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The Wand Position
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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

There Is A Message..

Have you noticed the overwhelming sense of urgency all over.

It is a physical feeling even though it can be justified by thought but you see - my feeling is that that feeling - the physical feeling eh - is coming first and then as reasonable, thoughtful people we glance around to see - and we usually don't have to look to far as to why we are having that feeling of urgency but I'd like to talk today briefly about other reasons why that feeling of urgency is present.

There are those on this planet that are essentially messengers. They are here only and exclusively to give us messages. Guides yes, angels yes of course but there are others.

We are not alone on this planet, we are not the only form of life. There are the animals, there are the plants.

In my experience they are ripe with messages for us and they are not admonitions but rather it has everything to do with who we are but given that we have no eternal history - by this I mean a capacity to write, tell or sing stories about truth associated with us that are absolutely transferable from generation to generation globally and can be counted upon to remain intact - however the animals and the plants do not have such restriction. They teach their young the stories verbatim as they have been taught and so they have been entrusted with who we are, where we're from, why we're here, what we're doing, how we'll get there and when.

I have experienced, and I know many other mystical people and medicine people as well have experienced, these conversations and these conversations with the plant world and the divas of plants and animals and the animal world and their spirits and guides and yes - angels have given a great deal in messages - some of which you may have read here in one way or another or on my other blog that you know about and some of which have been passed along in various forms other ways.

You all know that I do channeling which - in the way I have been taught is a clear, deep connection to provide wisdom without any editorializing on my part. This has taken years and years of training and can be accomplished if one is willing and applying oneself to achieve it. I recommend it as a means of true communion.

I will be having another book coming out soon with messages from the animals. I've had some messages along these lines before and have attempted to pass them on here or in some other books that I may have.

Still - the reason I'm speaking to you about this today is that the feeling of urgency that we are having is entirely about the animals who are leaving. Yes, some of them are leaving or have left because of things that human beings have done or are doing and the same can be said about the plants.

So where are they putting that important information that will help us to eventually yes - discover our true natures, capacities and abilities.

Some of it of course is being passed along in these blogs as well as the blogs and teachings of others but some of it is being put in a place where the co-ordination of capacities is omnipresent.

What do I mean by that. It is very simply being put into the stone. I have spoken here extensively recently about soil but if you look at some portions of the soil it is broken down rock and stone. The best place to store something when it may have to be there for a time is in the stone.

So a little extra credit homework if you like. Find a stone, preferably a boulder or someplace on a mountain. Reach down - don't touch it with your left hand or your right hand just get close to it - say within 4 to 6 inches with your palm towards the stone - either hand, whichever feels more comfortable to you and make sure you pick out a place on the stone where you feel comfortable.

Try to have no other human being touching you at that time but some mothers holding babies may be able to do this. Then ask the stone if there is a message, not personal for you but a message for all human beings that will feel physically good to you and provide you with some insight as to human capacity and ability to wrought benevolent change. Ask that it be given to you in an inspiration of that moment or in a dream that you will remember. That's what I recommend if you'd like.

Remember the feeling of urgency has everything to do with the message keepers moving on but they have found a place to leave the message.

Goodlife to you all and goodnight.


My name is Eeun(Silver) Chung(Bluewater) said...

I'm having a great progress of explaining such phenomenons academically these days. I'm trying my best at the same time. Your posts are always joy to read. I'm sure your books are all good by looking at your posts here. I wish you luck on your journey.

My name is Eeun(Silver) Chung(Bluewater) said...

To Mr. Robert
From Eeun(Silver) Chung(Bluewater)

PS - I solved out the phenomenons academically by now, I will upload it later in my blog soon as I get organized enough - it will be uploaded within a week to be specific. When you feel interested, please take a look. I really do not feel like to write a book about the practicing that I would write a simple comparison chart to yours in my blog or/and just a brief(only in a form) explanation of mine to be used freely as an academical model. I assume that these type of practicing really need 'something'(I don't know how to call it) to inform others to do how to do it and I lack it. I just know that I really can't not explain that 'something'. So either the way becomes, it's better to take a look or practice yours mainly and use mine as the supplement or something when the participant wants to. When it becomes the comparison chart, yours are most likely to be described in my perspective and I don't know that I really can compare in true terms. I want you to hear the idea from you about this.

PS 2 - The model started from more to the physics and it became 'psychophysics'. Now, it's part of the 'psychology' by now. It explains from the creation,big-bang and chaos.

Robert Shapiro said...

Silver Bluewater, I appreciate your efforts at communicating in my native tongue and I am hopeful that you have received my past communications with the awareness that much of what I was saying was speaking from my heart/feelings to your heart/feelings.

I believe that my contributions here on this blog and on my other are from that same place to the heart and feelings of others.

I can see you are making an effort from within the psychological world to reach your contemporaries in creating a model for what I do and what I am assisting others to do so that they can take it in.

I also have attempted to do this with a friend who is a psychology professor. I have found that even though this person made the grand effort to take in what I was saying and doing even in the face of proof, proof physical not just logic which is of value in its own, that this person who's identity I shall keep anonymous at this time tried but could not fit it in to their psychology and the philosophy of their psychology - I believe was the stumbling point.

If you are able to make progress in creating that model of acceptance in the psychological world than I definitely am impressed. Nevertheless, I am bringing this up with you so that you are not discouraged excessively if your pathway to that model hits stumbling blocks.

It has not been my intention in this life to create that model even for my friend and I will say to you that I wish you well in that effort for I feel the 2 communities - the psychological and the heart/feeling have much in common.

Goodlife to you on your path and your pursuits and may it be a life of joy, creativity and fulfillment.