planets not unlike you might be called upon to have activities with people you don't normally relate to.

In this sense she is not quite as connected to those people and plants and animals on her surface and even slightly under her surface. It amounts to - if you were able to gauge Mother Earth's moods and some of you might be able to do this - it amounts to a change of mood in a person that would feel like a change of mood. For Mother Earth it always has to do with her relating to beings away from herself.

If you take a look at that when you or I or others that we know find themselves relating to other people that they don't often interact with there's a tendency for your overall personality to change in how you relate to everyone and everything but then when that time passes your normal personality returns.

I thought you might like to know about this because it helps to explain things that seems to be at the least anomalies in our lives and sometimes it can be greater and create a strain in friendships, relationships and with workmates and so on.

If you know about these rhythms of the Earth you won't assume that it's somebody's capricious behavior or somebody's up to something - no. This has to do with the Earth and since our physical bodies are made of the earth, well then - very simply we must be what we are.

Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

There Is A Message..

Have you noticed the overwhelming sense of urgency all over.

It is a physical feeling even though it can be justified by thought but you see - my feeling is that that feeling - the physical feeling eh - is coming first and then as reasonable, thoughtful people we glance around to see - and we usually don't have to look to far as to why we are having that feeling of urgency but I'd like to talk today briefly about other reasons why that feeling of urgency is present.

There are those on this planet that are essentially messengers. They are here only and exclusively to give us messages. Guides yes, angels yes of course but there are others.

We are not alone on this planet, we are not the only form of life. There are the animals, there are the plants.

In my experience they are ripe with messages for us and they are not admonitions but rather it has everything to do with who we are but given that we have no eternal history - by this I mean a capacity to write, tell or sing stories about truth associated with us that are absolutely transferable from generation to generation globally and can be counted upon to remain intact - however the animals and the plants do not have such restriction. They teach their young the stories verbatim as they have been taught and so they have been entrusted with who we are, where we're from, why we're here, what we're doing, how we'll get there and when.

I have experienced, and I know many other mystical people and medicine people as well have experienced, these conversations and these conversations with the plant world and the divas of plants and animals and the animal world and their spirits and guides and yes - angels have given a great deal in messages - some of which you may have read here in one way or another or on my other blog that you know about and some of which have been passed along in various forms other ways.

You all know that I do channeling which - in the way I have been taught is a clear, deep connection to provide wisdom without any editorializing on my part. This has taken years and years of training and can be accomplished if one is willing and applying oneself to achieve it. I recommend it as a means of true communion.

I will be having another book coming out soon with messages from the animals. I've had some messages along these lines before and have attempted to pass them on here or in some other books that I may have.

Still - the reason I'm speaking to you about this today is that the feeling of urgency that we are having is entirely about the animals who are leaving. Yes, some of them are leaving or have left because of things that human beings have done or are doing and the same can be said about the plants.

So where are they putting that important information that will help us to eventually yes - discover our true natures, capacities and abilities.

Some of it of course is being passed along in these blogs as well as the blogs and teachings of others but some of it is being put in a place where the co-ordination of capacities is omnipresent.

What do I mean by that. It is very simply being put into the stone. I have spoken here extensively recently about soil but if you look at some portions of the soil it is broken down rock and stone. The best place to store something when it may have to be there for a time is in the stone.

So a little extra credit homework if you like. Find a stone, preferably a boulder or someplace on a mountain. Reach down - don't touch it with your left hand or your right hand just get close to it - say within 4 to 6 inches with your palm towards the stone - either hand, whichever feels more comfortable to you and make sure you pick out a place on the stone where you feel comfortable.

Try to have no other human being touching you at that time but some mothers holding babies may be able to do this. Then ask the stone if there is a message, not personal for you but a message for all human beings that will feel physically good to you and provide you with some insight as to human capacity and ability to wrought benevolent change. Ask that it be given to you in an inspiration of that moment or in a dream that you will remember. That's what I recommend if you'd like.

Remember the feeling of urgency has everything to do with the message keepers moving on but they have found a place to leave the message.

Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

Monday, May 21, 2007

Understanding Mother Earth: Fire

There is a way Mother Earth creates renewal and I think we all know what that is. It is not a pleasant thing in most cases but it is used in ways that do incorporate a form of cleansing.

It is known, at least in the past, that when doctors and other health practitioners need to use instruments to safely work on their patients that they use heat in order to clean their instruments and there are other professions that use heat in order to say - work metal so that it can be made into forms that serve us in some way - and yet what about Mother Earth.

She gives this example of heat by creating fire through lightning or volcanism and other methods. For instance there might be a reflection off of something - a piece of glass, a piece of metal - some dry brush and poof. In other words all fires are not caused by human carelessness. No, a great many of them are caused by natural means.

Mother Earth does not have a resentment against life on her body - plants, animals, people but she does require that she uses her actual elements to keep her body refreshed.

I am not saying that fire is good in all cases for it causes a great deal of suffering to us all and that cannot be avoided and yet we are fascinated by it are we not. We are so fascinated that it is not unusual for people to build a fire in a fireplace even in the warm months simply because of the pleasure we get looking at a log burn, even a manufactured log and the way the flames go.

There is a certain mystical attraction to the flame and I will say a little more about that just now. Fire, you see, burns on its own accord. It goes where it is attracted to, not unlike water, and it moves in a way that recreates form.

We consider at the deep level of our own being that the recreation of form must have something to do with Creator. After all, Creator sparks life on our planet with that soul that is in each and every one of us - plants, animals, humans - yes and therefore when we see an element that is of Mother Earth recreating form it strikes a familiar chord within us and as long as it is recreating that form in a way that feels safe to us we feel as if we are observing something almost holy in action.

And yet, even though some religions identify fire as a element of change wrought by Creator there are others that consider fire to be - yes that element but also to be considered something holy and sacred. Hence candles in churches, temples and other places of worship.

It is a ongoing conundrum however why we consider that the use of fire as a punishment or as a way of enforcing our will on others is also used. My feeling is that fire is meant to be honored as a natural means of renewal that is a part of Mother Earth's personality and considering the damage that it can do as well as its beauty and its capacity for renewal my feeling is that it is best to allow it to be yes - adjudicated if you like - to be provided by those beings who feel the most confident in expressing it as part of their personalities.

Creator yes, Mother Earth yes but not so much something that we who feel we have the capacity to control it but often it leaps out of our control - perhaps its not something that we can yet express as part of our own personalities.

Given that, it has an eternal quality and in my experience the eternal is best left to beings who are eternal.

I am not saying - don't use fire. I am saying use it with respect, use it with caution and recognize that it is all about the change of life we all go through, the cycles of life we all go through and the nature of the re-formation of matter by eternal spirit. Respect yes, honor yes and keep our distance with that respect. Fire - a element of nature.

Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

Friday, May 18, 2007

Sending Safety To Where You Must Go

Have you ever been in a situation where you knew you were going to be exposed to people, places, things, even environments that were not only stressful to you but were under stress themselves or perhaps even worse and you felt like you really just couldn't take any more or the means you've been using to insulate and protect yourself have been drained from you.

Given that, I'd like to suggest you do this. If you have warning before you go there even for a couple of minutes ask that all of the benevolent energy and beings both spiritual and physical - meaning in this sense animals, plants lend you the energy you need for that moment. Then if you feel something wherever you feel that energy, as long as it is a good feeling and you can recognize a good feeling by now if you've been studying mystical man and my other blog as well as this one, then that place or those places on your body breathe very gently in through that part of your body that feels good. Most likely it will be the top of your head or the back of your neck but it might be some other place.

Then hold your right hand out with your palm facing down. You can shift the position of your legs if you like and blow gently - try to make sure if at all possible that your hand is not aiming towards any person or animal or plant - meaning tree in this case - so it's alright to blow somewhat up in the sky - and blow as you can imagine or feel through your right hand with your palm facing down towards that location where that situation awaits you.

If you can at the same time imagine or see, some of you will be able to see, a gold light come out either as a ribbon, a stream or cloud or just a sensation come out of your hand and go to that location where you must go - after you've done this for 1, maybe 2 breaths tops then say this living prayer. I recommend you say, "I am asking that this location.." (you can name the place if you wish) " welcoming for me now in the safest and most benevolent way and that I be insulated and protected from harm during my entire stay there in the most benevolent way for me."

Try to say that out loud or at least whisper it. That's what I recommend. This can work for all people's in all situations. It would be helpful if you are going to be benevolent there. It won't work if you're intending to cause harm to others but it may work at least to a degree if you're going to try to prevent harm to all.

Still - use it in whatever situation that presents itself and know that if it doesn't work the way you like you may have to examine either what you did there or the larger picture of the event there.

It can be a very good thing and also if you like - on other occasions where you're not sure what to expect you could say, "I am asking that I be insulated and protected from harm in the most benevolent way for me now and that I have with me in my heart and lungs the energy that I need to be safe, to be courageous and most importantly to have love, heart and hope."

Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Light In Motion

Have you ever noticed, when by a body of water be it large or be it small, the sun glinting off the water. How fascinating it is. Almost never do you see the same exact pattern.

This is actually something meant to be a message and consider how unaffected by time that message is. For as long as there has been sunlight, for as long as there has been water so there has been light reflection on water.

This is part of our solar system, it is Mother Earth, it is sun, it is part of creation meant to remind us that the experience of life here is many and varied and that there is an intention that variety be the reality here.

I have experienced on numerous occasions something that I've mentioned before here and that is another version of seeing light and this version is something that you could all try if you like if you have not already and that is to focus from your eyes to a given place.

It could be towards the sky and a cloud, it could be towards a blank wall - meaning nothing on it to cause you to think about anything.

What to do is to get enough space between yourself and that space - ten, twelve feet would be good but if you don't have that much then use what you've got and instead of focusing on the wall focus on the space between where your eyes are looking and that wall or that cloud.

There's a reason. There are portions of light often seen as little circles or spheres in constant motion in that area. I believe that these are all living beings because they move and there is a definite feeling of happiness associated with it.

It is a phenomena I believe that you all could try and many of you will be able to accomplish it perhaps for your own comfort because the feeling definitely will be in your body of a sense of cheerfulness. It is always there.

Who can say what it is. Perhaps they are the souls of all beings in transit from point to point. Perhaps they are simply the living light energy that is part of creation. I don't know but it might be fun to try. See how it goes for you.


Sunday, May 13, 2007

Messages For Us

Awakening from a long sleep is what is going on - not only for human beings as I've discussed on these blogs before here but also many animals and even plants.

Now you might ask - since I've said before that they are conscious - the animals, the plants and since I've spoken so much about the animals here and for example these posts about the plants and that they remember who they are - you might ask what I mean by that.

What I mean is that, for a long time most animals and many plants have been in a condition where they were determined to pass on their messages to us but such is the level of their suffering that the desire by them has been to move on and by moving on I do not mean just dying suddenly but rather to not reproduce - and if you look around you'll notice that many nonhumans in the wild are reproducing less in many ways.

There are some who are exceptions especially in the nonhuman world and occasionally, very occasionally in the plant world.

They have decided and come to an agreement with Creator that what they will do is leave their messages in the soil for us and that is why the soil is so important.

We grow our food in the soil - yes. We walk on it but we rarely walk on the soil barefooted. Oh we'll walk on the beach barefooted and children will sometimes run and play in the grass and adults sometimes too but I feel that it's important to suggest to you that you find a spot where the dirt is safe to walk on - no broken glass or anything like that - and you go there someday and just stand on the soil barefooted if you can or walk around if you like - whatever feels safe and comfortable - and while you're doing that, if at any point you feel a very good and benevolent energy you can if you like just breathe normally.

I'm not going to suggest that you breathe in through the bottoms of your feet as I've taught. I'm going to suggest rather that you breathe normally and allow that good energy to be present for you until it fades or until you have to move on for some other reason.

After you have that experience then if you can put on your shoes shortly thereafter or if you prefer you can sit down for a time - it's up to you but what will have happened is that a message left by nonhumans, essentially animals - perhaps insects as we call them or others, which may be very important for human beings to know will have been left there with that energy because when they leave that energy there there are always angelics present so that the message is preserved.

It may not go to everyone, it will just go to those who feel good in that spot - and of course there will be many different places and some messages are attuned in such a way as they'll be just right for this person or just right for that person. So don't feel funny if you don't get that feeling right off, it might happen in time.

After that keep an eye on your dreams and see if you get any sudden inspirations that are benevolent for you or others or some startling insights into your awareness of what humanity is all about.

I feel it's important to not only allow the animals and plants to be released from their duty to us, as they have seen it in the past but also it's important to thank them for carrying that wisdom for us for so long.

Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Understanding Mother Earth: Soil And More, Part 2

What if all of the cures to all the diseases that we have were in the soil itself but where in the soil and in what combination with other parts of the soil. Might it be possible that that could be found.

The worlds greatest laboratories are searching and perhaps they will find. If they don't find the cures it won't be for a lack of looking for they are in all honestness seeking but there may be right now - is there - there may be right now a means to acquire those cures.

I believe and I have been taught that some of the ancient teachings of earth through to the peoples of the Earth have survived or been rediscovered by those who are also in earnest pursuit of relief for the ills, aches and pains of others. Sometimes these people are called Medicine Women or Medicine Men because they know the ways of the plants.

Do you know that almost all plants we classify as weeds have this capability. They have learned to survive on a combination of nutrients that defy, very often, the experts as to how they can survive.

How can they grow practically in rocks? They have learned to survive not only for their own sake but for ours. They have within them, very often, the combination of elements that will cure many diseases not just one - that's the key to look for for those of you who are looking and very often they have the key or even the ability in some part of their form as we see it or that which is underground - the roots - to cure all diseases not just one.

It's important though to honor them when acquiring any parts from them - a leaf, a flower, even a small portion of root and don't destroy the plant even if you are a researcher medically.

The plant will not be able to accomplish its purpose to help us if you grow it in a laboratory because it's all in the soil you see, not just the plant itself - did you know that? It has to be acquired in part in the wild.

Try to go for that part that is offering itself. You might see a portion of root for example, that seems to have been moving above the surface. If so, try to have a sensitive person with you so you'll know if it's alright to acquire that part.

This may all seem to be a little much for those of you in science world but remember, very often the reason you went into science world - remember - was to help and also remember that even though we might not consider plants to be the same as human beings they are creations of Creator and remember that Creator has created a planet here that has microcosms and macrocosms.

The circle of life is intended and we must try to remember that all things support all other things and that all has feelings. Acquire what you must to experiment and seek with honor, appreciation and kindness.

Never take without permission. Ask for permission in the most benevolent way and if no plant gives permission, and they will not say yes or no you understand, you must go with feelings. I've spoken about this before so use that method in order to ask the plant if it is volunteering a portion of itself then use that method and see if you feel warmth.

If you do not feel warmth then it is not volunteering a portion of itself. Use that method to interact with all the plants whether they are co-operating in offering a portion of themselves or whether they are co-operating in offering only their energy. If no plant gives permission to take a portion of itself then you must utilize the energy of the plant while it is alive.

How to do that as a Scientist? Bring with you a petri dish that has a version of growing culture from that disease. With the sensitive person who has volunteered to come with you - alright - you hold the dish, using an extending tool of some sort - if it is made of wood that would be best, behind some portion of the plant or plants that you have found may be influential to cure this disease. You hold it behind or set it on the ground behind the plant exactly where the sensitive person says it's alright to put it.

Then ask the sensitive person to blow with their breath through the plant or plants towards the ground where the petri dish is sitting. Then wait. You ought to be able to see some differences in the structures in the petri dish within 12 to 15 minutes. Give it a try. It is my intention to help you find the cures in such a way as you can prove it to yourself.

Remember - everything is alive, deserves our respect and honor and remember - those cures are offered with love from plant beings misnamed weeds that are really plant doctors.

Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

Monday, May 07, 2007

Understanding Mother Earth: Soil And More

Now comes a further understanding of the nature of Mother Earth's personality.

Mother Earth knows that she is a school for us all here and therefore she has created, with the guidance and support of Creator, the means for us to learn by creating a complete and closed system on Earth. Closed in the sense that, while there is influence from other planets and of course the sun and the moon, the functions of our bodies and of Earth happen exclusively here irregardless of the visitations of the occasional astronaut.

We come from the earth with a spark of soul within us and we return to the earth and everything that we need comes from some way by way of the earth and not just Earth as planet - in this case earth as soil.

How would you say could there be all these diseases that we get. Not just that cause death as we all must move on through the veil but all the suffering, all the pain. Within the soil there is the cure for all diseases but how to deliver that cure?

How else - either through walking on the soil and when one finds the exact right energy of a place on the land for an individual - breathing in through their feet that energy of that land and that soil but if one cannot find that than perhaps one can trust that the roots of a tree or the roots of a plant or a bush or yes what we call a weed might have found that exact soil and is touching it.

We do not need to uproot the tree or the bush or the weed. We only need to find that plant and stand in front of it and if it is the right plant we will know by the energy we feel - that warm feeling in our body or that good feeling of calm and peace.

We do not pick up the plant and tear it out of the soil, we simply look at it lovingly and in a very natural way while we're looking at it we take 3 deep breaths and exhale in a direction away from the plant for when we breathe in we breathe in that nurturing for our bodies that may support us through our difficult times and when we breathe out we blow gently away from the plant so that the pain and discomfort is blown into the air where it will be dispersed and returned to its natural energy.

I know this may sound simplistic but it is what I've been taught and what I believe through my experience. Let us now begin to assemble, those of you who are doing this or those of you who can, not just the names of plants that can help with this or that but the good places on the Earth that still have benevolent energy.

Let us remember that breathing in through parts of our body is possible. Of course we use our lungs and diaphragm and mouth to breath in but practice when you feel safe and comfortable wherever your feet are by imagining that breath coming in through the bottoms of your feet and you might even feel a sense of energy moving up your body. And if you feel the need to release energy from your body than you can lie down perhaps and aim your feet into the sky as best as possible or away from where people and animals are as best you can and simply allow yourself to push energy out through the bottoms of your feet by blowing out and letting that energy or discomfort be dispersed that way.

Remember if you cannot do anything else - the Earth curves so imagine that energy blowing out of the bottom of your feet and going 10, 20 miles. When it does that it will surely be in the sky.

Mother Earth means to provide this closed system so we will learn our natural magical abilities and what we consider magic now may simply be what is natural for us as natural beings. Yes in this age of technology - and support from all directions that is available at times we can still use what is natural to us, what the animals use, what the plants use and we must also remember we are here for only a certain amount of time because this is school and when recess takes place and our body returns to Earth we then continue on in our benevolent natural cycles. It is like breath. We breathe in, we breathe out and we go on indefinitely.

Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

Friday, May 04, 2007

Understanding Mother Earth: Soil

Do you know that there is an aspect of Mother Earth's body that we walk upon every day and that supports us in every moment and that is her soil.

It is made up of all life forms that have ever lived here. Extinction as we know it may be a fact temporary or otherwise but even in extinction there is in the soil the component parts of the beings that once roamed, walked, swam or otherwise were embodied here on Earth.

To a degree, even portions of their bodies that we come to assume on analysis of the soil have to do with bacteria or viruses or other organisms well down into the soil and yet some of those organisms are actually residual from the beings that were once mobile.

Mother Earth does not stint with allowing her physical body to be utilized by all life forms she welcomes and at the same time she does require that what she loans to us all be returned at the end of our natural cycles.

This is not simply because her body, which allows us to have physical bodies here, is on loan but also because like a good mother she has affection not only for who we are or who we were in her memory but like a good mother she wishes to keep a lock of our hair so to speak as mothers the world over might keep a lock of their babies hair or other that is left behind.

It is with great affection that she does this. So consider when you walk upon the soil of the Earth you are not only being held up by the dirt, as we think of it but also you are walking upon all the past, all the recent present and the matter that welcomes all life. Think about that. I will say more about this subject in the near future.

Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Welcoming Life That Welcomes Us, Part 4

Now with the preceding parts of this I have encouraged you to welcome, now it is time to transform.

The roots of plants - life giving plants yes, on this planet are crying out for this planet to be more benevolent and encouraging to all life forms.

For now I'm going to encourage you to transform by experiencing a moment of transformation. I am placing for you all now in a reservoir in the roots of all trees a moment of such energy.

I would like it if you would extend from your bodies - don't go out of them just extend into a tree that you feel compatibility with and that you receive the signs, as I've taught here before, to know that such compatibility is acknowledged by the tree.

You'll know by the way the tree moves or most importantly by the feelings you have in your body whether the tree has accepted your extension of yourself into tree.

This is not to be a sapling, it must be a mature tree. First allow yourself to feel the change of density and move up the tree in your consciousness to feel the branches and the sun or the wind or whatever elements are present - perhaps the moonlight or the rain on your leaves or needles or simply branches or parts.

Then move back down again, always moving slowly so it is comfortable for the tree, move back down into the roots and feel around - be in the roots until you feel the most comfortable place in the roots of the tree.

The most comfortable place for you personally will be that place of that energy that I have stored there for you. Go into it and feel it as much as possible, all the while maintaining the connection in your body so you can feel treeness and roots and be in your physical body at the same time. I didn't say it was easy but it can be done.

Then while you're in the roots I recommend you do this - picture quickly or slowly the sun, the moon, any stars you're comfortable with - could be just the night stars - all the while being in your body, being in the tree, being in the roots. Picture it as well as you can. Give yourself time so you can do it as well as possible. Overlays are acceptable and hold that for at least as long as you can - 5 seconds, 10 seconds or more.

That will help to create welcome, a reminder to the trees where they are from, how they got here and will help Mother Earth to re-energize her capacity for balance.

I thank you for your efforts on behalf of plants and other that exhale oxygen. I thank you for your efforts on this site to improve the quality of life for yourself and others. I thank you for being participants.

Goodlife to you all and goodnight.