The Wand Position

The Wand Position
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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

2011 Predictions: More About Choice

The time is now. The effect will be in 2011. Regardless of what else happens in 2011 you will all be creating your worlds, what you experience, what you perceive, what you believe from one or one other foundations. 2011 Predictions:

One foundation might be anger, revenge and general reaction because of perceptions that are warlike or entirely frightened. The other is benevolent perception - a belief in the value of benevolence and the interest in how to pursue it. A creation of either of these belief systems with corresponding physical feelings in your body has almost completely taken place for you all.

You will have the chance to understand in 2011 what it means to create from either of these positions.

Many's the time if you choose the latter - to choose benevolence - you might feel foolish, you might feel silly, you might feel your peers think you are naive. However, to create from that position will be benevolent for you and others.

You will have to choose whether you want to be seen as the tough guy or the tough gal, alright? The tough man or the tough woman, the tough boy or the tough girl or whether you're prepared to take a chance to look up the meaning of benevolent to understand the concepts being taught on the blogs Benevolent Magic, A Mystical Man's World, Explorer Race and the books and thus choose to create, manifest and otherwise birth into the world - benevolence.

The time is now. Choose.

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