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The Wand Position
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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Light In Motion

Have you ever noticed, when by a body of water be it large or be it small, the sun glinting off the water. How fascinating it is. Almost never do you see the same exact pattern.

This is actually something meant to be a message and consider how unaffected by time that message is. For as long as there has been sunlight, for as long as there has been water so there has been light reflection on water.

This is part of our solar system, it is Mother Earth, it is sun, it is part of creation meant to remind us that the experience of life here is many and varied and that there is an intention that variety be the reality here.

I have experienced on numerous occasions something that I've mentioned before here and that is another version of seeing light and this version is something that you could all try if you like if you have not already and that is to focus from your eyes to a given place.

It could be towards the sky and a cloud, it could be towards a blank wall - meaning nothing on it to cause you to think about anything.

What to do is to get enough space between yourself and that space - ten, twelve feet would be good but if you don't have that much then use what you've got and instead of focusing on the wall focus on the space between where your eyes are looking and that wall or that cloud.

There's a reason. There are portions of light often seen as little circles or spheres in constant motion in that area. I believe that these are all living beings because they move and there is a definite feeling of happiness associated with it.

It is a phenomena I believe that you all could try and many of you will be able to accomplish it perhaps for your own comfort because the feeling definitely will be in your body of a sense of cheerfulness. It is always there.

Who can say what it is. Perhaps they are the souls of all beings in transit from point to point. Perhaps they are simply the living light energy that is part of creation. I don't know but it might be fun to try. See how it goes for you.



Seven said...

The opening analogy is beautiful and thoughtful.
The later suggestion certainly not something I would have come to on my own.
Thanks. Again.

My name is Silver Bluewater. said...

Hi, Mr.Robert. I want to ask your opinion about somethings when you don't consider it as rude behavior. The matter is that I were looked as if I'm the 'strange one' before when practicing stuff(which made by my own) and I found it unappreciated. I kept on till I reached the certain point that I do treat other things with the 'care(my benevolent way. :) )' unconsciously. So I'm not getting 'strange one' attention anymore. I think this type of things can happen when practicing yours also such as the practice written in 'Understanding Mother Earth: Soil And More, Part 2'. I've actually not thought about that we're not that different really. I think we're not that different for real in considerable amount of perspective(s) at least so. I could be sure about that we are not that different in a simple term by looking at current post. Actually, I were 'really' encouraged by finding someone as you who does the practice which can even seem weird to the others although others can perceive as nothing weird at the very same time depending on the situation. It's only recently has been accomplished in myself to share my opinion or point-of-view to others. A few months before I started blogging, I suppose. I already models have written and what I have to do is just posting after some edits so everyone can look at it in the blog form rather than a PDF form. I'm going to just write out my models - although it's already done - in pure academical form so that everyone can find the use from it. Yes, I approached to the matters in academical point-of-view. I started trying to communicate with the plants since I had the fact such as 'Plant does respond to the human actions' and it was revealed in scientific way. That was the start for me to study this type of field. Here comes my question in short. What is your opinion for the practicing which can be seen untypical or even to the point of strange to the others? What do you think about my plan of sharing my work in pure academical model?

Robert Shapiro said...

Greetings Silver Bluewater. This is my answer to your question.

For one thing I feel you are not alone. The times are such that being different even to a slight degree in some places might seem to be at the very least an act of bravery as long as that difference is as you say benevolent.

Given that you are in academic world where a certain amount of rigidity applies - that the questions asked in that world or the circumstances for which one responds are expected to be within a narrow range of acceptability, I grant that being different or even proffering the value of being different might be brave to the extreme.

However given your chosen field I feel that you could offer as an academic persuasion the value of life existing beyond the human sphere.

Of course it is always and only up to you how much you wish to share your heartfelt beliefs based upon your life experience.

I grant that I do not always reveal all that I am to every sort of person. I am not trying to classify people so much but I am suggesting that it is alright to fit in at times if that fitting in is a matter of respecting the values of others. I am not saying to deny who you are, rather I am suggesting that it may be acceptable to not volunteer the intimacies of ones personal behavior if there is a danger or a threat to ones own being.

On the other hand if there is no danger, no threat and little judgement as one might find at times in academia then I feel it may be acceptable - you can always ask your teachers - to proffer this way of being which is heart centered as well as approved by the mind.

I grant that my answer to you may not be this way or that way, it may not be yes or no or black or white but I feel your question is based not only in a need to express your true self but also as a student of the mind and of mental world your questions are requesting a option, a possibility, a consideration.

In light of that my opinion offered here is that consideration. I recommend that you be yourself in the most benevolent way for you and that you - when with friends and trusted people speak of things when asked. Do I recommend that you speak of your way when not asked or when in a hostile environment - perhaps not but there will be openings - you can feel them.

Learn to use your feelings when there are questions particularly about the ways of others and recognize that given the fact that you are in a field which is attempting to gauge human behavior with a model based upon simply - human behavior in a safe and environmentally acceptable standard - that the world of psychology is based upon a reasonable behavior in the most varied situations.

You of course are in academic world but there is a slightly broader brushstroke to express. I agree with your idea to propose a model and to suggest that that model may have value. It is up to you how strongly you wish to pursue it.

I do however salute you for being who you are, for acknowledging that you have heart and acknowledging the heart in others. I am hopeful that your offerings of heart in the world of mind will be accepted as an alternate stream of value.

Goodlife my friend.

Robert Shapiro said...

Seven, thank you for your compliment and your comment here and I wish you well in your pursuits of vision.

Goodlife my friend.

Steve said...

Hi Robert,
It's been a while since I commented but I've been enjoying following along with all of your posts.
I just wanted to share my experience of seeing what seems like smoke emanating from my hand in front of my face. The space without my hand takes on a disc shape like a donut of light with moving "pixels" and sometimes with different colors, this time magenta and pea green. I can see it at times with my eyes closed too.
Then there are streaks of black or different colors that flash in the periphery.
Do you have an idea what I might be seeing?
Thank you.

Robert Shapiro said...

Steve, thank you for sharing your experience here.

I would recommend that you simply accept this as a gift. If you feel a benevolent energy when the experience happens that would probably be a good time to paint though you probably already know this.

Goodlife my friend.