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The Wand Position
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Friday, December 24, 2010

Predictions and Your Responsibilities

It is not only a time for predictions, it is a time to understand your responsibility as a person hearing a prediction or a person putting out a prediction to choose which portion or which type of prediction you would like to happen. 

Make that choice with the full feeling of yourself physically. You don't have to get involved in a contest or a competition about it but allow yourself to feel and say, at least to yourself - I would prefer this to happen or I would prefer that to happen. 

It is time now to literally choose how things will be.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Protecting The Earth

Building on your previous work with hurricanes - this is an advanced application which you may be able to use to deflect asteroids or comets or other objects that naturally occur in space, nothing man-made, that may be coming too close to Earth in the future at some point. 

Some of you are working hard on practicing the various elements on this blog or my others and therefore someday you will be able to teach a few things perhaps, or if not then you might share it with others. 

In any event it is my purpose with the written blogs and the videos and the books for that matter, to pass on as much knowledge and wisdom as possible so that should it happen someday that there is an emergency on this planet or who knows - maybe even another - you or one of your students or one of your student's students will, using this material, be able to help in some benevolent way.


Friday, December 10, 2010

Influence With Mother Earth: Moving Hurricanes

Moving hurricanes in the most benevolent way away from human beings and generally speaking, away from anything that might be harmed that you would care about.

You will find here in this video explicit instructions built on previous materials about bilocation for example here and here and also suggestions to learn a little more about weather patterns such as jet streams.

The ultimate purpose of this is to provide a safer world for all beings using these practices in the most benevolent way.


Friday, December 03, 2010

Magic - Application - Service: Recreate Your World

It is a time now to remember that the purpose of this site is to instruct - to teach you how to do things that you as a magical human being, for you are that, can do.

The things you will learn here will help you to change your world in ways that might seem unbelievable to you right now but your world needs to be changed in a supportive loving benevolent way for all beings so that everyone here on the planet can survive and thrive, be respected and be appreciated and ultimately understand and appreciate the value of life itself.

I grant that these might be lofty goals to achieve on this site but the magic, the mystical seemingly, capabilities that I'm reminding you of here - that you know about at deeper levels of yourself can be accomplished in a benevolent way by taking the time to practice, to do the steps even though you might feel you're just inching along and to ultimately know how to do these things at any moment in the most benevolent way for all beings.

Friday, November 26, 2010

2011 Predictions: A Lot More UFOs

There will be many more UFOs seen both in the sky and in and around bodies of water in 2011 and even now. Some of them will be here for beings other then human beings.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Understanding Your Instinct

You now have an opportunity to learn more about how your physical body actually functions and communicates with you. You may think that your thought is in command but it is not. Your physical body is the wise one, it's just that the wisdom is not linear as in thought. It is immediate in the instant moment that you are in.

Your physical body communicates in physical feelings and the cornerstone of physical feelings is instinct. There will be some simple homework here for you to discover more about your own instinct.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Practicing Your Bilocation

More practice as we proceed with the teaching of Bilocation with the ultimate intention of influencing Mother Earth's weather patterns to improve the quality of life while possibly preventing some storms of becoming so catastrophic.

Also further glimpses into the future of how this work and other related work could be applied to prevent possible catastrophic future events.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

More True Magic for Challenging or Malevolent Energies

With the coming of Halloween and other situations you may find discomforting here is True Magic that you can utilize for self-protection as well as to protect friends and family.

There is a sound problem on the video but I feel that its subject matter still warrants being posted.

Friday, October 15, 2010

2011 Predictions - Phenomena

Phenomena now in the skies and elsewhere, and developing more in the future of this year as well as 2011, will be because of an increase of soul energy as a conscious phenomena in the day to day lives of all human beings. As we become more of our soul selves and embody this spirituality we will experience and demonstrate our natural capabilities and our true spirit selves.

Friday, October 01, 2010


Here we teach some basic steps in bilocation, as you might find here or here, building on previous work provided on the written blogs as well as here on video. Bilocation is a step towards learning how to be influential with Mother Earth. Soon we will apply it in benevolent ways that will allow you to see at least part of your true potential.

Friday, September 24, 2010

More About Long Vision

Exercises to practice so that you may work on learning to improve your capacity to see beyond your normal vision* regardless of what is between you and that which you wish to see benevolently.

*I'm going to give you a little instruction and that instruction is how to see clearly beyond what is directly in front of you. What is directly in front of you does not refer to a thought, an idea, but in fact what is actually physically in front of you.

Sometimes, it will be something that isn't pleasant. How do you see beyond that? This is the foundation instruction I want to give you on a procedure known as Long Vision.

If you can, I'd like you to look at something in the distance. It would be useful to be outside or be able to look outside. Find something significantly in the distance and then I would recommend that you imagine, to the best of your ability, what's just on top of that thing - all right - and in order to do that the best thing is to look at something - perhaps a mountain or a plateau but many of you might be near the sea so look as far as you can look on the sea itself.

Imagine what might be beyond there. Perhaps imagine a whale - a peaceful, benevolent whale. Perhaps imagine a ship that is filled with friendly people, including crew and try to imagine what it looks like. This will give you the opportunity to try that.

Many of you live in a city and cannot see past a certain building that's blocking your way. Imagine what the top of that building looks like, the very top, not the top floor where people reside but the very top. Imagine what it might look like.

You might reasonably ask, what good is it? In order to be able to see beyond what you can see, you need to be able to imagine it. Imagination is the divine part of the mind, because it can move beyond what is, to what might be.

Now, after you've done that once or twice, I want you to try something else. Look up at your ceiling, all right, or look at a wall on the other side of the room or look at a tree across the yard or look at a wall across some distance.

Don't go over and touch it. Not yet. What I'd like you to do is to use the arm you normally use to receive things. If it's your left hand, fine. If it’s your right hand, fine and reach your arm, that arm, towards that thing – the wall you see or the tree for example - and move your hand in such a way as it’s somewhat in front of your eyes and move your hand along the contours of that wall or that tree.

What you are trying to do is if you're going to imagine that you can touch that tree or that wall. So you are reaching but you are not actually going to get up and go over there and touch it, you're imagining what it feels like.

Now, after you do that for a while get up and go over and touch the tree or touch the wall. Don't do this with a human being or you might accidentally take on some of the energy that they have around them, which you will not be able to process and which will be uncomfortable for you. I'd recommend not doing this with human beings at all. It can only be harmful to you. In time, I might give you the process to avoid that.

Now after you have touched that thing to the best of your ability from a distance, if you can go over and touch it in reality and see if it feels even in some way similar to what you could almost feel at a distance.

(Quoted from Capacity To See Beyond. Posted to Benevolent Magic blog on August 27, 2005)

Friday, September 17, 2010

Breathing and Teaching to Come

Learning more about breathing as your natural self will help you to relax and be in the present moment. There are also mentions of teaching that will come here in time and help you to be able to recreate your life and your world into a more benevolent place to exist.

Friday, September 03, 2010

More About Long Touch

Further advanced teaching on Long Touch, as you studied on this video and also this one, you will find here in this video. There is also extra material at the end for those of you struggling with the concept and application. That material will help you to make a good beginning in Long Touch.

Friday, August 20, 2010

2011 Predictions: More About 1-11-11

1-11-11 is entirely about the intersection of all benevolent energies to help you to produce the most co-operative world. There will be lessons involving patience and other things but there will also be opportunities.

Many of you might see phenomena in the skies or experience some phenomena with animals - perhaps even as you would find here which continues here, or others. Some of you might see things in nature that surprise and startle you and most often it will be a good type of vision - something enjoyable.

1-11-11 is starting something. It is not about endings. It is entirely about starting. This is a time when benevolence will be more obvious.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

An Announcement About Posting Frequency

Changes in my posting schedule necessitated by demands on my time as well as maintaining my well-being are announced.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

More About Colors - Gray

Gray is a very exotic color in the world of spirit, dimensions and portals. It allows passage at times and at other times it protects so that passage is not allowed and that those on either side of any dimension are safe and secure.

It is a color that can be used in clothing but must be supported by other colors so that you will be safe in the most benevolent way wearing gray.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

2011 Predictions: More About Choice

The time is now. The effect will be in 2011. Regardless of what else happens in 2011 you will all be creating your worlds, what you experience, what you perceive, what you believe from one or one other foundations. 2011 Predictions:

One foundation might be anger, revenge and general reaction because of perceptions that are warlike or entirely frightened. The other is benevolent perception - a belief in the value of benevolence and the interest in how to pursue it. A creation of either of these belief systems with corresponding physical feelings in your body has almost completely taken place for you all.

You will have the chance to understand in 2011 what it means to create from either of these positions.

Many's the time if you choose the latter - to choose benevolence - you might feel foolish, you might feel silly, you might feel your peers think you are naive. However, to create from that position will be benevolent for you and others.

You will have to choose whether you want to be seen as the tough guy or the tough gal, alright? The tough man or the tough woman, the tough boy or the tough girl or whether you're prepared to take a chance to look up the meaning of benevolent to understand the concepts being taught on the blogs Benevolent Magic, A Mystical Man's World, Explorer Race and the books and thus choose to create, manifest and otherwise birth into the world - benevolence.

The time is now. Choose.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Clarity - A Special Extra Message For You Today

I've posted this to You Tube because I was gearing the videos to a more general audience, as those of you who've been reading and studying the blogs here could tell. However I wanted to share it with you because I know many of you do not go to the You Tube, or single out just one of my three primary blogs to read and study. So I'm going to add here this video and these words below so you can see what I have stated to the You Tube viewers. Goodlife.


Greetings my friends. I feel it's important to add this to the post I already put up today even though it's not on the subject of Choice but towards the end there's a little bonus about that and the next video in this actual planned sequence will also be about Choice.

So this is something I needed to say for a while, and I've asked Grandfather to say it for you so that it will be clear and understood in the most loving way, and I hope that you'll hear it in the most benevolent way.

Just know that I appreciate you all and I do feel good about your interest in spirituality and your desire to be empowered so that you can practice your own spirituality in the most benevolent way.


Thursday, July 08, 2010

Earthquakes and Long Touch

Here is a practice to help you to decrease the amount and perhaps even the severity of earthquakes happening on the planet now by the use of extending, explained more thoroughly here and here, your light body into oil and extending by the use of your physical feelings and the use of Long Touch* - which you can read about and practice here, then here and follow up with here - to generate, to create and support the generation of more oil and natural gas beneath the Earth deeply so that she may recreate her balance and support herself and us as well.

*For a more thorough understanding of Long Touch you may wish to continue your studies here.

Friday, July 02, 2010

The Work That I Do

Speaking as myself, Robert Shapiro, I share with you now more about who I am and my personal philosophy. Also to give you a glimpse at my motivation and hopefully to stimulate or support your spiritual pursuits along a similar path or one that suits you.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

2010 Predictions: Abundance and the Natural World

Recent and current mass frog migrations have everything to do with abundance. It is essential you pay attention to these matters and note immediately after or during your hearing about this how you feel physically. This video is vitally important to your understanding of your immediate future.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Healing With Healer Trees

Merging and healing and absorbing wisdom from trees is possible. With a wise old tree, though you may not be able to see its wisdom, you might be able to share your wisdom with the tree. In this video you will receive exact instructions on how to do that and you might simply experience, if not immediately then at a later time, unexpected wisdom or unexpected healing.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

My Path of Learning and Practice

One of the people I work with and am assisting to learn many things has asked a question that has come up before many times and since it has come up many times I thought I would publish my answer to him here for you to read. Here is his question:


Is there a difference between Shamans like you and the ones from (a place mentioned here), as in (video link here).

How do you feel about the (place mentioned here) Shaman culture, if I can call it that way?


And here is my answer:

My Friend,

I do not watch, read or in any way study the work of other Shamans. This is entirely because I'm attempting to move on my own path - growing, changing and acquiring wisdom as I accumulate time and experience.

If I interact with other people in this work I keep it in a social vein. In my experience many of them wish to do that as well.

So I won't be looking at the video link you've sent and I can't really comment on the value of the work of others except to say that there are many people working with great sincerity using mystical and shamanic practices to improve the quality of life for all beings. This is what I believe and I feel that those goals and a great many of those practices are worthy contributions towards that end.



There is a related issue that comes up as well and it has to do with the channeling I do as well as other forms of inspiration I receive. So even though the following is somewhat repetitive as it is an answer to another question asking me about someone else's work I'm including it here so you know a little bit more about me and the way I work:

Greetings my friend,

I have to tell you that I have a certain standard because of the channeling that I do. I don't follow other people's work be it spiritual and especially if it is inspired or channeled. There's a reason for this.

I decided very early on that in order to bring through new material or even material that may have been known once upon a time in the far distant past but was completely lost that it was essential for me to not expose myself to other people's inspirations. So even though I've run across things - especially say books about people's UFO contacts that I would have loved to have read, once I started even the early stages of my channeling I stopped reading all that stuff. So we're talking about really not having read these things since the 1970's.

So, I do not ever read anybody else's or expose myself to anybody else's channeling or spiritual material they produce in the form of words or the spoken word.

This is not because I'm an elitist or a snob :-) but rather because I wish to produce what I do produce from a completely original point of view to the best of my ability without being influenced or stimulated by the creations of others in the world of spoken or written spiritual matter.

I've dedicated myself to keeping as clear as possible as a Channel and this has allowed me to bring through The Explorer Race material and other things that are unique.



Understand that I value other people and their work and I do encourage you to read and study a wide variety of inspired and mystical work when you're on your own spiritual, mystical or shamanic path but when you are firmly on that path as I am now, and in my case have spirit teachers to guide me, then focusing on my own path in my own way is what's best for me.

For you - you will have to decide when, what and how you will stop studying with others - perhaps with the guidance of your teachers - and follow your own path. The people you serve and your experience with them may prompt you to extend your education through your entire practice however and life as well. Experience is often a wise and humbling teacher.

Still, whatever you choose I would recommend you choose a path that is benevolent for you and all beings. Goodlife to you all.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Clearing Places For Travelers

Spider Medicine to help you to clear the energy in places that you visit so that it feels safe and comfortable to you. Also a way to improve your health in situations where you do not have the necessary ingredients to feel better or until you do have them this will help you over the temporary discomforts.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Support For Animal World That You Can Provide

Magic that can be performed by you to support any type of animal in animal world, to welcome them, to support their endurance and to support their general well-being. With care this can even be done for pets.

Saturday, May 08, 2010

Economic Aha

The global economic condition is better than you think and you can help by watching this video and by applying what is suggested to your life. It's alright, it's better than it looks and things will settle down before you expect.

Sunday, May 02, 2010

More About Grandfather and You

Grandfather explains your part in changing and transforming this world into something more benevolent for all beings and as always there is homework* you can do to begin that work now and for those of you who've been doing the work to continue.

*Know that as a general rule of thumb, as people say, it's important to care about that which you are performing true magic for. This way you do not have any inner conflicts or feelings in conflict in your body with that which you are attempting to do. This could not only cause you to feel uncomfortable but it would generally impact the true magic so much that it may not do any good.

This is what I recommend. Go outside if you can and as always try not to wear shoes that are insulating you - keeping your energy, you understand, from moving into the ground. If you need to wear shoes try to wear something that is made of a natural fiber - even leather, that's fine but not plastic or rubber - not an insulating material.

Then go out on the land someplace. And remember - always to go someplace where you feel safe including your own backyard if that is a place to feel safe but if you go out in the country or someplace else always do these things someplace where you have permission - that's important - so that you can feel safe and so that those who may have some claim to the land upon which you are standing will be comfortable with your presence.

It's always good to do true magic in a place where there is no conflict - outer or inner. This way it is more likely to work in the most benevolent way. You can of course wear insulating shoes to get there if you have to drive there or have to go in a vehicle of some sort but once you get there put on non-insulating shoes or go barefoot if you feel comfortable there and then stand out on the land.

Thursday, April 01, 2010

Merging With Mother Earth

Merging with Earth in order to create balance and stability. Stability for Mother Earth yes, and greater balance for you.

This builds a bit on Bilocation as you will find here and also here and is an application of that. Such exercises as this allow you to focus and to feel, to extend and provide and understand your greater being in its application.

As always we will build on these things over time.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Unexpected Beneficial Results From Using The Heart Warmth

migor3231 has asked a question relating to the Heart Warmth, also known as How To Know. I feel this question might apply to some of your experience as well so I am sharing it here with you.

migor3231 question on How To Know, Part 1:

This must be very important, paying atention to the iner voice i mean when you talk about that alot. and i have a question, when i make the heat in my chest, do i have to wait until it goes away until i ask my next question, couse it will always be warm there, for every question i make! what if it doesn't go away for few minutes? still wait or try another day?Thank you, Goodlife

My answer:

migor3231, the heat is lingering in your body because it is working for you and with you. This is what to do.

Even when you don't have a question now for you, bring the heat up and let it be there. Your body is utilizing this heat love energy to work to clarify and support you.

Know also that after allowing the heat to work in your body for a time eventually you will be clear and the heat will not linger so much when you ask questions. If the heat lingers again at some point this means it would be good to allow the heat to be present to clarify you once again.

More will be said about that process in How To Know, Part 3.

As far as asking your questions then, you'll have to wait another day to ask a question as you suggested.